Dachshund Puppy Care

Helpful Dachshund Care Guides and Resources to assist you on your journey of being a doxie parent.

dachshund care

Puppy Proofing

To avoid many stressful hours of taming your wild weenie pup, here are the best ways to Dachshund proof your home. 

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Potty Training

Potty Training your Dachshund puppy can be a challenge.  Check out our Step by Step Potty Training Guide.

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Puppy Chewing

Are your shoes and furniture starting to look like they were attacked by a large termite?  Dachshund Puppy Teething!

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Puppy Essentials
give a dachshund a bath

How To Safely Give Your Dachshund A Bath!

Your Dachshund has just rolled in the most foul-smelling deer poo perfume, just for you.


Best Dachshund Toys

Dachshunds love their toys, literally to pieces!  Have you ever noticed your doxie is a bit more captivated with certain toys compared to others? Here’s Why!

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Dachshund In Heat?

3 things you need to do now!

Dachshund Harnesses

Dog Harnesses tested and approved by Dachshunds, for Dachshunds.

Bored Doxie?

5 simple ways to keep your Dachshund busy.

DIY Dachshund Nail Clipping

No more fighting, No more biting!  My new favorite nail trimming method video.

DIY Cleaning Puppy Ears

Easy Ear Cleaning Video For Your Dachshund.

DIY Dog Food

Homemade Dachshund dog food video recipe that your doxie can’t resist.


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