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Hi, I'm Ava! Dachshunds are my life. I have learned so much about raising and training doxies that I would like to share my stories and advice with other dachshund fans.

Easter Dangers For Small Dogs

Easter Dangers For Small Dogs Spring is in the air, which means the Easter Holiday is right around the corner.  [...]

Easter Dangers For Small Dogs2020-03-23T10:59:29-04:00

5 Weight Loss Tips for Dachshunds

Weight Loss Tips For Dachshunds The Dachshund Dog Breed is Addicted to Eating Food!  They Love, Love, Love, their [...]

5 Weight Loss Tips for Dachshunds2020-03-26T17:56:24-04:00

Puppy Valentine Photos 2020

Dachshund Puppy Valentine Photos Little Eko and I had a very special Valentine's Day Photo Shoot done together.  It was [...]

Puppy Valentine Photos 20202020-01-31T11:17:49-05:00

How to Dachshund Proof Your House

Dachshund Proof Your House Ok, I'm just gonna say it... Dachshund Puppies are Adorable!  Of course adopting one feels like the [...]

How to Dachshund Proof Your House2020-02-03T10:59:01-05:00

Best Dachshund Seat Belt

Best Seat Belts For Dachshunds Choosing a high quality seat belt for your dachshund is so important for your dog's safety.  [...]

Best Dachshund Seat Belt2020-01-21T11:13:17-05:00