Dachshund proof your house

Dachshund Proof Your House

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Ok, I’m just gonna say it… Dachshund Puppies are Adorable!  Of course adopting one feels like the best idea ever.  STOP!  Do your research first so you are prepared for this little rascal before he enters your home.

One of the main reasons Dachshunds end up in dog shelters or rescues is when a new puppy owner isn’t prepared.  When a new puppy is set free in the home, they will get into everything.  Many owners feel this is a behavior problem.. when in fact, it is just a lack of puppy proofing.

Don’t forget to check out our printable puppy proofing checklist below.

Dachshund proof your house

Bringing home a new Dachshund Puppy is a lot like bringing home a new baby.  Puppy Proofing your home and your yard is a great first step to help keep your pup safe and comfortable.

Puppy-Proofing Check List

  • Hide Chewable items

  • Puppy Gates

  • Designate Puppy Area

  • Secure Baking Ingredients

  • Lock up Cleaning Supplies

  • New Family Rules

  • Secure Garbage Can

1. Hide Chewable Items:

Get down on the floor and look through your puppy’s eyes, what can they get into?… because they will.

  • Cords and Strings:

    Hide the Electrical cords and Window pull strings.  If your puppy chews on a dangerous electrical cord, this can result in a severe burn or deadly shock.  Pups can also choke on window shade strings.  Tape down all your loose cords and strings.

  • Small Toys:

    Bouncy Balls or small kids toys are objects that need to be kept away from your new pup.  Small toys can block your pup’s airway and suffocate them to death.  School Supplies, like lead pencils and cute colorful erasers, are attractive choking hazards for dogs.

  • Household Items:

    Puppies love to grab, run, and chew anything on the floor to get some attention.  They also love to chew on furniture (especially while teething).  Some pet supply stores sell a non-toxic bitter tasting spray that can deter dogs from chewing the special items you want to protect.

Guard the following items:

    • Socks
    • Shoes (yes, even the most expensive ones)
    • Tv remotes or video game controllers
    • Jewelry
    • Furniture and pillows
    • Houseplants
    • Cat litter
    • Dryer sheets

2. Use Puppy Gates:

If there are rooms in your house where there are way too many things to hide, put up a baby gate in the doorway.  Don’t allow them into the garage or the shed where there are a lot of dangerous objects that are hard to avoid.

3. Find a Designated Puppy Area:

This area should have an easy to clean floor (tile or vinyl). Home Depot usually has some extra vinyl scraps lying around for cheap.

Use a baby gate or puppy gate.  A baby gate should surround the vinyl or tile floor section for easy clean up in case your puppy has an accident.
Keep the designated puppy area away from the walls, cords, or any wooden corners. Keep in mind, dachshund puppies love to chew….on Everything. Your designated puppy area is only temporary while you are in the training and introducing phase. When you are ready, they will be accessing your home next.


Choosing the correct kennel is crucial for your dachshund. They will try to get out, so you need to learn how to safely keep them in. Some metal kennels are bendable, so the dachshund’s strong teeth can bend the bars quite easily.

The most important feature of a kennel is the “gorilla tough” locking mechanism on the main kennel door.  Depending on the attempted escapes, I also add extra clipping locks or carabiners when my dog would unlock his door.  Keep your expectations high enough to stay one step ahead of your clever dachshund.

4. Baking Ingredients:

Dogs are attracted to the smell of chocolate (just like us, right?).  Put all baking chocolate up high, it is a deadly poison to all dogs.

Dachshund proof your house

5. Lock up the Chemicals:

Install some child locks on your bathroom or kitchen cleaning product cabinets. Dachshunds are curious little dogs.  If they want something, they are determined to get it.  If your dog ever consumes any chemicals, call your vet or the Pet Poison Hotline ASAP.

6. New Puppy Rules For The Family:

Small Children:

If you have young children or grandchildren around, have a serious talk about being gentle with the new puppy.  Children need to be reminded to treat the puppy with kindness.  If the puppy is taunted and teased, they will learn to defend themselves and may develop behavior issues.

No Jumping:

Dachshunds have a very fragile back and are prone to a spine disease called IVDD.  All Dachshunds should avoid high-impact activities including jumping, running at high-speed, and any activity that will put too much strain on their spine.  Consider purchasing dog ramps for your furniture to help prevent injury.

To help protect my Dachshund’s back, we purchased the Dachramp From Alpha Paw. It is lightweight, packs up flat, and nice rubber grips to help our doxies into our bed.

People Food:

Avoid feeding your new puppy any people food. Feeding them table scraps during a meal will quickly become a horrible habit for you and your dog. Dachshunds love to bark when they want something, and they have no trouble continuing to bark for a Very Long Time.

Table scraps are also a big no-no in general for your dog. Some dogs have extremely sensitive stomachs, so any table scraps may result in vomiting or diarrhea. Check out this list of toxic foods your dog should never eat from the ASPCA.

Push in Your Chairs:

You and your family need to push in your chairs at the dining room table. You may think, well, he is a short little dog, there is no way he will get on the table. Wrong!  These dogs are smart, they will use your chair and anything close to the table to get to your food scraps (or your whole Italian sub… yep, that happened).

7. Garbage:

Secure all of your garbage cans.  Dachshunds love sniffing out your garbage in the kitchen and the bathroom.  Place the cans where the dog can’t reach it or secure the top in case the dog knocks it over.

Dachshund proof your house

8. Puppy Proofing Tips for Your Yard

  • Objects in the Yard:

    Pick up any kids toys or garden tools laying in your yard.

  • Fencing in the Hazards:

    Keep your Dachshund leashed up in the yard to avoid any digging or destruction in your garden. If they roam loose in your yard, consider putting up a small fence to keep your plants and flowers safe.  Some plants are extremely toxic to dachshunds, including daffodils, mistletoe, English ivy, nightshade, azalea, holly and baby’s breath.

  • Swimming Pools:

    Always lock up and secure the perimeter of your pool. Some dachshunds love to swim but sometimes can’t determine a safe exit from the water. Remind your dachshund, they are allowed to wear a life jacket and swim with you, but never by themselves.

  • Fences:

    Most fences installed in a yard will be able to keep your dachshund in, but be sure to check the entire fence line to check for holes. If you see a hole, your dachshund will attempt to squeeze out, guaranteed. They could dig under the fence or if it is a wooden fence, they could chew their way through. To avoid the digging under issue, you can line the bottom of the fence with rocks.

Overall, keep an eye on your new puppy, they are curious by nature and want to sniff out everything in their new home

Click on the image below to Print your Puppy Proof Checklist (PDF File):

Dachshund Proof Your House

Now that you have all of the knowledge on puppy proofing your home and yard, now its time to learn how to potty train your new pup.

What puppy proofing tips work for you?  Let us know in the comments.


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