Dachshund Training Guides

Dachshund Training Guides

Learn how to train a Dachshund Fast with our Simple Dachshund Training Guides. Find Helpful Resources for Care Tips, House Training, Feeding Schedules, and Socialization Training.

You Had Me At Woof!

Potty Training Guide For Your Dachshund

Potty Training Your Dachshund Potty training a Dachshund can be a really big challenge for most doxie parents. Trust me, if you put in the time and effort [...]

Puppy Valentine Photos

Dachshund Puppy Valentine Photos Little Eko and I had a very special Valentine's Day Photo Shoot done together.  It was a lot of fun, but keeping him still for a [...]

Best Dachshund Toys

Best Dachshund Toys - Ever! Dachshunds are picky little dogs who love to destroy their toys, with love of course!  I recommend all of these dog toys  - Dachshunds love them [...]

Are Dachshunds Still Used For Hunting?

Are Dachshunds Still Used For Hunting? When you think of a hunting dog, do you ever picture a Dachshund?  The original purpose for creating the Dachshund Breed was [...]

How to Stop Dachshund Behavior Problems

How To Stop Dachshund Behavior Problems Many dachshund owners would agree that doxies are the most loving family dog, but they can sometimes act out of spite and [...]


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