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Dachshund Rescues in the USA

Updated 04/24/2024 by Ava Jaine

We have compiled a Complete List of Dachshund Rescues found in the USA.

Please Note: This list is here to help you find adorable Dachshunds for adoption. Remember to do your own research once you spot a local Dachshund rescue near you. It’s crucial to ask the right questions before deciding to team up with any Dachshund rescue groups.

Here are some helpful dachshund adoption tips and printable questions to take with you.

Why Adopt a Dachshund?

Adopting a Dachshund dog is like adding a bundle of joy to your life. These little long dogs are not just cute, they’re full of love and personality. Adopting means giving a loving home to a doxie in need.


Dachshund Rescues Sorted By State:

If you don’t see a local Dachshund rescue specifically for your state, check out the bottom section called Dachshund Rescues That Cover Multiple States.

Best of luck on your doxie search, and may you be blessed for opening your heart to adopt a dachshund in need of a loving home.

Feel free to share your heartwarming rescue dachshund success stories in the comments below. We’d love to celebrate the joy and love your new furry friend brings to your life.

Alabama Dachshund Rescues

Alaska Dachshund Rescues

Dachshund Rescue Arizona

dachshund being held by teenager

Arkansas Dachshund Rescues

You Had Me At Woof!

Animal Shelters help improve the community by requiring that adopted animals be neutered or spayed, which helps lower the pet overpopulation.  Each year 8 to 12 million dogs, cats, puppies and kittens are euthanized because there are not enough homes for them.


California Dachshund Rescues

Georgia Dachshund Rescues

Hawaii Dachshund Rescues


Illinois Dachshund Rescues

Dachshund shaking hands with human (blond miniature long hair dachshund)

It is Amazing How Much LOVE Dachshunds Can Bring Into Our Lives.

All Dachshunds in a Shelter are in need of a second chance. They were lost, abandoned, or given away. They are helpless and they need a loving home.

Indiana Dachshund Rescues

Kansas Dachshund Rescues

Adopting A Dachshund Will Change Your Life

So many doxies need homes that are still quite young, already house trained, and may be the better option for your family than starting off with a new puppy. Remember, new puppies will require more Training and Attention than a dog that is a little older.


New Jersey Dachshund Rescues

New Mexico Dachshund Rescues

Oklahoma Dachshund Rescues

Home is Where The Dachshund is…

Encourage your friends and family to adopt a dachshund from a shelter or rescue.

Rhode Island Dachshund Rescues

South Dakota Dachshund Rescues