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15 Funny Facts About Dachshunds Only Owners Understand

Updated 08/29/2023 by Ava Jaine

Over the years, I have had many first-time Dachshund owners come to me with their doxie challenges. 

Hey, I get it! Dachshunds have a feisty attitude and it takes a special amount of patience to train and understand this particular dog breed. Dachshunds have many adorable characteristics and some crazy quirks.

Let’s learn the 15 Funny Facts About Dachshunds Only Owners Understand. First-time Dachshund owners, here’s what’s coming!

There’s Gonna Be Pee

Just when you think your Dachshund has fully emptied themselves outside, they will always have a “reserve tank” of Urine.  Make sure to lock down your home with lots of puppy gates to preserve your carpet and furniture. 
Doxies will always have pee ready for marking, especially the male doxies.  When we would go on a hike, my Dachshund, Reno would literally mark every tree on the trail.  He never ran out of pee.
Close up of long-haired Dachshund with upturned ears, lying on a bed.

Dachshund Pinned

When you have time to relax on your favorite comfy couch or chair, your lap will be filled in a flash with a warm Dachshund.  They are like lap magnets.  They just want to curl up and sleep on your lap.

During our evening TV time, my husband and I have a phrase we use when we need something, but can’t move…we are “Dachshund Pinned.”  We can’t bring ourselves to pick up the passed out, sleeping dachshund from our lap or take the chance that they will sit on someone else’s lap instead.

Dachshund Ego

Dachshunds think that they are the biggest dogs in the world…or maybe I have it backwards and they just don’t care about their size.  They have a bold enough attitude to boss around larger dogs or animals without batting an eye.

One day, when it was time for my dogs to eat, my German Shepherd, Ardi, started chowing down before his two doxie brothers.  In seconds, my Dachshund, Reno, locked onto his cheek and gave him a big growl!  Ardi then laid down on the carpet and waited for Reno to finish eating.  We couldn’t believe that such a large dog just obeyed this little bossy Dachshund.


They Get Away With Everything

Dachshunds are precious when they are puppies and still super cute when they are adults.  Who can seriously stay mad at those irresistible puppy eyes and kissable face?  My Dachshund gets away with everything, and he knows it.  If he adds in the adorable head tilt, I’m done for.

cute blonde long haired dachshund looking at the camera on white background

You Can’t Just Have One

Remember that Pringles commercial, “Once you pop, you can’t stop?”  Well, that tends to be the case when you own a Dachshund.  You can’t just have one.

All doxies need a buddy to play with. Two or more works out much better, don’t you think?

Red Long-haired dachshund in the summer garden

Your Little Shadow

Be prepared to constantly have a weenie dog at your feet when you walk around, going up and down the stairs, and even in the bathroom.  Dachshunds don’t have a privacy policy, they are just stuck to you like glue. 

Tripping over a dachshund in my house is very common around dinner time.  They know just when to back themselves up right as you attempt to step over them to give you a good trip.

Two Wire haired dachshunds sitting next to each other

Welcome Home Present

If you plan on going on vacation without your doxie pup, or even just traveling for a few days, your Dachshund will make sure to leave you a special present when you return home.

When I used to travel for work, I would be gone for 3-4 days at a time.  When I returned home, my Dachshund, Reno, would act like he had a chip on his shoulder and pretend I wasn’t there.

Reno would carry on like this for about 24 hours.  He would purposely sit with my husband instead of me during our evening TV time, which did bother me, I admit.

Before Bed, I would ALWAYS find a turd on the floor on my side of the bed.  That was my welcome home present.

Dachshunds Will Bark Until The Cows Come Home

These little anxious dogs love to bark.  They may be barking because they are excited, playful, being protective or territorial, nervous, or even bored.  At times, this can get a bit excessive.

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Black and Tan Dachshund Barking in the park

Dachshund Hair Everywhere

All Dachshunds shed.  Even the short hair doxies have hair that goes everywhere.  I find it on my clothes, my bed, and my couch.  I will even randomly find dog hair in my mouth!  I do kiss them all day long, I really shouldn’t be that surprised.

Dachshunds Make the Rules and Break the Rules

Dachshunds make their own rules and they really don’t care what your rules are.
If you make your rules clear to them, they will understand, but that doesn’t mean they will comply.

Dachshunds are known for their spiteful attitude when they don’t get what they want. 

They are experts at playing innocent and acting clueless…but, don’t be fooled! They know exactly what they are doing.


Massive Appetite

A Dachshund’s favorite food is…food.  I’m not talking about their dog food, I’m talking about OUR food.

Never come between your doxie and their food.  It doesn’t matter if you’re their favorite person. Your sweet little Dachshund can turn from angel to devil in seconds when it come to their “precious” food.

Unfortunately, a Dachshund’s addiction to food can lead to obesity and health issues.  So, try to keep them away from table scraps the best you can.

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Dachshunds Are Thieves!

If you notice your Dachshund is running around the house at full speed, like he just won a million biscuits, your dog has something in his mouth that he’s not supposed to have.  In my house, usually it’s either a piece of food, a sock, or a pair of underwear.

Dine and Dash

I know I’m coming around to food again, but Dachshunds love to STEAL your food.  Many non-Dachshund owners would never believe that such a small dog could make their way onto the dining room table…but they do it all the time.

My whole family still talks about my Aunt’s standard Dachshund, Charles, who got up on the dinning room table and swallowed a foot long sub sandwich…wrapper and all!  He did it in seconds, and never got caught.

If my kids don’t tuck in their chairs far enough at dinner time, my little Dachshund, Eko, immediately pounces on their chair and scarfs down any leftovers on their plate.  

Eko knows he’s not supposed to eat table scraps, but he knows what’s on the table and he wants all of it.

Dachshund licking his lips and looking at dog food bowl

Silent But Smelly

If your Dachshund feels like you aren’t giving them enough attention, they may leave a mystery poop in your home and they will not get caught doing it.

When my husband and I were working on a project one afternoon, within the first hour, I stood up to walk out of the room and there was a fresh pile of poo inches away from me!  I didn’t even hear my Dachshund do it and he was nowhere to be found. 

Wiener dogs are Super Stealthy!

This is definitely one of the Dachshund’s magical, yet undesirable talents.


Dachshunds love to dig.  They dig deep holes in the yard, they dig their blankies and beds to make a cozy nighttime nest, and they will occasionally dig the couch cushions to bury their favorite toy.

Your domestic doxie was born with some very strong hunting instincts.  They will run, dig, and bark in order to hunt the mighty badger…even if the badger is some hidden food or a squeaky toy.  They live for the hunt.


Time For Bed

Dachshunds want to sleep in your bed, not their own.  It doesn’t matter how soft or expensive their doggie bed is, they want to burrow way under the covers and sleep next to you.

My husband claims that Dachshunds plant themselves right up against us to steal our heat because they love to be warm and cozy.  I don’t mind letting my mini dachshund, Eko, sleep in my bed with me once in a while. But, it can’t go on every night because Dachshunds are major bed hogs.

You Can’t Live Without Them

It is Really Really Hard when you lose a Dachshund.  Despite the humorous Dachshund facts mentioned above, life will never feel the same without them around.

Dachshund owners stay Dachshund owners for life because it is the only dog breed they will ever need. 

Dachshunds are the most dedicated and loving companions on four little legs. Cherish each and every day!  That is the best Dachshund owner’s advice I can give to you.

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teenager girl hugging her dachshund

Being able to understand a Dachshund’s temperament and behavior is a challenge for any doxie owner. It is not an easy task to raise a Dachshund, but when you do, it feels like the ultimate accomplishment.

As a Dachshund owner, you will always have a warm lap and a full heart. No one can love you more than your Dachshund.
If we missed any Facts About Dachshunds, please let us know in the comments below.  We would love to hear from you.
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