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Top 3 Best Dachshund Ramps for Bed, Sofa, & Car

Dachshunds jump on and off the furniture, climbing the stairs, and hopping in the car for a ride.  They may appear to jump with ease, but the truth is, they really shouldn't be doing any of this at all. Dog ramps protect your Dachshund by preventing injury from high impact activities.  Here are the Top 3 Best Dachshund Ramps for your Bed, Sofa, and Car.

Top 3 Best Dachshund Ramps for Bed, Sofa, & Car2024-04-22T16:34:36-04:00

5 Best Dachshund Harnesses

As a Dachshund parent, it's important that we use a dog harness instead of a dog collar on our daily walkies to help reduce any strain on our Dachshund's neck and back. Here are the Top 5 Dachshund Harnesses - Tested and Approved.

5 Best Dachshund Harnesses2024-05-22T13:29:44-04:00

Best Dachshund Toys

Dachshunds love toys and need daily "brain food" called Mental Stimulation. Interactive dog toys and IQ puzzles are a great way to help your dachshund stay busy and mentally stimulated. Keeping your dachshund occupied with puzzle dog toys can also help stop destructive behavior and calm Separation Anxiety issues too.

Best Dachshund Toys2024-06-21T16:58:04-04:00

Top 5 Best Dachshund Coats

Top 5 Best Dachshund Coats If you live in an area where it gets pretty chilly, I recommend getting your doxie a couple of the best [...]

Top 5 Best Dachshund Coats2024-03-25T12:57:23-04:00

15 Best Dachshund Gift Ideas For Men: Dog Dads

Looking for the absolute best gift ideas for the Dachshund Dad in your life?  You've come the right place!  We have the perfect Dachshund gift ideas for men: Dachshund t-shirts, wiener dog cups, doxie office supplies, and more!

15 Best Dachshund Gift Ideas For Men: Dog Dads2024-05-15T15:28:50-04:00

Top 5 Dachshund Summer Clothes

Dachshund Clothes For Summer Dachshunds really enjoy summer time. They get to walk, play, and swim in the nice warm weather.  No cold snow [...]

Top 5 Dachshund Summer Clothes2023-06-15T14:12:52-04:00

Cool Garden Ideas For Dachshund Lovers

Cool Garden Ideas For Dachshund Lovers Yay!  It’s finally Springtime.  Time to plan out your dream garden to enjoy all summer long.  [...]

Cool Garden Ideas For Dachshund Lovers2021-04-12T14:06:43-04:00

Seat Belts For Dachshunds

Best Seat Belts for Dachshunds. Just a quick stop of your car could give your Dachshund a serious neck or back injury.  A high-quality dog seat belt can prevent injury and save your doxie's life. There are many dog seat belt choices online, but very few have been crash tested and have actually passed!

Seat Belts For Dachshunds2024-07-12T16:31:14-04:00
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