Keep Your Dachshund Busy

Simple Ways To Keep Your Dachshund Busy

Updated 01/19/2023 by Ava Jaine

Has your Dachshund been demanding a bit more attention lately?  I know mine have.  But, work and chores still need to happen.  So how can we keep our doxies occupied? 

Here are some Simple Ways To Keep Your Dachshund Busy.

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Signs Your Dachshund Is Bored

Here are some clear signs that your dachshund is bored:

  • Seeking Attention

  • Destructive Behavior

  • Excessive Barking

  • Obsessive Behaviors

Keep Your Dachshund Busy

Seeking Attention:

When I sit at my computer, little doxie, Eko, will paw at my feet and let out a small “woof.”  This isn’t a behavior that necessarily needs to be stopped.  He is asking for my attention, so that’s reasonable.

Well, one day while I was working at the computer, Eko’s adorable attention seeking request turned into a spiteful mess making tantrum.  I turned around to find Eko spreading bits of paper everywhere, right in front of me.

He had gotten up on a table, grabbed an envelope filled with papers (my son’s homemade paper puzzle), and spread them all over the floor.  Here is the video of my Bored Puppy (from our YouTube Channel). 

Although this video is cute, Eko was being very clear that he was bored and needed more attention.

Destructive Behavior:

Chewed up pillows, peed on couch, poo on the carpet, garbage tipped over… does any of this sound familiar?  Your pup is bored.

A Bored Dachshund can be very destructive.

Doxies tend to get themselves into trouble just to entertain themselves.

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Keep Your Dachshund Busy


Excessive Barking can occur when your dachshund doesn’t have enough to do…they are bored.  Dogs that constantly bark in the evening may be doing so out of boredom. They need to have some playtime and more walks during the day to tire them out and help promote a good night’s sleep.

Obsessive Behaviors:

Does your pup constantly chew on his paws or chase his tail round and round?  This is an act of boredom.

When you walk around the house, do you feel like you are being stalked by a short-legged shadow?  I admit, dachshunds are famous for following us around, but they also love to explore and sniff. 

If they are always at your feet with no rest, that is considered obsessive behavior. 

Pictured below is Eko and Bastian stuck like glue to my husband.  He is literally a dachshund magnet during our evening TV time.

Keep Your Dachshund Busy

Ways To Keep Your Dachshund Busy

While I’m still waiting for the magic fairy to help keep my kids occupied at home, I did come up with some easy ways to keep my doxies occupied while I’m trying to get some work done around the house. 

It helps to make sure they have enough daily exercise to stay healthy and burn off extra energy and to use mental stimulation to have fun using their doggie brain power.

Physical Exercise:

Routine physical exercise not only prevents boredom, but also helps lower your dog’s anxiety and stress levels. It’s also a great way to give your doxie the one-on-one time with you that he craves.

Take your dachshund on a 20 minute walk daily (twice per day would be even better).

Try taking your dachshund on some nature hikes with you. Dachshunds thoroughly enjoy the open forest. There are so many new sites and smells to explore.

Note: Always use a dachshund harness during hikes and walks to protect your dachshund’s spines and avoid collar choking.

Keep Your Dachshund Busy

Mental Stimulation:

Interactive dog toys and IQ puzzles are a great way to help your dachshund stay mentally stimulated.  Dachshunds were originally bred to hunt, so they love to use their brains to sniff out and search for hidden items.

Solving puzzles can help grow your doxie’s intellectual skills and increase their excitement to learn by including yummy treats with playtime.

Keeping your dachshund occupied with doggie puzzle toys can help stop destructive behavior and reduce symptoms of Separation Anxiety.

Top Boredom Buster Dog Toys

Here are some of our favorite dog puzzle toys on the market.

#1 Choice: Bob-A-Lot

This is the Best Dog Treat Dispensing Toy we have found that works!  The Bob-A-Lot toy from Amazon makes it easy to keep Dachshunds happy, busy, and rewarded with yummy dog treats.

It helps reduce anxiety and provides lots of mental stimulation for pups that get bored easily.  The Bob-A-Lot dispenses dog food or small treats slowly to prevent over-eating and dachshund obesity.

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Keep Your Dachshund Busy

My dachshund, Eko, loves his Bob-A-Lot toy so much, I had to get a video of him playing with it on our Dachshund Station YouTube Channel.

Keep Your Dachshund Busy

#2: Dog Snuffle Mat

I found this colorful Dog Snuffle Mat on Amazon.  It is a great price, easy to wash, and keeps both of my dogs busy! 

Note: My dog’s snuffle mat in the picture is an older model, the one on Amazon looks different, but just as fun.

The snuffle mat is like a “sniff and find” activity mat where you hide your dog’s food and small treats under little flaps and inside hidden pockets.

Keep Your Dachshund Busy

Little Eko and his Big Brother, Bastian, both Love the dog snuffle mat for every meal.  It’s awesome to see how this mat promotes fun and doggie brain power.


#3: Wicked Ball

The Wicked Ball (From Amazon) is an interactive toy that responds to your dog’s touch.  It rolls around the floor and lights up to keep your doxie playing for a long time.  Here is a cute video of  Eko Playing With His Wicked Ball.

Keep Your Dachshund Busy

You can find some more entertaining Dog IQ Puzzles, Boredom Buster Activity Mats, and Interactive doggie toys on our Dachshund Gift Post.  They will definitely help keep your pup occupied for a while.

#4: Frozen Kong Treats

Giving your dog a frozen treat in a Kong dog toy can also keep them busy for hours.  Check out the Ultimate Kong Stuffing Recipe Guide from

#5: DIY Dog Toys

If your Dachshund goes through a lot of dog toys and you are looking for some cheaper options, you can try making some from materials around your house.  Keep your doxie occupied with Dog Toys You Can Make From Things Around the House.

DIY Dog Brain Games:

Dachshunds naturally love to forage for food and treats.  This is a really fun game you can play with plastic Easter Eggs: DIY Brain Games for Your Dachshund Video.
It’s a really easy way to mentally stimulate your Dachshund right in the comfort of your own home.

Keep Your Dachshund Busy

Bonus: Dog Puzzle Box

The Dog Activity Poker Box is so much fun!  It is labeled a level 2 dog puzzle.  My Dachshund, Eko, took a couple of days to be able to get through all of the boxes.  He gets so excited when I bring this puzzle toy out to play.  I use small pieces of chicken to hide in each box.

Keep Your Dachshund Busy

What keeps your Dachshund busy when you are trying to get things done?  Let us know in the comments below.

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