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How To Safely Give a Dachshund a Bath

Updated 04/25/2024 by Ava Jaine

Oh No! *sniff sniff* – You know the smell. Your Dachshund has just rolled in the most foul-smelling deer poo perfume, just for you. It’s Bath time!

Whether you are a new puppy parent or an experienced Dachshund lover looking for a refresher, it’s important to know How to Safely Give a Dachshund A Bath.  

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Doxie Bath Supplies:

Here’s what you will need to make bath time a whole lot easier.

Cute Dachshund puppies sitting in a pink bathtub

How Often Should You Give Your Dachshund A Bath?

Avoid bathing your Dachshund too frequently.  Your Dachshund doesn’t need a bath more than once a month or even once every couple of months.  The exception is if they roll in something super stinky that needs to be washed off pronto.

Washing your Dachshund too frequently can lead to major itchy skin issues.   Shampoo and water dries out your doxie’s natural coat oils and changes the pH level of their skin.

mini dachshund in a bathtub getting a bath

What Is The Best Way To Give Your Dachshund A Bath?

Bathtub or Sink? Many folks prefer to give their Dachshund a bath in the kitchen sink for easier access to their dog and bath supplies. With my Dachshund, Reno, a sink bath was possible. He was very calm and didn’t mind having a bath in the sink.

On the other hand, my Dachshund, Eko (above pic), is full of wiggles and doesn’t like to have a bath. Eko didn’t want to stay in the sink so he kept trying to escape. Jumping out of a kitchen sink is way too dangerous for little doxies, so I now wash Eko in the bathtub.

I can’t say washing a short Dachshund in a deep tub is the most comfortable thing to do, but it keeps my doxie safe.

Safety Tip: Bathe your Dachshund in the bathtub instead of the sink to avoid injury. An elevated dog bathtub with a tether is an alternative option.

Bathtime Prep:

Before you put your Dachshund in the bath, do the following steps first.

  • Set out all of your dog bath supplies ahead of time
  • Gate off the room where you are washing your long dog
  • Lay out a large beach towel on the ground

Safety Tip: Don’t leave your doxie unattended during the bath. Stay with your pup the whole time.

Bathing Your Dachshund: Step-By-Step

Dachshunds need to have a positive and safe experience during bathtime in order for things to go smoothly. Follow these steps to ensure your doxie’s bathtime will be a great one.

Long Haired Dachshunds: Brush or comb through your doxie’s hair before the bath to remove any tangles.


Fill the bathtub or sink with a couple inches of lukewarm water. Just enough to cover your doxie’s paws is deep enough.

wet mini dachshund in a bathtub

Face Wash:

Start washing your Dachshund’s face first. Add some bath water and a tiny bit of dog shampoo to a soft washcloth and gently clean around your Dachshund’s head, nose, ears, and neck.

Avoid Your Dachshund’s Eyes!

Rinse off the washcloth with clean water and wipe your doxie’s face again. Never pore water on their head, just wipe the soap off with a rinsed cloth.

Positive Reinforcement: Give your pup a small treat and praise them with “Good.”

Don’t use human shampoo. Dog Shampoo is specially formulated for your dog’s fur and skin.

washing dachshund's face in the bathtub

Body Rinse:

Next, rinse your Dachshund’s body by pouring some bath water down their back and under their belly using a rinse cup and your hands. If this gets too tedious, spoil yourself with this awesome pet wand shower sprayer instead!

Rinsing Dachshund with clean water in the bathtub

Body Wash:

Add some dog shampoo to your dog bath brush and gently wash around your doxie’s neck and back. Dog bath brushes do an excellent job of cleaning off dead skin cells and dirt. If you don’t have a bath brush, you can just use your fingers to lather up your pup.

Be extra sensitive around your Dachshund’s belly and arm pits. I like to use a soft washcloth for those areas.

Make sure to wash them everywhere: belly, chest, legs, paws, under the neck, tail, and under the tail too (save that for last).

Dog Shampoo: I’m using the Burt’s Bees puppy shampoo in the video above for Eko’s bath. I also really like the Earthbath Oatmeal Dog Shampoo. It smells amazing!

Using dog shampoo on your dachshund

Body Rinse:

Pull the plug and empty out the dirty dog water. Rinse off all the shampoo from your doxie with clean water from the faucet (lukewarm temperature). Use the rinse cup and your hands with this step to squeegee the shampoo off of your pup’s fur.

Positive Reinforcement: Give your pup a small treat and praise them with “Good.”

Long Haired Dachshunds: Apply dog conditioner to your doxie’s luscious mane. Then, rinse them off thoroughly.

Rinsing off dachshund in the bathtub

Safety Tip: Do two full rinses to get all of the shampoo off the back and belly. Any shampoo left behind can cause an itchy rash or skin irritation, so rinse them really well.

Dry Them Off:

Face First: With a soft towel, dry off your Dachshund’s face, ears, and neck first. Use a couple of soft tissues or cotton balls to gently dry out the inside of their ears if they are wet.

Body: Here comes the fun part! Most Dachshunds will get the crazy zoomies when they are released from their bath. It’s hilarious to watch. As your Dachshund skootches on the grounded beach towel, use your other towel to help dry off their back and sides.

Super Wet Wiener Dog?  The Shammy Dog Towel absorbs 5x more water than other towels.

Using a towel to dry off dachshund after bath

Safety Tip:  “Pick Up Both Halves Of The Dachshund.”  When lifting your doxie out of the tub, make sure to fully support their back end and their chest at the same time.

Brush Loose Hair:

Optional: Rinse and dry off your rubber dog bath brush. Gently brush through your doxie’s coat after their bath. This helps to remove any loose hair and makes them look so shiny!

Positive Reinforcement: Give your pup a small treat and praise them with “Good.”

Take Cover:

Before you let your doxie loose, place some dry clean towels on their favorite chair, couch, and bed so they can continue to wiggle around and dry themselves off. This will help reduce the wet dog smell on your furniture.

Give dachshund a treat after taking a bath

Does Your Dachshund Hate Baths?

If your doxie isn’t a bathtime fan, these tips can help:

  • Tire Them Out: Take your Dachshund for a walk or have a brief playtime session before the bath. Exercise will help your doxie be a little less feisty when it comes to bathtime.


  • Get Help: Having an extra pair of hands will help your dog’s bathtime steps go quicker, which your dog will appreciate.


  • Tub Treat: Throw some peanut butter on this Tub Treat Licky Mat, pop it in the freezer the night before the bath for an extra special treat your Dachshund will love.  Pair the treat with plenty of verbal praise “Good” after each bathtime step.


  • Dog Groomer: If you are struggling to give your Dachshund a bath, try a professional dog groomer.

Safety Tip: Do your research before choosing a Dog Groomer. Not all dog groomers or dog grooming places are safe. I have heard horror stories of innocent dogs being left in the dryer too long. Terrible! It’s crucial that you watch out for your fur-baby.

Safety Tip Review:

How To Safely Give A Dachshund A Bath

1. Bathe your Dachshund in the bathtub instead of the sink to avoid injury.

2. Always stay with your Dachshund during bathtime.

3. Rinse all of the dog shampoo off to prevent skin irritation.

4. Support Your Dachshund’s Back when lifting.

5. Always do your research before taking your doxie to a groomer.

How Do You Give Your Dachshund A Bath? Let Us Know Below.

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