Dachshund Care

Dachshund Care

Give your Dachshund the Best Care possible. Find Helpful Dachshund Care Guides and Resources to assist you on your journey of owning a dachshund.

Dachshunds make everything better.

Top 90 Dachshund Rescues in the USA

Dachshund Rescues in the USA We have compiled a Complete List of Dachshund Rescues found in the USA.  Adopt a Dachshund Today! Please Note: This List is provided to [...]

5 Best Dachshund Harnesses

Best Dachshund Harnesses As a Dachshund parent, it's so important that we use a dog body harness to help reduce strain on our doxie's neck and back.  Unfortunately, finding your Dachshund [...]

Easy Ways to Keep Your Dachshund Healthy

Easy Ways to Keep Your Dachshund Healthy All Dachshunds Love to Eat, Sleep and Repeat! Unfortunately, our adorable long dogs are one of many small breeds that are [...]

Protect Your Dachshund’s Paws This Winter

How to Protect Your Dachshund's Paws This Winter Cold weather can really wreak havoc on your Dachshund's paws if they aren't properly protected. Dachshunds prefer to be warm [...]


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