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Treat Your Dachshund!  We found the coolest Dachshund Gear and Gifts for all Dachshund Fans.  Your Doxie is very unique. We have reviewed quality dog products tailored just for your pup for every stage of life.

Happiness starts with a wet cold nose and ends with a wagging tail

Best Harnesses For Dachshunds

Best Dog Harnesses For Dachshunds The Dachshund dog breed is well known for it's extra long back, short legs, and big chest.  It can be tough to choose [...]

Best Slow Feeder Bowls For Dachshunds

Best Slow Feeder Bowls For Dachshunds Dachshunds Love To Eat!  They love their food so much that they often gulp it down way too fast, causing stomach issues [...]

5 Best Dachshund Harnesses

Best Dachshund Harnesses As a Dachshund parent, it's important that we use a dog body harness vs a dog collar on our daily walkies to help reduce strain on our Dachshund's [...]

Holiday Gift Guide for Dachshunds 2023

Best Holiday Gifts For Dachshunds Ho! Ho! Ho! Listen up Dachshund parents, your doxie works super hard all year long to make you feel loved, they deserve the [...]

Best Dachshund Toys

Best Dachshund Toys - Ever! Dachshunds are picky little dogs who love to destroy their toys, with love of course!  I recommend all of these dog toys  - Dachshunds love them [...]

Top 8 Dachshund Coats | A Perfect Fit!

Top Dachshund Coats Finding your Dachshund a warm coat that actually fits can be like looking for a needle in a haystack.  Doxies are extra long and [...]

Cute Dachshund Halloween Costumes

Dachshund Halloween Costumes It's almost Halloween and your Dachshund needs a new costume.  A unique Halloween costume that is easy to walk in and of course adorable! Let's [...]

Best Dachshund Coats

Best Dachshund Coats! If you live in an area where it gets pretty chilly, I recommend getting your doxie a couple of the best dachshund coats - ones that actually fit!  [...]


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