Dog Food Recipe For Your Dachshund

Homemade Dog Food Recipe For Your Dachshund

Updated 01/13/2023 by Ava Jaine

If your Dachshund is a picky eater, has allergies, or you just want to provide some new nutrients to their doggie diet – we have the perfect recipe for you.

Providing a healthy homemade dog food recipe for your Dachshund is a great way to introduce some new and healthy flavors that won’t be found in their regular kibble.

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Why Should I Change My Dog’s Food?

Fill In The Nutritional Gaps: There are so many wet and dry dog food choices out there, it’s hard to know if your dog is getting all of the required nutrients they need.

Avoid Toxins: By occasionally switching up your dog’s regular food, it can help minimize the damage some highly processed dog foods may be doing to your dog overtime. Many dog foods are full of fillers and artificial flavors that are toxic for your doxie’s health.

Allergies: If your Dachshund has allergies or a food intolerance, making their dog food at home and knowing every ingredient that is going into their meal is a huge help.

Same Boring Food: Dachshunds can become picky with their plain dog food.  Changing it up and giving your Dachshund a fresh new dog food once in a while will help keep them happy.  No one wants an angry Dachshund.

Weight Control: Many Dachshund parents start feeding their doxies table scraps here and there when they won’t eat their regular kibble.  Then, they end up with an unhealthy, chubby Dachshund.  Why not give your dog something healthy and fresh instead?

Dog Food Recipe For Your Dachshund

How To Introduce New Dog Food

Never give your dog new dog food all at once.  They will get major stomach issues if you change their food too fast.  Gradually introduce the new dog food to your pup overtime. 

Easy Dog Food Change Guide:

  • Day 1,2: replace one spoonful of original food with new food
  • Day 3,4: replace two spoonfuls of old food with new food
  • Day 5,6: replace three spoonfuls of old food with the new food
  • Day 7: Give full serving of new food to your dog. Enjoy!

Before Diving In

I’m not a vet or a nutritionist – I’m a doxie mom.  I have consulted with my vet and researched online to ultimately come up with this particular dog food recipe.

All dogs have different nutritional needs and eat different amounts.  Use this recipe as your starting point.  

Please consult your vet to tailor this recipe to your pup’s nutritional needs.  

You can choose to just make this food as a dog food topper to help your picky doxies eat their food if you aren’t comfortable totally switching over.

Dog Food Recipe For Your Dachshund

Dog Food Recipe: Turkey, Rice, And Veggies

Cook time: 15 minutes
Servings: 14 servings


1 tablespoon of sunflower oil
1 cup brown rice
1 pound lean, ground turkey
1 large egg (Omit if your dog has allergies)
1 cup of chopped baby spinach
1 carrot shredded
1 zucchini shredded (optional)


COOK RICE: In large pot, cook rice according to package instructions; set aside.

COOK TURKEY: Heat oil in large pot, add ground turkey and cook until browned (5-7 minutes). Separate and crumble the meat with a spatula.

COOK EGG: Add the egg to the meat mixture, cook thoroughly.

COOK VEGGIES: Stir in chopped spinach, shredded carrot, and shredded zucchini. Cook on medium heat until spinach has wilted (about 3 minutes).

PUT IT ALL TOGETHER: Stir in the cooked brown rice. Mix all together and heat the mixture on low for about 5 minutes.

Let it completely cool.

Store in air tight containers in the refrigerator for 7-10 days or freeze it and defrost your dogs food portion the night before in the refrigerator.

This recipe was inspired by Veterinary Secret’s YouTube video: Essential Ingredients For Homemade Dog Food

Possible Substitutions

Rice: You can substitute the brown rice for white rice or a sweet potato.

Spinach: Can be substituted with kale.

Ground Turkey: Can be substituted with chicken.

Veggies: If your doxie has a sensitive tummy, try one vegetable at a time.  Add in a new vegetable when you make your next batch of homemade dog food to make sure they can tolerate it ok.

Oil: You can use sunflower oil or coconut oil for this dog food recipe.


Measure Out Your Portions

Make sure to measure out your dog’s food.  Portion control is key for weight management – especially with Dachshunds who are prone to obesity.

I like to use these handy pet food measuring cups.

My Dachshund, Eko, weighs 16lbs (he’s a tweenie). He eats 1/2 cup of food in the morning and 1/2 cup at dinner time.  This may vary with your dog.  Check with your vet for your pup’s recommended portions.

Dog Food Recipe For Your Dachshund

Ingredient Benefits

Each fresh ingredient in this dog food recipe provides certain vitamins and minerals.  Let’s break it down.

Eggs: Vitamin D, iodine, protein, vitamins A and B12, folate, iron, selenium, riboflavin, and rich in many essential amino and fatty acids.

Brown Rice: Provides magnesium, calcium, iron and riboflavin. It is full of natural fiber, which helps your doxie’s digestion. It includes vitamins D and B (for heart health). Brown rice is not artificially enriched with nutrients like white rice is and is higher in protein and fiber than white rice.

White Rice: Brown rice can be harder for a dog to digest because it is not as processed as white rice. If your dog has trouble digesting brown rice, substitute in white rice instead.

Sweet Potato: Fiber, protein, vitamin A,C,E, potassium, and B vitamins.

Turkey: Lean ground turkey provides protein, iron, vitamin D, and zinc. 

Spinach: Provides iron, fiber, vitamin A, vitamin C, zinc, copper, vitamin K1, folic acid, iron, and calcium. Also includes potassium, magnesium, and vitamins B6, B9, and E.

Zucchini: Vitamin A, manganese, vitamin C, K, and B6, magnesium, potassium, folate, phosphorus and copper, carotenoids (antioxidant).

Carrots: Beta carotene, fiber, vitamin K1, vitamin A, vitamin C, potassium, fiber, calcium, iron, potassium, and antioxidants.

Sunflower Oil: Omega 6 and Omega 3s, and lots of vitamin E.

Additional Nutrients

Now, this dog food recipe does provide lots of excellent vitamins and minerals, but there are a couple more things that need to be added.  Additional calcium, ground flaxseed, and probiotics should be added to this homemade dog food to be considered more balanced. 

You are going to need a spice or coffee grinder, like this one: Electric Coffee Grinder.

If you are using this dog food recipe as more of a topper to your dog’s current food, you don’t need to add additional supplements – skip ahead.

Note: Never give your Dachshund a human supplement.  Dogs have different nutritional needs than we do.  Also, If they get too much of a certain vitamin, it can make them really sick. Talk with your vet to make sure your dog is getting all of the required vitamins and minerals without overdoing it.

Calcium: Ground Egg Shell

  • Preheat oven to 250 degrees F.
  • Rinse out your eggshells under hot water (you can boil them for extra sanitization).
  • Place them on a cookie sheet and cook for 10-15 minutes, until dry.
  • Place dried eggshells in a coffee grinder and pulse to a fine powder.
  • Store powdered eggshells in a covered glass jar or container, and keep it in a dry place.

How To Add To The Dog Food Recipe: 1/2 teaspoon of ground egg shell powder per 1 pound of meat.  Add your calcium at the end of the recipe, after your meat and veggies are all cooked up and mixed together.


Ground flaxseeds provide protein, fiber, omega-3 fatty acids, magnesium, folate, calcium, iron, potassium, and zinc.  Unfortunately, whole flaxseeds don’t fully break down in your gut, so they need to be ground up.

Buy organic whole flaxseeds (not roasted) from the grocery store and grind them up at home.  Purchasing the pre-ground flaxseed only lasts about 2 weeks when opened.  So, only grind up what you plan to use.

Using a coffee grinder is the easiest way to grind up those tiny flaxseeds.

How To Add To The Dog Food Recipe: Add in 1/2 teaspoon of ground flaxseed powder to your dog’s food per day.  Just mix it in with your dog’s food when you are ready to serve.

Substitution: You can substitute 1/2 tsp of flaxseed oil for the flaxseeds to get the added omega 6 bonus, but miss out on the fiber.


Probiotics are the good bacteria that can help strengthen your Dachshund’s immune system, aid in healthy digestion, and improve the absorption of vitamins and nutrients.

Vetri Mega Probiotic (from Amazon) is a highly rated probiotic and prebiotic supplement that I give to my Dachshunds – and they work wonders!  I store my dog’s probiotic in the refrigerator.

How To Add To The Dog Food Recipe: Give 1 probiotic per day.  Open up the probiotic capsule and sprinkle the powder over your dog’s food, mix, and serve when they are ready to eat.

Don’t Forget The Teeth

Now, because we are giving this delicious homemade dog food to our doxies, we will need to stay on top of their dental care needs.  Dachshunds need to have their teeth brushed regularly.

Having something crunchy to chew on helps reduce the build up of tartar and plaque on your Dachshund’s teeth.  So, now that they aren’t getting that crunch with this new food, they will need some different ways to keep their teeth clean: 4 Easy Ways To Clean Your Dachshund’s Teeth.


Why I Give My Dogs Homemade Food

Picky Eaters: I have always had this theory that if a dog is hungry, they will eat when they need to.  That changed when my Dachshund puppy, Eko, arrived on the scene.  Around 9 months old, he achieved his stubborn male hormones, not only showing us more doxie attitude, but becoming a very finicky eater.

Eko just wouldn’t eat his dry dog food plain.  He would literally make himself sick to his stomach by refusing to eat his plain kibble until I added a topping to his food to help him eat.

Cancer: Now, please here me out.  My dog, Ardi, died of cancer when he was 7 years old.  At the time, I had all of my dogs on a branded dog food from the grocery store.  Nothing fancy, just a dog food that was more “middle of the line” in quality. 

Yes, Ardi’s cancer could have been something hereditary.  But, he was only 7 years old.  He had his life ahead of him, he was healthy. 

Over the last few years, I have learned so much more about the commercial dog food we purchase in the store.  Expensive or not, these overly processed dog foods have a lot of extra crap in them that we really shouldn’t be giving to our dogs.

Many store-bought dog foods have toxins in them that can cause illness and cancer in our precious canines.  So, for me, switching up my dog’s food once in a while gives me peace of mind.


Your Take Away

As with any homemade dog food recipes you may find online or in a book, please continue to do your own personal research on balanced dog food diets.  Work with your vet to come up with the right diet for your doxie.

I hope you enjoyed this Healthy Homemade Dog Food Recipe For Your Dachshund.  Please let me know how your doxie liked the recipe below in the comments.


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