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Give your Dachshund the Best Care possible. Find Helpful Dachshund Care Guides and Resources to assist you on your journey of owning a dachshund.

Dachshunds make everything better.

Cool Your Dachshund Down This Summer

Cool Your Dachshund Down This Summer Summer has arrived!  We humans can stay nice and cool swimming in a pool, drinking some lemonade, or just...sweating.  Unfortunately, dogs don't sweat [...]

Protect Your Dachshund From The Sun

Protect Your Dachshund From Severe Sunburn It's Summertime!  Warmer weather means spending a lot more time outside, going swimming, and visiting the beach.  Plenty of summer heat requires [...]

Cool Garden Ideas For Dachshund Lovers

Cool Garden Ideas For Dachshund Lovers Yay!  It’s finally Springtime.  Time to plan out your dream garden to enjoy all summer long.  What if this year you tried creating [...]

5 Weight Loss Tips for Dachshunds

Weight Loss Tips For Dachshunds The Dachshund Dog Breed is Addicted to Eating Food!  They Love, Love, Love, their munchies.  It is so tempting to slip your Dachshund a [...]

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