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Top Dachshund Coats

Updated 12/14/2022 by Ava Jaine

Finding your Dachshund a warm coat that actually fits can be like looking for a needle in a haystack.  Doxies are extra long and extra short, so it can be tough to find Dachshund coats that can accommodate their unique build.

I did plenty of online research to find the best coats for dachshunds and finally found the Django puffer coat.  It’s definitely my new favorite to keep my Dachshunds warm this winter.

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Do Dachshunds Get Cold Easily?

Most Dachshunds have thin fur, which doesn’t provide much warmth in the colder weather.  As doxies get older, they do have more trouble regulating their body temperature.
dachshund coats

Do Dachshunds Need Coats in the Winter?

Yes, Dachshunds need a coat.  Dachshunds have less body insulation than other dog breeds. Dachshunds need extra warmth when it’s chilly outside. 

As a Dachshund owner, I know that they really don’t like being wet or cold.  They much prefer being warm and cozy – don’t we all!


Dachshund Clothing Features To Look For:

Whether it’s a cozy Dachshund sweater or warm winter coat you are looking for, there are many important factors to consider when choosing Dachshund clothes.

Not only should the coat or sweater cover the extra length of your doxie, but it also should have reflective material to be more visible, easy to put on your long dog, and machine washable.

  • Easy On / Off: Dachshund coats need to be easy to put on and to take off.  Dachshunds don’t mess around, if they don’t want it on, they will put up a fight.

  • Comfort:  Will the Dachshund keep the coat on and are they willing to walk in it?  If your doxie doesn’t prefer a tight fitted sweater, try a relaxed puffer coat instead.  Choose one made with soft material so your pup won’t feel itchy.

  • Durability:  Pick a coat that is going to be able to withstand different terrain without falling apart.

  • Clean up:  Go with machine washable dog clothes. Dachshunds are lower to the ground, so they do get messy.  Also, choose a dog coat that has a big enough opening on the bottom for potty access.

  • Visibility:  Choose a dog coat that is brightly colored or has reflective material to be more visible to other walkers and drivers.

Best Dachshund Coats:

dachshund coats
dachshund coats

#1 Choice: The DJANGO puffer coat is weather-resistant and has full coverage of your Dachshund’s extra long back. This Dachshund coat is legit for those chilly winter walks! It’s my all-time favorite, best Dachshund coat for winter and it lasts for years.

My piebald mini Dachshund, Eko (wearing the red puffer coat above) loves wearing this coat because he hates going out to potty in the freezing cold.  My Dachshund puppy, Gretta (wearing the purple puffer coat) enjoys romping in the woods and hunting squirrels in this coat.

The DJANGO puffer coat is designed with your Dachshund’s mobility in mind.  It has extra large arm holes for maximum flexibility and includes a leash portal in the back for easy access.

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Dachshund Coats

This quilted coat is made specially for the Dachshund’s unique shape.  It is waterproof, windproof, is made with durable fabric.

Features include a warm fleece lining, reflective piping, fold-down high neck wither flap, and lead slot.  This Dachshund coat is machine washable.

Dachshund Coats

This fleece Dachshund coat is a high quality, windproof coat with a special contoured shape for Dachshunds. 

It features a warm fleece lining, reflective piping, fold down high neck with flap and lead slot. This dog coat is machine washable.

dachshund coats

Disclosure: Financial compensation was not received for this review. This dachshund hoodie was gifted from Django. Opinions expressed here are my own.

My Dachshund puppy, Gretta, loves her new striped hoodie from Django.  Whether we are on a hike or lounging on the couch for tv time, it’s the perfect fit for doxies.

The DJANGO dog hoodie is super soft and has a leash portal in the back.  The special shape of the hoodie along with the elastic material around the belly allows enough room for going potty outside without getting messy.

Use code DACHSHUNDSTATION for an extra 10% off your DJANGO hoodie.

dachshund coats

Disclosure: Financial compensation was not received for this review. This jacket was gifted from DJANGO. Opinions expressed here are my own.

The DJANGO Highland Cold Weather Dog Jacket and Raincoat is made for Dachshunds who hate the rain, snow, dirt, and wind.  This adorable jacket is high quality folks!

It has a durable waterproof exterior and a soft interior to keep your doxie dry and warm.  It includes a no-leak leash portal and adjustable hood and hem.

Use code DACHSHUNDSTATION for 10% off your DJANGO Jacket.

Dachshund Coats

Photo Credit: Amazon, Django

The DJANGO City Slicker Dog Raincoat is perfect for Dachshunds who hate to get wet.  It is made with durable waterproof materials.

This raincoat also has reflectors for better visibility.  It includes a leash portal for easy access and is machine washable.

Use code DACHSHUNDSTATION for 10% off your DJANGO raincoat.

Dachshund Coats

Disclosure: Financial compensation was not received for this review. A dachshund sweater was gifted from Dachshund Couture. Opinions expressed here are my own.

My Dachshund, Eko, is wearing a very stylish, grey and red tartan coat from Dachshund Couture (pictured above).  This came all the way from Munich, Germany! A Dachshund wearing a coat from Germany – how awesome is that?

This handmade Dachshund coat is a stylish and sleek design. It is easy to put on and take off with two velcro attachments in the front of the chest and under the chest. This sweater is lightweight and covers my Dachshund’s entire back all the way down to the base of his tail.

These adorable coats from Dachshund Couture come in many sizes for small Dachshund puppies through adult Dachshunds. My Dachshund looks very sharp in this high quality doxie coat, just in time for the winter season.

Dachshund Coats

Embark Wax Dog Jacket will definitely keep your doxie warm and cozy this winter. Made from cotton and polyester, this Dachshund jacket is durable and water resistant with a classic look and feel.  Note: Embark recommends hand washing your doxie’s jacket instead of machine washing to keep the waxed finish.

Dachshund Coats

The Gooby Padded Dog Jacket zips up and snaps in the back. This Dachshund coat is water resistant and easy to put on. The best part of this coat is that it acts as a built-in harness for your doxie with the Dual D leash rings.

Pic Credit: Noodle and Friends

The Blizzard Dachshund Parka from Noodle and Friends is specially designed for Dachshunds.  The parka provides full chest coverage and has a warm inner layer made from 3M thinsulate. The outer layer of the parka is waterproof and the liner is thick microfleece – so cozy.


Dachshund Fleece Sweater

This fleece Dachshund sweater is from whatsupdox.com.  It is made from velvety soft Cirrus™ fleece that provides the ultimate in comfort for those hard to fit weenie dog shapes. There are no closures or sleeves to trip over and it is made in the USA.


If you live in an area where it gets pretty chilly, I recommend getting your doxie a couple coats or sweaters to keep them warm and dry when going outside.

Does your Dachshund have a favorite coat?  Let us know below.

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