Food and Nutrition Disclaimer

Updated 03/04/2024 by Ava Jaine

Dog food and homemade dog treat recommendations made on this website may include recipes. However, I do not have control over the ingredients you use to make these recipes nor the environment in which you are making them. At times I list specific brands of ingredients that I used, but companies do change their products, please always read labels.

When an ingredient is mentioned that may contain ingredients which your dog is allergic to. I am not responsible or liable for any reactions that might result from following the posted recipes. Your dog’s health is your responsibility.

I am not responsible for the outcome of any recipe or other food recommendation you try from this website, and from the videos on the Dachshund Station YouTube Channel.

You may not always have the same results I do due to variations in ingredients, humidity, altitude, temperatures, typos, errors, omissions, or individual food preparation abilities.

Please always use your best judgment when preparing dog food ingredients.

Any information you find here is believed to be accurate at the time of posting, however, that could change with product reformulations and new medical information.

I am not a veterinarian, doctor, nutritionist, or dietician. The information I share is based on my own experiences and information I learn from my own personal research.

The statements contained in this website or blog have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Any products mentioned in this blog/website/Youtube channel are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Please consult a vet before altering your dog’s diet in any way, including taking any supplements.

The author(s) of the website and Youtube channel are not veterinarians, dietitians or nutritionists. Any recommendations are made based on our research or personal experience but shall not be construed as medical or nutritional advice. You are fully responsible for any actions you take and any consequences that occur as a result of anything you read on this website or videos watched on the Youtube channel.

The website, videos, or content herein is not intended to cure, prevent, diagnose or treat any disease. Please consult your dog’s health care provider (vet) regarding any health-related decisions.

This website ( and the Dachshund Station Youtube Channel) shall not be liable for adverse reactions or any other outcome resulting from the use of recipes or recommendations on the website or actions you take as a result. Any action you take is strictly at your own risk.

The Dachshund Station website and Youtube channel in no way provides any warranty, express or implied, towards the content of recipes in this website or Youtube channel. It is the reader’s responsibility to determine the value and quality of any recipe or instructions provided for food preparation and to determine the nutritional value if any, and safety of the preparation instructions.

The recipes and recommendations presented are intended for entertainment and/or informational purposes and for use by persons having the appropriate technical skill, at their own discretion and risk.
In other words: While I prepare the recipes at my own risk, I assume that should you desire to follow the recipes in this blog, you are doing so “at your own risk.” I am not liable, not responsible and do not assume obligation for:

Adverse reactions to food consumed such as food poisoning and any kind of food-borne disease, misinterpreted recipe,
Domestic accidents, including but not limited to fires in your kitchen, a cut finger or flour-covered kitchen countertop.

-Ava Jaine, Dachshund Station