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Senior Dachshund Care | 8 Useful Tips You Need to Know

Updated 03/06/2024 by Ava Jaine

As your Dachshund ages, you may start to notice issues with their vision, hearing, and mobility. It’s important to learn how to keep your senior Dachshund safe and comfortable in your home.

Here are some simple senior dachshund care tips that will help your dog live their golden years safe, happy, and healthy.

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If you have noticed any signs of aging in your Dachshund, don’t panic.  Getting older isn’t a death sentence for your faithful long dog.

It is important to make some necessary diet and household changes in order to keep your doxie safe as they become more frail.

Old woman spending time with her two senior aged dachshunds on her lap

At What Age is My Dachshund Considered a Senior?

Dachshunds are considered seniors between the ages of 8 and 10 years old.

That being said, your senior dog’s aging symptoms may not actually be noticeable until they are 13+ years old, dog depending.

#8: Mealtime

Private Dining: Your senior doxie can still enjoy some tasty kibble at meal time, but at a much slower pace than before.

If you have other dogs in your home, provide a separate eating area for your senior. This will allow them extra time to eat and not have to compete for their food bowl.

Softer Food: If your senior pup is still able to eat their dry dog food, but you notice a slight struggle with chewing, try adding a little water to their food or consider changing to wet dog food.

My senior Dachshund, Bastian, doesn’t have many teeth left at this age, but he is still able to crunch down his dry dog food.

I add some water to soften his food during mealtime to help him chew a little easier.

Lift the Food: My dog, Bastian, is technically a Dachshund/Beagle mix. He is basically an extra tall Dachshund (pictured below).

Now that he is a senior dog, his legs have become weaker and tend to slide out from underneath him while he was eating.

So, I now use an elevated dog bowl stand to keep his food and water at a higher lever, which has worked wonderfully for him.

Senior Dachshund using a raised food bowl stand to eat his dinner

#7: Senior Dachshund Nutrition

It’s important to feed your Dachshund a high-quality dog food diet. As your doxie ages, it’s very important to keep your dog’s diet healthy and try your best not to give in to food scrap snacks.
Giving your doxie food scraps (at any age) will cause major weight gain and health issues.  Too many calories at the senior stage can decrease your dog’s quality of life.

Senior Food: Change your senior dog’s kibble to a food that is specialized for senior dogs. Senior Dachshund food contains higher levels of protein than adult dog food for stronger muscles, a healthier immune system, and mobility support.

Here’s how to change your dog’s food gradually to avoid an upset tummy.

How Often? Feed your senior dog 2 times daily.  Splitting up the meals reduces anal gland issues and helps promote healthier digestion.

How Much? Feed your senior doxie the suggested amount of weight-based food on the back of your dog food bag.

Most senior dogs will do a lot more napping during the day, so they may start to eat smaller amounts of food than they used to.

#6: Incontinence

As your senior Dachshund ages, they will need to go potty more often and may start having accidents in your home.

When Bastian turned 15 years old, my family and I noticed that every time we sat down for dinner, he would flood the kitchen floor with a ton of pee (even after just being let outside).

It unfortunately started happening more frequently throughout the day. It was such a huge mess to clean up. Despite Bastian going potty outside, he was still leaking a ton inside.

So, for the last couple of years, I have relied on male dog diapers to help combat the huge pools of pee, and they work great! Here is the female dog diaper version.

Bastian can still go potty outside, but when he is inside our home, we put the diaper on him to help with his senior dog incontinence.

senior dachshund wearing a doggie diaper and eating food out of his raised bowl

Nighttime Incontinence

Many doxie parents have noticed incontinence issues in the middle of the night while their senior dog is sleeping. 

The doggie diapers mentioned above also work great for senior dog nighttime incontinence. 

If you would rather not have your doxie wear a diaper at night, you can use large puppy pads or washable bed pads under their bedding to help with nighttime accidents.

#5: Senior Dog Proofing Your Home

Time to refresh your puppy-proofing skills!  Luckily, it’s a little bit easier this time around.  Your senior Dachshund will need special accommodations around your home to stay safe and comfortable.

No More Stairs: Create a safe living space for your doxie on the main floor of your home.

Painful arthritis and joint issues can develop at this age, which affects their mobility.

Have your Dachshund’s new living space located wherever you and your family hang out the most.

Use a dog playpen or some puppy gates to help block off any hazards like stairs and furniture, to avoid jumping or falling.


Dog Ramps: If your senior dog enjoys sitting with you on the couch or snuggling in bed with you at night, consider purchasing a couple of dog ramps to help prevent injury.

I like to recommend the DachRamp (or PawRamp) from Alpha Paw. Use code DACHSTATION20 for 20% off.

Dachramp from Alpha Paw

#4: Senior Dachshund Exercise

Keep your doxie moving! Continue to take your Dachshund on daily walks, just at a much slower pace and shorter length.
If walking is too painful or difficult for them, consult your vet for some help with arthritis pain and stiffness.

I walk my 17-year-old dog, Bastian, around our yard several times per day to help him go potty and to get his legs moving.

He doesn’t do a whole lot of exploring around our home anymore, just a lot of napping instead.  So, to reduce any joint stiffness, I try my best to get him moving each day.

Senior dachshund going outside for a walk

#3: Mental Stimulation For Senior Dachshunds

Mental stimulation is like brain food for your senior Dachshund.  Providing simple dog brain games each day, like an interactive treat-dispensing toy, works wonders for your older dog’s mental health and well-being.

I like to recommend the Bob-A-Lot dog toy for Dachshunds of all ages.

When your dog pushes the toy over, it dispenses a yummy treat.

My senior Dachshund loves playing with the Bob-A-Lot.  It helps keep his brain sharp and he acts so happy when he is interacting with this toy (pictured below).

Senior dachshund playing with a dog toy for mental stimulation

#2: Keep it Calm and Familiar

Your elderly Dachshund may start to develop issues with their eyesight and hearing.

Approach Calmly:  If your doxie is hard of hearing or has some issues with their vision, always approach them calmly. Suddenly picking them up or touching them without warning can send them into a panic.

Gently offer your hand to their nose for a quick scent check to let them know you are near.

Don’t Move the Furniture: Some senior Dachshunds go completely blind or deaf and can become disoriented in the home when things are moved into new places. Keeping your furniture in the same place can help them navigate much easier.


#1: Cherish Every Day

Even if your Dachshund doesn’t see or hear you as well as they used to, they still need you in their life. 

Fill each and every day with love, attention, and cuddles. You will be so glad that you did.

Senior Dachshund care doesn’t have to feel stressful.  I hope these senior Dachshund tips will help make things a little easier for you.

Bonus Senior Dog Care Tips:

Senior Dog Nails: Your senior Dachshund’s nails will become more brittle as they age and tend to bleed much easier. If you trim your doxie’s nails at home, consider using a Dog Nail Grinder instead of the traditional nail trimmers to avoid an injury.

Senior Dog Dental Care: Keep an eye on your senior dog’s dental health, learn the signs of dental problems, and discover the best foods for senior dogs with bad teeth from our friends at Furry Aging. Read there post for more info: Comprehensive Guide to Senior Dog Dental Care.

Do you have some senior dachshund health tips to share?  Let us know in the comments.

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