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Dog Food Diet Rotation

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What is a Dog Food Diet Rotation?

It’s a good idea to change your dog’s diet up occasionally.  A Dog Food Rotation is when you change your dog’s traditional food to something new and different.

Your dog deserves the best healthy nutrients in their food.  Give them a chance to try something new instead of the same dog food every day.

Why Should I Change My Dog’s Food?

Your dog’s regular food may not be meeting all of your dog’s nutritional needs.

So many dog foods have various ingredients and nutrients.  It helps to change things up a bit to make sure your dog is getting all of the nutrients their body needs to be happy and healthy.

Unfortunately, some dog foods contain toxins that are not safe for your dog to consume daily for a prolonged time.  By switching up their regular dog food once in a while, it can help minimize the damage it may be doing to your dog.

We have discovered 5 Vital Signs that indicate it’s time to change your dog’s food.

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Signs That It’s Time To Change Your Dog’s Food:

  • Dull, Dry, Flaky Coat: Look for a dog food diet that contains Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids to make your dog’s coat shiny.

  • Low Energy: Dog Foods with high levels of antioxidants can help boost the immune system and increase energy levels.

  • Weight Gain: With the proper amount of vitamins and minerals, a change in your dog’s diet can help reduce obesity.

  • Stomach Issues: Switching to a dog food for sensitive stomachs may be the solution your dog needs.

  • Itching: If your dog is allergic to an ingredient in their dog food, transitioning to a low-allergen diet can reduce the number of allergens they are exposed to.

Can Changing A Dog’s Food Make Them Sick?

Yes, changing to a new dog food can cause an upset stomach if it is done too quickly.  Sudden changes to your dog’s food can cause changes to the dog’s bacteria in their stomach, which can cause diarrhea or vomiting.  It is best to always make the dog food change gradually to avoid issues.

How To Switch To A New Dog Food?

If you don’t do a dog food rotation properly, your pup may experience some major GI issues. Follow these steps to help your dog transition without the upset stomach.

  • Change Slowly:  Gradually changing your dog to his new food may take 1-2 weeks.  Whether it is wet or dry dog food, to avoid stomach issues, always take it slow.
  • Mix The Food:  Combine your dog’s regular food with the new food by mixing it together. When you stir it all together, it won’t be as easy for your dog to just pick and choose the new food from the old food.  See Our Dog Food Transition Chart for help on Mixing the proper amounts of regular dog food to new dog food.
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Dog Food Diet Change Schedule:

Gradually Transition your dog’s food over a period of 1-2 weeks. 

#1,290% regular food, 10% new food.
#3,475% regular food, 25% new food.
#5,650% regular food, 50% new food.
#7,875% new food, 25% regular food.
#9,1090% new food, 10% regular food.
#11100% new dog food.

Note: During this transition, if your dog has continued stomach issues or is acting lethargic while introducing the new food, Stop!

The new dog food may contain ingredients that your dog is intolerant or allergic to.

Slowly transition back to the old food and start again with something else after he gets feeling better.

Transitioning from Dry Dog Food to Wet Dog Food:

Most dogs that have been exclusively on dry dog food will be very interested in wet food.  Canned dog food is usually more tasty and smells more tempting to a dog.

Your pup may gobble up this new wet dog food in an instant, so be careful to still use the steps above to slowly transition to the dog’s new food to avoid an upset tummy.

If your pup tends to eat their dog food way to fast, check out these awesome Slow Feeder Bowls I found, they are super helpful.

What Dog Food Should I Switch To?

It is best to do some research on the various dog foods available in stores and online.

I love to use Dog Food Advisor before I try a new dog food.  They have some great research and reviews for tons of dog food brands on their website.

Every dog requires a different diet to meet its needs.  Experts recommend working with your dog’s veterinarian to find the best diet that will work for you and your dog.  See my list of Recommended Dog foods.

Good Dog Food choices lead to a happy and healthy life.

What Dog Food Transition Methods Do You Recommend?  We Would Love to Hear from You!