Reduce Dachshund Shedding

3 Simple Ways to Reduce Dachshund Shedding at Home

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In this post, we’ll delve into the world of Dachshund coat types and their shedding levels. We’ll also provide practical tips on how to significantly reduce Dachshund shedding, along with insights into the actual reasons behind their shedding habits.

Now, let’s tackle a question that’s on the minds of many potential doxie parents: ‘Do Dachshunds shed?’ The answer is yes. No worries though, we have 3 Simple Ways to Reduce Dachshund Shedding at Home.

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How Much Do Dachshunds Shed?

Dachshunds don’t really shed a lot compared to other dog breeds, but it does vary slightly when it comes to the three different coat types: smooth (short), long-haired, and wire-haired. Let’s take a closer look at each type and how much shedding to expect.

Smooth Coat

Shedding level: Low to Moderate
Dachshunds with short, smooth coats have fur that lies close to their bodies and tend to shed less compared to their long-haired and wire-haired counterparts. Dachshunds with smooth coats require the least amount of grooming.

Long-Haired Coat

Shedding level: Moderate
Do long haired Dachshunds shed? Yes, but not excessively. Long-haired Dachshunds have a double coat, so they do shed a bit more than the smooth coat doxies. Their longer hair does require more grooming maintenance to prevent tangles.

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Wire-Haired Coat

Shedding level: Moderate
Similar to the long-haired Dachshunds, wire-haired coats also experience moderate shedding. They are less prone to tangling, but still have some special grooming requirements.

How to Reduce Dachshund Shedding

Overall, Dachshunds, are considered moderate shedders throughout the year. They do tend to shed more frequently during seasonal changes. 

Note: There are a few more reasons why doxies shed, read more on that below.

Luckily, the amount of hair a Dachshund sheds can be easily minimized with the following simple strategies.

1. Brushing:

Regularly brushing your doxie not only helps remove loose fur, but it also promotes a healthy coat and balance of oils on the skin.

  • Smooth Coat Brushing Frequency: Brush your smooth coat doxies at least once per week with a soft dog bristle brush.

  • Long-Haired Coat Brushing Frequency: Run a soft dog bristle brush through their silky fur every other day and once a week with a dog slicker brush to reduce shedding and prevent tangles.

  • Wire-Haired Coat Brushing Frequency: Use a soft dog bristle brush once per week to keep shedding to a minimum and more often as the temperature changes for seasonal Dachshund shedding. The wire-haired Dachshund coat will also need to be hand stripped two times per year.

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2. Proper Bathing:

You only need to bath your Dachshund every couple of months or as needed – like when they roll in something stinky.

Washing your doxie too frequently can cause an imbalance of natural oils in the skin, which leads to irritation and more shedding.

Dachshund Grooming Tip #1: Brushing your Dachshund before their bath and after they are completely dried off can help remove excess Dachshund hair.  Use a microfiber absorber dog towel to help dry them completely.

Dachshund Grooming Tip #2: Use Conditioner! Dog conditioner balances the moisture in the skin and coat. It helps seal the hair cuticle, which promotes the shine and health of the coat.

After shampooing your doxie, add dog conditioner and let it sit for a couple of minutes. Then, gently comb through the hair and thoroughly rinse 3-4 times to remove all of the product. This method can drastically help reduce Dachshund shedding.

Our favorite Dog Shampoo and Conditioner combo is called Earthbath.  Note: they are concentrated formulas, so you won’t need to use a lot of product and will need a few extra rinses before drying.




Dachshund Grooming Guides for Different Coats


3. Quality Diet and Hydration

Diet: A high quality, balanced dog food diet can impact your Dachshund’s coat health and amount of shedding.

Supplements: Adding Omega 3’s (from Salmon Oil) to your doxie’s diet can help reduce shedding and contribute to healthy skin. Ask your vet for supplement recommendations.

Hydration: If your Dachshund isn’t drinking enough water, their dehydrated skin can make shedding worse. Here’s what I do: At mealtime, I sprinkle some water on top of my Dachshund’s dog food.  The moister from the added water is absorbed by the kibble, making it easier for them to stay hydrated.

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Why Do Dachshunds Shed?

Here are a few known triggers that will increase the amount of Dachshund shedding.

  • Sunlight
  • Temperature Changes
  • Improper Nutrition
  • Food Allergies
  • Stress
  • Lack of Brushing
  • Dry Skin
  • Parasites
  • Illness or Infections


Keep in mind, every dog is different. Dachshund shedding can be influenced by factors like genetics, diet, and overall health.

Dachshund Friends: How do you go about reducing your Dachshund’s shedding? Share your wisdom with us below.

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