Dachshund Gift ideas for Men

Best Dachshund Gift Ideas for Men

Updated 05/15/2024 by Ava Jaine

Looking for the absolute best gift ideas for the Dachshund Dad in your life?  You’ve come the right place! 

We have the perfect Dachshund gift ideas for men: Dachshund t-shirts, wiener dog cups, doxie office supplies, and more!  Spoil that Dachshund-loving man!

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Dachshund Gifts For Work

Every doxie dad needs to let people know how much they love their Dachshund, even at work!

Dachshund Tie Clip

dachshund tie clip

Grab up this eye catching silver or gold Dachshund Tie Clip – specially made for the ultimate doxie dad of the office.

Dachshund Tie

Dachshund themed tie for dad

Don’t forget a matching tie for that shiny tie clip.  Dachshund dads will appreciate the matching pair.  Note: the dachshund tie color is a little different this year on Amazon.


Dachshund Screen Stylus

dachshund dad gift stylus

This is the screen stylus that everyone needs. It’s super long and cute, like a Dachshund, and it won’t roll away! Perfect for the mobile phone and tablet.


Dachshund Paper Clips

dachshund paper clips

Dachshund paper clips?  Who knew there was such an adorable office gift out there.  Dachshund dads will have a hard time giving these little doxie gems to other “Non-Dachshund” people.  He may just have to keep them all to himself.

Dachshund Letter Organizer

dachshund envelope holder

This porcelain Dachshund letter organizer is an adorable addition to a tidy desk at the office.  

Cool Dachshund Gifts

Who knew so much cool stuff was Dachshund-themed?

Dachshund Security Sign

dachshund warning sign

Every Dachshund dad needs a special security sign to warn intruders of the doxie danger waiting to strike.


Dachshund Mailbox Top

dachshund mailbox top

This wiener dog mailbox topper makes a great gift for any doxie dad!


Dachshund Playing Cards

dachshund cards

All Dachshund parents need a pack of playing cards – featuring 52 different doxie images.

Dachshund Fact: In German, dachs means “badger,” hund means “dog.”  Some other proper names in Germany are Dackel and Teckel.


Dachshund Cups

We all need to drink, right? Why not drink in the most fantastic cup around?

Dachshund Dad Mug

best dachshund dad mug

All Dachshund dads need that special reminder once in a while – daily coffee breaks will do.

Dachshund Mug

dachshund dad gifts coffee mug

This mug pretty much sums up my husband!  How about you?


Dachshund Pint Glass

dachshund beer glass gift

The perfect pint glass for a cold beer.  He will enjoy sipping a brew after a long day with Dachshunds!

Dachshund Ice Cube Tray

dachshund ice cube tray

Dachshund shaped ice cubes!  What a great conversation-starter for his next cookout or BBQ.  Sausage dog lovers will want this!


Dachshund Dad T-Shirts

I believe my husband has a Dachshund T-Shirt for every day of the week – That’s the way it should be!

I Trip Over My Wiener Shirt

I Trip Over My Wiener Shirt

Dachshund dad t-shirt – this one is my favorite!


Dachshund American Flag Shirt

Dachshund American Flag Shirt

Perfect T-shirt for the Proud American Dachshund Dad.

Best Dachshund Dad Ever

Best Dachshund Dad Ever T Shirt

Best Dachshund dad ever t-shirt – this is a must!


Dachshund Fact: England was one of the first countries to turn the Dachshund from a hunter to a favored pet.