Find The Perfect Toy For Your Dachshund

7 Tips to Help You Find the Perfect Toy for Your Dachshund

Updated 05/15/2024 by Ava Jaine

Dachshunds love their toys, literally to pieces.  Have you ever noticed your dachshund is a bit more captivated with certain toys compared to others?  Why is that?  Well, there is actually a specific formula for finding the right toy for your long dog.

If you are looking for your Dachshund’s next favorite toy, you are in luck. I have compiled 7 Proven Tips To Find The Perfect Toy For Your Dachshund.

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Tips To Find The Perfect Toy For Your Dachshund

Dachshunds need lots of toys to keep them busy and stay happy.  But, finding the perfect dog toy for your dachshund isn’t always easy.  Unfortunately, most of the time, their dog toys don’t last long enough, make a total mess, or become a choking hazard.

My dachshund’s toys just weren’t holding up…until I figured out why certain toys lasted longer than others. 

The color, texture, noise, size, durability, IQ level, and smell will determine how long your dog’s toy will last.


Have you noticed that your doxie is drawn towards certain colored toys vs others?  Well, that could be because they can actually see the toy’s color. That’s right!  Despite what you were told, dogs are not completely color blind.

Dogs can see two colors: yellow and blue. Everything else looks grey to them.

Dogs have fewer cone receptors in their eyes than we do, so they are limited to the colors they are able to see. 

Do me a favor, put on your puppy eyes for a moment and imagine a room that is colored in shades of gray and there is a bright yellow toy on the floor.  I know I would be pretty excited to check it out, wouldn’t you?

So, the #1 way to choose the best toy for your dachshund is to find one with yellow or blue as the dominant color.

Dachshund chewing on a ball dog toy


My dachshund, Eko, loves to chew his toys to bits in a matter of minutes. One day, I noticed that he wrapped up his dog toy with large ridgy bumps in a blanket, and was chewing it that way…which I think is pretty darn smart.

I could tell that Eko didn’t like chewing the toy with the poky bumps unless it was wrapped up in a softer material.  His mouth must be more sensitive to this type of toy.

Extra soft or hard and tough, whatever toy your doxie tends to enjoy chewing and playing with the most, focus on that type of toy for your wiener dog.

Wire-haired Dachshund puppy playing with a ball


Dachshunds absolutely love plush toys with squeakers!  Dachshunds are a hunting dog breed, so anything that sounds like an animal’s squeak will attract them to that toy. 

My doxies even enjoy the crackle toys that have the water bottle inside.  Something that makes noise is usually a winner for these pups.



Miniature dachshunds are considered a small dog breed, but that doesn’t mean they need tiny sized toys.

In fact, my mini dachshund, Reno, loved to play with large-sized toys and balls that my German Shepherd loved to play with. The bigger the better for him. He loved to pummel and drag around a large toy.

So, despite your doxie’s size, don’t limit them to just small-sized toys, they may really enjoy something bigger than you think.

IQ Dog Toys:

When dachshunds are bored, they become destructive.  You need to have plenty of dog toys that make your doxie use their brain power to keep them mentally stimulated for a longer period of time.

An interactive dog toy that keeps your dachshund busy and engaged will reduce the chance of boredom and destructive behavior.  Solving doggie IQ puzzles can help develop your doxie’s intellectual skills and increase their excitement to learn by including yummy treats with playtime.

My Choice for IQ Dog Toys is the Bob-A-Lot (from Amazon). 

This is an interactive treat or food dispensing toy that keeps my dogs busy for a very long time.  It’s so much fun to watch your doxie interact with this neat toy.  You can watch my YouTube video of Eko (pictured below) playing with his Bob-A-Lot Toy Here.

cute piebald dachshund sitting next to the bob a lot dog toy


A perfect dachshund toy doesn’t have to last days, just a couple of hours would be great.  Dachshunds are famous for shredding their toys into tiny bits…and they love every minute of it.  So, finding a toy that won’t break apart so quickly is a bonus find.

Not Too Tough: Now, from my experience, the tough, thick rubber “strong chewer” dog toys don’t always work either.  I always have a Kong dog toy available for my dogs, and they don’t chew on it.  But, I add some peanut butter to it and pop it in the freezer for a long lasting treat, so it does have some good use.

Not Too Flimsy: The rubber latex squeaky toys have the squeak, but their thin layer of rubber doesn’t last and is a choking hazard.  These toys are usually done squeaking in seconds and pieces of rubber get swallowed way too easily. 

Not Too Expensive: My doxies don’t act interested unless the toy can be destroyed.  Some doxies may like to keep their toys around for more than a couple of days, but mine find enjoyment in tearing them into pieces.  So, I don’t believe in purchasing super expensive toys, because I know they are very short lived.

Less Mess:

Many plush dog toys are full of stuffing, which makes a big mess in the house and can be swallowed quickly by your dog.  A soft, plush squeaky toy with no stuffing (from Amazon) is a better choice for your dachshund.


Now, this is more of a Bonus tip that will help your dachshund love their new toy even more. 

Give the toy your scent. 

Your dachshund loves you and is in love with your “natural human” scent.  Wrap your dog’s new toy in your laundry, your sheets, anything with your scent on it for a day or two before giving your doxie the new toy.


Top 3 Toys For Dachshunds

Looking at all of our Proven Toy Tips from above, I have come up with some excellent choices that your dachshund is sure to love.

pineapple dog toy

Barkbox Penny The Pineapple Features:

You can’t beat the Barkbox quality and low price for such a neatly designed dog toy.  Penny the pineapple features 3 layers for longer lasting fun, it’s second layer toy is yellow in color, and it squeaks.  There is a small amount of stuffing under the first layer of this toy only. 

popcorn dog toy for dachshunds

ZippyPaws Popcorn Bucket Features:

The popcorn bucket dog toy features soft, yellow colored pop corn balls that the dog can practice pulling out of the popcorn bucket.  It’s got the yellow primary color, it is a fun interactive toy, and it squeaks.  But, this toy will have a good amount of stuffing.

bob a lot dog toy

Bob-A-Lot Features:

The Bob-A-Lot has a yellow colored top, and it is a super interactive toy that will keep your pup busy during playtime or meal time.  This toys is hard plastic, and does not contain any stuffing.

Bonus: Dog Puzzle Box

dog activity poker box 1

Dog Puzzle Box Features:

The Dog Activity Poker Box is so much fun!  It is labeled a level 2 dog puzzle.  This puzzle box comes with easy to follow instructions that explains which box to start with and how to train your dog to open it. I use small pieces of chicken to hide in each box.

My Dachshund, Eko, took a couple of days to be able to get through all of the boxes – not trying to brag!  He gets so excited when I bring this puzzle toy out to play, and I love watching him work his powerful nose and brain.

What is your Dachshund’s Favorite Toy? Let us know in the comments below.

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