Best Dachshund Ramps

Best Dachshund Ramps For Your Bed, Sofa, and Car

Updated 03/04/2024 by Ava Jaine

Dachshunds enjoy jumping on and off the furniture, climbing the stairs, and hopping in the car for a bye-bye ride.  They may appear to jump with ease, but the truth is, they really shouldn’t be doing any of this at all.

Unfortunately, this repetitive jumping puts a tremendous amount of stress on your Dachshund’s back and joints.

Dog ramps protect your Dachshund by preventing injury from high impact activities.  Here are the Top 3 Best Dachshund Ramps for your Bed, Sofa, and Car.

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Dachshund Ramp Video

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Dachshund Ramps vs Stairs

Dog ramps are the best option for your Dachshund.  They provide a gentle incline to help your doxie reach their favorite cozy spot without straining their back or joints. 

Dog ramps are also the best option for senior Dachshunds with mobility issues and an important aid for doxies recovering from an injury or surgery.

Best Dachshund Ramps

Let’s Talk IVDD

As a Dachshund parent, this is what you need to know: Your Dachshund’s extra-long body and short legs make them extremely prone to back issues, like IVDD.

  • IVDD (intervertebral disc disease) occurs when a disc ruptures or slips in the middle of your doxie’s back. 
  • IVDD affects 25% of the Dachshund dog breed.

Just to give you an idea, the total cost of surgical treatment for IVDD can range anywhere between $8,000 – $15,000. Dachshund back problems can be prevented with the use of dog ramps.

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Best Dachshund Ramp for Your Bed

Every Dachshund parent needs a top-notch dog ramp, and let me tell ya, the DachRamp (or PawRamp) from Alpha Paw is the real MVP for the bed. Keep an eye out for their regular sweet deals and make sure to use code DACHSTATION20 for a nice discount. Your Dachshund will thank you!
The DachRamp is designed for doxies of all ages, up to 80 pounds. I like how this ramp’s rubber grips help my Dachshunds, Eko and Gretta, travel up and down with ease.  See my Eko’s picture below posing with his DachRamp.
  • Adjustable height for the bed (12-24 inches)

  • Lightweight and packs flat
  • Non-slip carpet for paw traction
  • Arrives fully assembled
  • Non-slip stoppers for hardwood floors

  • Made with pine and marine wood

Best Dachshund Ramps

Chondrodystrophic dog breeds, like the Dachshund and Corgi, were bred to have extra-long bodies with short legs. Because of their build, they are prone to back and joint issues. Vets recommend avoiding high impact jumping to prevent injury.

Best Dachshund Ramp for Your Sofa

The DachRamp mentioned above can be adjusted to the height of your bed or sofa.  But, if you would like a more compact option for your sofa, I have two great recommendations for you.
  • The ScratchyRamp is a smaller version of the DachRamp. It provides easy access to your sofa and takes up less space. Height: 12-16 inches

  • The Dog Foam Ramp is a soft, budget-friendly option for small living spaces. Pictured below, my doxies use the 3-tier height (15.7 inches) for our sofa.

Best Dachshund Ramps
Best Dachshund Ramps

Best Dachshund Ramp for Your Car

Are you and your little, long dog always on the go?  If you have a sensitive back like me or have a Dachshund recovering from an injury or surgery, a dog ramp for the car is an easy way to keep your doxie safe while entering and exiting your vehicle.

I use the 62″ PetSafe Happy Ride Dog Ramp for our small car and for our tall front porch step so my doxies don’t have to jump up and down when going potty outside. (see my pics below)

If you have an SUV that is a bit taller, I recommend getting the larger PetSafe Dog Ramp that goes up to 72″ for SUV height.

  • The Pet Gear SupertraX Ramp is lightweight, sturdy and foldable.  Make sure to measure the height of your vehicle to pick the appropriate ramp size so it’s not too steep for your pup.

Best Dachshund Ramps
Best Dachshund Ramps
Best Dachshund Ramps

How To Train Your Dachshund to Use a Dog Ramp

Here are some easy steps to train your Dachshund to use a dog ramp.

  1. Place the ramp by the bed or sofa.
  2. Block alternative routes using items like pillows or a puppy gates.
  3. Have dog treats ready.
  4. Allow your doxie to get used to the ramp being in the house before moving on.

Dog Ramp Training Steps

    1. Practice: Stand by the dog ramp and encourage your Dachshund to go up and down the ramp.
    2. Reward: Each time they go up or down the ramp, give them verbal praise (“Good”) and give them a small dog treat.
    3. Reinforce: If your Dachshund just isn’t having it, GENTLY use a dog leash to help guide them up and down the ramp.  Reward with praise and dog treats.
    4. Repeat: Continue with daily sets of 5-10 repetitions to help train the new behavior.
  • Note: If your doxie tries to avoid the ramp, block off any alternate routes with large pillows or puppy gates.  Keep them anchored in place as long as you need.

Best Dachshund Ramps

Benefits for Dachshund Parents

Dog ramps for the bed, sofa, and car not only keep your Dachshund safe, but they can also help you too. Being a devoted Dachshund parent requires you to be in tip top shape.

After lifting your little sausage dog over and over again, many of us don’t realize the amount of strain and pressure we put on our own bodies. Using a dog ramp allows your Dachshund to be more independent and keeps you from your own back injury.

What is your favorite Dachshund Ramp?  Let us know in the comments below.

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