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Treat Your Dachshund!  We found the coolest Dachshund Gear and Gifts for all Dachshund Fans.  Your Doxie is very unique. We have reviewed quality dog products tailored just for your pup for every stage of life.

Happiness starts with a wet cold nose and ends with a wagging tail

Top 5 Dachshund Summer Clothes

Dachshund Clothes For Summer Dachshunds really enjoy summer time. They get to walk, play, and swim in the nice warm weather.  No cold snow or wet rain will slow [...]

Cool Garden Ideas For Dachshund Lovers

Cool Garden Ideas For Dachshund Lovers Yay!  It’s finally Springtime.  Time to plan out your dream garden to enjoy all summer long.  What if this year you tried [...]

Best Dachshund Seat Belt

Best Seat Belts For Dachshunds Choosing a high quality seat belt for your dachshund is so important for your dog's safety.  We have chosen the best car seat belts that have [...]

Best Slow Feeder Bowls For Dachshunds

Best Slow Feeder Bowls For Dachshunds What is a Slow Feeder Bowl? Slow Feeder Dog Bowls help your Dog eat slower, which promotes healthy digestion. Eating too much food [...]

Best Dog Backpack for Miniature Dachshunds

Best Dog Backpack for Miniature Dachshunds Why Do I Need a Dog Backpack? Backpacks for small dogs allow your furry friends to enjoy your family's daily or even adventurous activities.  [...]

Cute Dachshund Halloween Costumes

Dachshund Halloween Costumes Yay, It's Fall!  I love this time of year, don't you?  Apple Festivals, Pumpkin Farms, and Halloween, oh my! But, the most fun thing of all is [...]

The Seat Belt Your Dog Needs

Dog Seat Belts: Crash Tested & Approved Selecting a safe and crash-tested seat belt is important for your dog’s safety.  A car accident or even a quick stop could put [...]

Awesome Dachshund T-Shirts

Awesome Dachshund T-Shirts Are You a Big Dachshund Fan?  Of course you are... grab a dachshund t-shirt to show off your passion for doxies.  My husband has a dachshund t-shirt for [...]


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