Dachshunds Should Eat Pumpkin

Reasons Why Dachshunds Should Eat Pumpkin

Updated 10/13/2020 by Ava Jaine

Fall is a great time of year to add some nutritious and delicious pumpkin to your Dachshund’s diet.

Sometimes our Dachshunds tend to eat things that they really shouldn’t, like table scraps.  Adding some pumpkin puree can help your doxie stay ‘regular’ and even settle an upset stomach.

Read on to discover some more Reasons Why Dachshunds Should Eat Pumpkin.

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Is Pumpkin Puree Good For Dogs?

You Bet!  Plain pumpkin puree from the grocery store or your own left over Halloween pumpkin can help your doxie with stomach issues like diarrhea and constipation. 

Make sure it is plain pumpkin puree (preferably organic), and not the canned pumpkin pie filling.

Pumpkin Pie filling also comes in a can, but has added ingredients like sugar and spice, which aren’t as good for your pup.

Dachshunds Should Eat Pumpkin

Benefits of Pumpkin For Dogs

It’s Nutritious!

Pumpkin is a super food packed with fiber, beta carotene, magnesium, potassium, iron, zinc, folate, and vitamins A and C.

Note: Potassium helps regulate blood pressure and improves muscle health. 

Treating An Upset Stomach

If your pup’s stool is too loose or too hard, pumpkin can be their solution to a calmer stomach. 

The Fiber found in pureed pumpkin helps treat stomach issues like diarrhea and constipation.  Fiber absorbs excess water and binds your dog’s stool, which helps move it through their digestive tract.

Improved vision

Pumpkin is also high in lutein and zeaxanthin, which helps lower the risk of eye disease.  The Vitamin A in pumpkin helps promote healthy eye sight.

Immune System Boost

The Vitamins C, A, E, and other antioxidants found in pumpkin can give your dachshund a healthy boost to their immune system.  Antioxidants will give those nasty cancer cells the boot!

Worms & Parasites

We all know that our cute little dachshunds love to eat poo, roll in poo, eat garbage, etc… Well, sometimes they pick up some undesirable worms and parasites in the process. 

When you are scooping out your Jack-O-Lantern this October, make sure to hang onto those precious Pumpkin seeds. 

Pumpkin seeds are not only a nutritious snack for you, but they can actually help get rid of worms and other nasty parasites!  Pumpkin contains a high amount of amino acids, called cucurbitacin, which is poisonous to parasites. 

How To Make Pumpkin Seed Powder:

  • Let your pumpkin seeds dry out.
  • Then grind them up into a fine powder using your food processor or coffee grinder. 
  • Add a teaspoon of pumpkin seed powder to your dog’s food.
  • Store this powder in the refrigerator for future use.
  • Here is a YouTube video for help with this process from Thriving Canine.

Smooth & Shiny Coat

Does anyone else envy those beautifully groomed doxies in the fancy dog show competitions? 

Well, get this, pumpkin can help with that too!  The nutrients found in pumpkin (vitamin A and zinc) can help make your dachshund’s coat shine and reduce the amount of shedding and flaky skin.

Dachshunds are more prone to itchy skin issues than other dog breeds. The pumpkin seeds have a hardy dose of Omega 3 Fatty Acids, which helps stop itchy dry skin.

Kidney Stones & Incontinence

The omega fatty acids found in pumpkin and pumpkin seeds act as an anti-inflammatory, which can help prevent and dislodge kidney stones.  It also can reduce urinary incontinence in your dog.

Pumpkin seeds (seed powder) can lower the calcium levels that promote kidney stone formation in the urine and provide high phosphorus levels which also lowers the risk of stone formation.

Note: If your dachshund has kidney disease, please be aware that pumpkin and pumpkin seeds are very high in potassium and phosphorous. Please consult your vet before adding pumpkin or pumpkin seeds to your dog’s diet.

Digestive System Regularity

If your dachshund is having any issues with regularity (normal amount of daily poo) give them a dose of pumpkin to work things out.  Pumpkin provides a good amount of fiber to help your dog go potty with ease.

Dachshunds Should Eat Pumpkin

Weight Loss

Dachshunds are known for packing on the pounds.  Can you blame them?  They love food! 

Unfortunately, dachshunds go crazy for people food, which causes obesity, health issues, and can lead to Disk Diseases like IVDD.

As a dachshund parent, it is crucial to help your doxie maintain a lower body weight in order to keep them healthy. 

Adding some pumpkin to your dog’s food can help keep your dog feeling full.

The high amount of fiber and nutrients found in pumpkin can help your dachshund stay regular and keep those extra fatty pounds off their delicate backs.

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Extra Hydration

Some dachshunds that only eat ‘dry’ dog food can sometimes suffer from mild dehydration. 

If your dog doesn’t take the time to hydrate themselves daily, especially in the hot summer months, they need some extra moisture added to their diet.

Pumpkin contains lots of water!  Adding 1-2 tablespoons of pumpkin to your dog’s food will help keep them more hydrated.

Anal Glands

My Dachshund, Reno, had major Anal Gland issues.  He had to get his glands expressed by the vet every month.  He was eating high quality dog food, but was missing out on the extra fiber needed to keep the glands cleaned out. 

Unfortunately, smaller dogs, like the dachshund breed, sometimes struggle to express their glands naturally, so they need extra fiber to help out. 

You can use 1-2 tablespoons of pumpkin puree daily when they need some extra fiber to reduce the amount of visits to the vet for gland expression.

Firm Up Supplement: I also have tried the pumpkin supplement called Firm Up to help when I’m traveling or just don’t have a can of pumpkin in my pantry handy.

Firm Up is a dried pumpkin blend that supports regularity and reduce anal gland issues. It is made and packaged in the USA and can be found on Amazon: Firm Up Super Supplement for Dogs.

It’s Delicious!

My dachshunds absolutely love eating pumpkin with their dog food.  They literally do a little dance when pumpkin is added to their meal.

Most dogs love the taste of pumpkin.  They get so excited to have something added to their boring daily dog food, it is like a special treat for them.  Shh…they don’t need to know its super healthy for them.

Raw, Canned, or Cooked Pumpkin?

Dogs can eat raw, canned, or cooked pumpkin.

Raw pumpkin can cause loose stool if they eat too much.  There is a lot of mixed opinions on feeding dogs raw pumpkin.  I don’t give it to my dogs, I stick to the canned pumpkin instead.

Canned pumpkin (organic, no sugar added) can be found in the grocery store all year round, so it’s super easy to find!  This is my choice of pumpkin for my dogs.

Fresh cooked pumpkin from home is the most ‘healthy option’ because you know where your ingredients are coming from. But, keep in mind cooking and pureeing pumpkin at home does take extra time.

Dachshunds Should Eat Pumpkin

How Much Pumpkin Can I Give My Dog?

It all depends on their size.  I usually give my dachshunds 1-2 tablespoons of pumpkin a couple times per week.  Some folks give pumpkin to their dogs daily, which is fine.  I just like to spread it out.

I mix one tablespoon of pumpkin puree to my dog’s food in the morning and one in the evening.  My dachshund, Eko, weighs 13 lbs (1 year old puppy) and my senior dog (15 years old), Bastian, weighs about 18 pounds.

Treat the pumpkin puree as a supplement added to your dog’s food.  It shouldn’t exceed 10% of your dog’s daily calorie intake.

Note: Pumpkin puree is a great way to provide extra fiber and nutrients to your doxie’s diet, but please remember to always talk to your vet about any health issues your pup may be having.

Help your Dachshund stay healthy and happy this fall.  Let them in on the pumpkin goodness this season with some delicious pumpkin treats.

Fruitables Skinny Mini dog treats (from Amazon) are my dachshund’s favorite fall snacks.  Bastian and Eko prefer the Pumpkin & Berry Flavored treats after their daily walk.

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