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Find The Perfect Toy For Your Dachshund

Dachshunds love their toys, literally to pieces.  Have you ever noticed your Dachshund is a bit more captivated with certain toys compared to others?  Why is that?  Well, there is actually a specific formula for finding the right toy for your long dog.

Dachshund Articles

Love Has Four Paws

Calling All Dachshund Fans! Share your Doxie’s cute pictures, Dachshund tips, and Questions on our Team Dachshund Facebook Group.


Weight Loss, Feeding Plans

Keep your Dachshund at a healthy weight by following these 3 Easy Steps.


Prevention, Therapy

All Dachshund owners should be aware of the debilitating disease called IVDD.


Find Your New Best Friend

Complete List of Dachshund Rescues found in the USA.

Dachshund Videos

Robot VS Real Dachshund

Dachshund Wagon Ride

Best Dual-Dog Leash Ever!

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