Dachshund in Heat

Dachshund in Heat? 3 Things You Need to Do Now!

Updated 03/25/2024 by Ava Jaine

For many years, my husband and I have raised several male Dachshunds.  My puppy Gretta, is my first female Dachshund that I have had the pleasure of raising.  

She is a precious little sweetheart who knows how to hold her own,  let me tell you.

My vet recommended that I hold off on getting her fixed (desexed) until after her first heat.  Well, that time arrived when she turned 9 months old.  

I thought it would be helpful to share my experience with all of you so you know what to expect when your Dachshund has their first heat.

Below are 3 things you can do to help your Dachshund in heat.

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What Age Do Dachshunds Go in Heat?

A female Dachshund puppy can go in heat anywhere between the ages of 6 – 14 months old.

How Long Will My Dachshund Be in Heat?

Your Dachshund’s heat cycle can last anywhere between 2-4 weeks. It will vary depending on the doxie.

My Dachshund, Gretta’s cycle lasted three weeks.

How Often Are Dachshunds in Heat?

Small dog breeds, like Dachshunds, can go in heat 3-4 times per year.

Dachshund in Heat

How Do I Know When My Female Dachshund is in Heat?

Days or weeks before your doxie goes in heat, you may notice the following symptoms.

Pre-Heat Symptoms:

  • Occasional Self Cleaning
  • Finicky appetite
  • Feisty Attitude
  • Mounting other dogs or objects
  • Fatigue

Dachshund Heat Symptoms

While your Dachshund is in heat, you may notice the following symptoms.

  • Frequent Self Cleaning
  • Bloody discharge
  • Swollen Vulva
  • Finicky appetite
  • Feisty Attitude
  • Mounting other dogs or objects
  • Fatigue
  • Attractive smell to other dogs
  • Enlarged nipples
Dachshund in Heat

What Happens When a Dachshund Goes in Heat?

My Dachshund puppy, Gretta, was 9 months old when her first heat began.  Here’s what I observed.

Day 1: Swollen vulva and some red spotting on her dog blankets and dog bed.

Day 2: More red drips on the floor and her dog bedding. Gretta also did a lot more self cleaning.

[see spotting pictures below]

Days 3-10: Gretta’s flow started.  It wasn’t a lot, but it was constant.  I used female doggie diapers to help out with the mess.  More details on those below.

Days 11-20: Vulva still swollen, noticeably larger nipples, no spotting or flow.

Day 21: Back to normal.

Dachshund in Heat
Dachshund in Heat

3 Things to Do When Your Dachshund is in Heat

#1 Guard Them From Other Dogs

While your female Dachshund is in heat, keep her away from public dog parks and other dogs that are intact (not neutered).  

Your doxie has literally become a “magnet” to other male dogs, stay away and keep them safe.

Dachshund in Heat

#2 Contain The Mess

Keep your Dachshund in an easy-to-clean, gated area.  A puppy playpen works perfectly!

Since there is a little more mess during your Dachshund’s heat, throw some puppy pads down to help out too.

Here are some nice puppy pad choices:

Dachshund in Heat

#3: Dachshund Heat Diaper

I grabbed some super cute female dog diapers for Gretta’s special occasion. 

While using dog diapers, it’s important to keep your doxie clean and allow for self-cleaning (non-doggie diaper time) each day.

Inside the Dachshund heat diaper, I used one half of a women’s ultra-thin pad so I could constantly change it out and keep my puppy clean.

I do work from home, so I’m able to let my dogs outside throughout the day.

Every time Gretta went outside for potty time (every couple of hours) I changed out the ultra thin pad in the doggie diaper. 

As I got more used to this daily routine, I prepared all doggie diapers (they come in a pack of three) the night before with the precut pads all ready to go.

Self-Cleaning Time

Always allow for self-cleaning time each day to prevent infection.

Gretta was free to self-clean in the evening, all night long and in the morning.  I would only put the diaper on in the afternoon and I change out the diaper’s disposable pad every time she went outside to go potty.

Dachshund in Heat

If you work outside the home:

Don’t leave the doggie diaper on your doxie while you are away!

Have your pup just hang out in their gated area with some puppy pads and clean dog blankets. 

Only use the diaper if you can change the pad several times throughout the day. If a dog diaper just won’t work for you, that’s ok. 

Keeping your Dachshund in an easy-to-clean, gated area and providing plenty of clean dog blankets or towels will work.

Female dogs are prone to TSS if they aren’t kept clean during their heat. Change dog diaper pads often and provide clean blankets.

Providing Care To Your Dachshund In Heat

Lap time: Take some special one-on-one time to just sit with your pup.  Put a heating pad (on low heat) between a dog blanket or towel on your lap for some heated rest.

Patience: If your pup is acting more irritable or tired, be extra patient. Your poor pup isn’t feeling well. Give some extra love and treats during this time.


Gretta’s heat lasted for about 3 weeks before everything went back to normal.  Overall, it wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be. She did awesome!

Tell us about your Dachshund’s Heat Experience in the comments below.

Dachshund in Heat
Dachshund in Heat
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