best slow feeder dog bowls

Best Slow Feeder Dog Bowls

Updated 09/22/2023 by Ava Jaine

Does your dog eat their food like it will be their last meal on earth?  If your dog chokes and hacks through their food, they are at risk for bloat, obesity, and uncomfortable digestive issues.

After researching 20+ dog food bowls inside and out, I have found the Best Slow Feeder Dog Bowls that will help your dog improve their digestion and health.

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Are Slow Feeder Bowls Good For Dogs?

Slow feeder dog bowls help your pup slow down at meal time, which promotes healthy digestion.  Some dogs eat their dog food so fast they start to choke or vomit immediately after eating. 

Other dogs engorge themselves until they are too full, causing excessive gas, a stomach ache or digestive issues.  If your dog continues to eat too much food too fast, they could get a terrible disease called Bloat.  Read more on Bloat from

Why Use A Slow Feeder Bowl?

Slow feeder dog bowls not only help promote better digestion, they also add in a fun challenge to help mentally stimulate your dog every time they eat. 

Working through the bowl to find their food allows your dog to use their brainpower and problem-solving skills to reduce boredom and Separation Anxiety Issues

Tip: It isn’t healthy to allow your dog to graze all day long.  Only put your dog’s food down for about 20-30 minutes at meal time. Learn some more dog nutrition tips from the ASPCA.

best slow feeder dog bowls

What To Look For In A Dog Food Bowl:

When you shop for a slow feeder dog bowl, make sure to check the following important features:

  • What material is the bowl made of?
  • Does it have a non-slip base?
  • Is it easy to clean?
  • Materials:

    Avoid purchasing cheap dog food bowls. They may contain dangerous chemicals that can leach into your dog’s food. Dog Food Bowls made from quality glazed ceramic, glass, silicone, or stainless steel are recommended.


Make sure the ceramic dog food bowl is certified for food use and is coated with a lead-free glaze.


If your dog food bowl is plastic, make sure it is BPA Free.  PVC and phthalate free are a bonus.  If you use a plastic dog bowl, occasionally check the color of your dog’s nose.  If your dog’s nose starts to turn gray or brownish, and it used to be black, the plastic could be the culprit.  Make sure to rotate different types of bowls to keep this from happening or stop using plastic bowls.


Silicone tends to be a safe choice for a dog bowl and is slip resistant too.  The down side is if you have a dog that loves to chew, it can easily be chewed up.


If your dog is prone to seizures, avoid using aluminum-based dog food bowls.  This material can make the seizures worse.

  • Non-Slip Base:

    Some dogs love to scoot their bowls across the floor or flip the bowls over causing a big mess.  It is helpful to purchase a dog food bowl that is slip-resistant to prevent the bowl from sliding or tipping.

  • Clean Up:

    It is more convenient to have a dog food bowl that can be placed in the dishwasher.  I suggest getting a couple of high-quality dog food bowls at a time.  One can be washed while the other is in use.

    Tip: Wash out your dog’s food and water bowls 1-2 times per week.

best slow feeder dog bowls

Top 3 Slow Feeder Dog Food Bowls:

Slow feeder dog bowls are highly recommended by veterinarians to help improve digestion naturally by slowing down meals.  Lets take a look at our top choices.

#1 Choice: Neater Feeder

This slow feeder dog bowl gets my vote for number 1 choice. The Neater Feeder Bowl is made of stainless steel, a material trusted by veterinarians and dog trainers everywhere.  It helps reduce dog food gulping, bloat, and rapid eating habits.  It is dishwasher safe – Yay!

Pros: Stainless Steel, Dishwasher Safe.
Cons: No Non-slip Base, but is compatible with the elevated bowl holder.

best slow feeder dog bowls

2. Outward Hound Dog Bowl

This bowl slows your dog down during meal time and promotes fun, healthy eating habits. It is a reasonable price on Amazon, it’s dishwasher safe, and has a non-slip base.  It is made of hard plastic and is BPA, PVC, & Phthalate free.

Pros: Dishwasher Safe, Non-Slip Base.
Cons: Plastic

best slow feeder dog bowls

3. Flyingcolors Dog Bowl

This is pretty neat. It is made of durable Food-Grade and BPA-Free Silicone and the dog feeder is built right into the mat itself. It includes a stainless steel water bowl. Comes in multiple colors.

Pros: Non-Slip Base, dishwasher safe, BPA Free Silicone
Cons: None

best slow feeder dog bowls

Slow Feeder Bowls For Dry Food:

Raw Paws Dog Bowl

Raw paws slow feeder dog bowl promotes mental stimulation with it’s unique puzzle-like design. This interactive slow feeder bowl will exercise your dog’s brain while they are eating.

Pros:  Dishwasher safe, BPA Free
Cons: No Non-Slip Base

Vannon Slow Feeder

This Slow Feeder Dog Bowl has a fun puzzle design to help your pup slow down at meal time. It is dishwasher safe, and BPA free.

Pros: Non-Slip Base, dishwasher safe, BPA, PVC free.
Cons: Plastic

Jasgood Dog Feeder Slow Bowl

The Jasgood Slow Eating Bowl is dishwasher safe, free of BPA & Phthalate materials.  This is a great solution to help encourage your dog to eat at a slower pace.  This does not have a non-slip base to it. So, I suggest getting a non-slip mat or tray to go with it:  Waterproof Dog Food Mat

Pros: BPA Free, Dishwasher Safe.
Cons: No Non-slip Base, Plastic

best slow feeder dog bowls

Slow Feeder Bowls For Wet Food:

Cosmo Dog Lick Bowl

This lick bowl is for wet dog food and can also be used for a peanut butter treat.  Its unique pattern helps promote healthy teeth and gums and promotes fresh breath while helping calm and relieve anxiety. 

You can use this lick bowl at meal time or stick it to the wall for a special treat while clipping your dog’s nails.

Pros: Reduces Boredom, dishwasher safe, non-slip base, BPA Free.
Cons: None

Pet State Lick Mat

This is a 3 piece lick mat set/ This lick mat is Non-Toxic / BPA Free and made with Food-Grade Silicone. Each mat is highly durable, freeze free, and dishwasher safe.  There are suction cups on the bottom of each mat to help hold it in place during meal time or a snack while grooming your pup.

Pros: BPA free, dishwasher safe, non-slip base
Cons: None


Neater Feeder Lick Mat and Tray

The Neater Lick Mat is made of food-safe and non-toxic TPE that is also recyclable. The tray prevents your pet from spreading food outside of the mat and onto the floor.

It also stops them from chewing the mat or carrying it around the house. Spreading your pet’s favorite wet food or treats across the large surface area and numerous nooks and crannies of the Neat-Lik Mat encourages your pet to slow down and take their time.

Licking mats are also good for dental health as they promote saliva production which helps to protect your pet’s teeth and gums.

Pros: Top-rack dishwasher safe, non skid base
Cons: Says non-toxic, doesn’t specify BPA free

best slow feeder dog bowls

Interactive Dog Food Dispensers:

Dog food dispensers are a great alternative to slow feeder bowls.  They are more like a slow feeder dog toy that dispenses their food or treats a little at a time.

This not only slows down meal time, but it also helps keep your pup busy and working on their doggie brain training.

  • Aluckmao Dog Puzzle Food Dispenser
    This dog food and treat dispenser makes mealtime a fun challenge for your dog.

  • Interactive Dog Puppy IQ Treat Ball:   This is an IQ puzzle for dog food or treats. They have to figure out the puzzles to get to their food or treat.  A great way to keep your dog entertained and eliminate boredom. This is made of food-safe materials, is non-toxic, and durable

Dog Food Scoops:

Using a measuring cup or a dog food scoop can help your dog maintain a healthier weight.  Estimating a dog’s food amount can lead to overeating or not getting enough food.

Collapsible Pet Scoops: These dog food scoopers will help you measure out the correct amount of food for your dog.  They are made of food-grade plastic and are BPA Free.

best slow feeder dog bowls

What Dog Food Bowl do you recommend?  Leave a comment for me below.