Natural Dog Food Toppers for Picky Dachshunds

11 Mouthwatering Natural Dog Food Toppers for a Picky Dachshund

Updated 03/04/2024 by Ava Jaine

Is your Dachshund a bit of a picky eater?  I get it!  My mini Dachshund, Gretta is one of the pickiest eaters I’ve ever known. One day she loves her food and the next, she won’t even look at it.

In this guide, we’re discussing some Natural Dog Food Toppers for a Picky Dachshund. Let’s make mealtime exciting and delicious again.

Are Dachshunds Picky Eaters?

“My Picky Dachshund Won’t Eat!” This is a common phrase among the Dachshund parent community for sure. Your finicky Dachshund can easily get tired of the same kibble day in and day out.  And of course, once they get the taste of what you’re eating, their plain dog food just won’t cut it anymore. 

Keep in Mind: If your doxie turns up their nose at their regular kibble, it could be due to various reasons. Dachshunds have ‘super senses’, and even the slightest off-putting smell, such as mold, can deter them. 

Here are some other reasons your pup may have stopped eating their regular dog food:

  • They don’t like the taste or smell
  • Changes in their environment
  • Age-related factors, reduced activity levels
  • Underlying medical conditions
hungry wire haired dachshund licking his chops

Before Adding a Dog Food Topper

Food Topper Portions: Canine nutritionists suggest that you take out about 10% of your dog’s normal kibble and replace with these healthy foods to keep their meal balanced. That’s 10% of the fresh food topper with 90% of their normal kibble.

One at a Time: To prevent an upset stomach, introduce one new food at a time to help them gradually get used to it.

Start Small: Give your pup a small amount of the new fresh food and see how they tolerate it.

Natural Dog Food Toppers for a Picky Dachshund

Here are some fantastic options, including healthy superfoods, to not only help your picky Dachshund eat, but also give them a healthy boost.

1. Pumpkin Puree

Let’s kick things off with a fall favorite – pumpkin puree. Not only does it add a burst of flavor to your Dachshund’s food, but it’s also a nutritional powerhouse!

Packed with fiber, vitamins A and C, Omega 3’s, and beta-carotene. Pumpkin aids in healthier digestion and promotes a shiny coat.

Suggested Amount: 1 teaspoon of canned or fresh pumpkin puree per 1 cup of dry dog food, a couple times per week.

pumpkin puree for dachshunds

2. Carrots

For a satisfying dog food topper or healthy treat, consider adding carrots to your Picky Dachshund’s food. These low-calorie veggies are an excellent source of vitamin A, promoting good vision and a healthy coat. Just a couple of small carrot sticks is all you need.

Raw or Cooked Carrots? Both! Studies have shown that dogs absorb the beta carotene in cooked carrots better than the raw.  But don’t discount the raw just yet!  Giving your Dachshund raw carrot sticks to chew on is a nice natural way to clean off those doxie teeth and gums.

Suggested Amount: 1/4 cup of carrots per 1 cup of dry dog food.

Natural Dog Food Toppers, blueberries, carrots, eggs, green beans

3. Blueberries

Blueberries are not only delicious but also loaded with antioxidants, which can help support your Dachshund’s immune system. A small handful of these little gems is a perfect serving, giving your Dachshund a tasty and healthy twist to their regular meal.

Suggested Amount: 1-2 tablespoons per 1 cup of dry dog food.

4. Green Beans

If your Dachshund won’t eat…green beans may change their mind! Honestly, I’ve never seen my doxies dive into their meal so fast when adding these veggies to their bowl.

Dachshunds can enjoy green beans steamed, raw, or canned, as long as they are plain with no salt or spices added. Brimming with essential vitamins and minerals, they offer a healthy dose of fiber and are super low in calories, win-win!

Suggested Amount: 1-2 long green beans per 1 cup of dry dog food.


5. Cucumbers

Cucumbers are a fresh and hydrating food that your Dachshund will enjoy on their food or as a healthy snack.  They provide vitamins like K, C, and B1, along with minerals such as potassium, copper, magnesium, and biotin.

Suggested Amount: 3-4 cucumber slices (cut into small pieces) per 1 cup of dry dog food.

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6. Greek Yogurt

Creamy and calcium-rich, Greek yogurt is a nice topper for your Dachshund’s food. It provides good probiotics for their tummy too.

Lactose Info: Not all dogs do well with dairy. They may seem to digest it fine when they are young but can become lactose intolerant as they grow older. Greek yogurt is a tasty treat for your pup in moderation. Always stick with plain Greek yogurt with no added sweeteners (especially no xylitol), fruits, or flavors, as they can be harmful.

Suggested Amount: 1 teaspoon per 1 cup of dry dog food.

dachshund dog allergies

7. Sweet Potato

Sweet potatoes make a great dog food topper, even for the most finicky Dachshund. They are easy to digest, packed with fiber, vitamins, and antioxidants. Let’s not forget, they are sweet and delicious, which will make mealtime more enticing.

Suggested amount: 1/4 cup of sweet potato per 1 cup of dry dog food, two or three times per week.


8. Strawberries

Strawberries are rich in vitamin C and fiber.  They also have an additional enzyme that actually helps whiten your doxie’s teeth. For a cooling delightful treat, consider serving them frozen in the summer time.

Suggested amount: 1 chopped up strawberry per 1 cup of dry dog food, two or three times per week.

dachshund eating strawberries

9. Eggs

One of my personal favorites for convenience and nutrition – Eggs! High in protein and essential vitamins A, D, E, and K, eggs stand out as a nutritious addition to your Dachshund’s diet. Organic, free-range chicken eggs are best for maximum health benefits.

When offering eggs, always cook them plain, without any additional ingredients. Whether it’s sunny side up, scrambled, or hard-boiled, make sure the eggs are fully cooked. 

I personally like to hard boil some eggs for my mini Dachshunds, Eko and Gretta and keep them in the refrigerator.

Suggested Amount: 1/2 hard-boiled egg per 1 cup of dry dog food.

dachshund eating scrambled eggs

10. Brussel Sprouts

Steamed or boiled, these little greenies promote a healthy immune system, are packed with antioxidants, fiber, vitamin C and K, and beta carotene.

Serving Amount: Can be served steamed or boiled. Feed 1/2 of a Brussel Sprout chopped up into their regular dog food.  This one’s definitely in moderation, as it can cause a bit of gas if served too often.  No more than a couple times per week is sufficient.

11. Chicken Livers

Chicken livers are rich in protein, iron, copper, and zinc – nutrients that help maintain a healthy coat, support immune function, and are a budget-friendly option to give to your doxie for an extra boost of goodness.

Remember, moderation is key. Too much of a good thing can lead to an imbalance in their diet.

Suggested amount: 1/2 of a chicken liver per 1 cup of dry dog food, a couple times per week.

Bonus Tip

If your Dachshund is mainly eating dry kibble, consider adding some sprinkles of water to their dog food at mealtime. It’s a simple trick to ensure your doxie stays well hydrated.

mini dachshund eating a bowl of plain dog food

Your Takeaways

Moderation is Key: Any treat, even the fresh foods mentioned above, should not exceed 10% of your dog’s daily food intake to maintain a balanced diet.

Watch for Signs: Keep an eye out for sensitive tummy troubles or allergies when trying new foods.

Consult Your Vet: Before making changes to your Dachshund’s diet, consult with your vet. They can provide personalized advice based on your dog’s needs, health, and dietary requirements.

Dachshund Parents: I’d love to hear from you. What’s your Dachshund’s favorite healthy dog food topping? Share your experiences in the comments below.


Please note, I am not a veterinarian, doctor, nutritionist, or dietician. I have a lot of experience as a dedicated Dachshund mom and enjoy sharing what I’ve learned over the years. However, every Dachshund is unique and has their own specific needs, so I highly recommend consulting with your veterinarian for personalized recommendations for your furry friend. Please read our Food and Nutrition Disclaimer for any / all dog food recipes or treats on
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