dachshund puppy teething

Dachshund Puppy Teething

Last Updated on July 18, 2020 by Ava Jaine

Puppy Teething! This can be a tough stage for our little dachshund pups because their mouths can be very sore and they NEED to chew, chew, and chew some more to relieve the pain.

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At What Age Do Dachshunds Lose Their Baby Teeth?

Dachshund Puppies can start losing their baby teeth around 12-14 weeks of age.  These little pin sharp shark teeth are finally on their way out, Hooray!  But, now what?  Well, during this stage, puppies need our help to relieve their sensitive gums and teeth.

Which Teeth Do Puppies Lose First?

Usually, the first puppy teeth to fall out are called the Incisors.  These are the tiny teeth at the front of the mouth. Then, around 16 weeks old, the puppy will lose their canine teeth, which are those sharp “Vampire Fang” teeth.

dachshund puppy teething

Puppy Teething Symptoms: How can I tell if my Puppy is Teething?


  • Extreme Chewing

  • Drooling

  • Pawing or Rubbing their mouth

  • Blood spots on chewed item

  • Loss of Appetite

Do Puppy’s Teeth Hurt when they are Teething?

Yes, for some dachshund puppies, losing these 28 little baby teeth can cause teething pain. To help reduce this pain, puppies need lots of things to chew.  Some puppies may eat less food than they usually do because of the discomfort of losing their teeth.

Be on the lookout for dangerous items in the house that the puppy may try to chew: electrical cords, toys, and furniture.  Anything they can get their little teeth on, they will chew.

Keep your puppy in a safe gated play area, just like during potty training.  This will help protect your personal and household items from the chewy monster.

dachshund puppy teething

What are Retained Baby Teeth?

Watch out for Retained puppy baby teeth!  A Retained baby tooth occurs when an adult dog tooth doesn’t push the baby tooth out of a puppy’s gums. The adult tooth will then grow in next to the puppy’s baby tooth.

Retained baby teeth can rot and cause a nasty tooth abscess. Visit your veterinarian as soon as possible if you believe your puppy has any problems with their teeth, they may need to be removed.

During the puppy teething stage, take a look inside your puppy’s mouth every day.  Gently Rub your fingers along the gums for a few seconds to get them used to being touched in the mouth. This will help them get ready for brushing their teeth and mouth exams by their vet.

dachshund puppy teething

Do Puppies Get Aggressive When Teething?

Yes, Puppies can become aggressive during the puppy teething phase.  The puppy is working through this uncomfortable phase the best he can.  Your puppy needs to still abide by the house rules, but have some patience and give your puppy some space during this time.  It hurts to get new teeth!

Do Puppies Swallow their Baby Teeth?

Yep, Sometimes your little pup will be chewing their favorite toy or food and accidentally swallow a baby tooth.  You may find little puppy teeth on the floor or in their food bowl as well.

dachshund puppy teething

How Long Does Teething Last in Puppies?

The Puppy Teething Stage is usually complete around 5-6 months of age.  But, wait, the next stage of chewing is called the development phase and that usually begins around 7-8 months old.  This phase can last up to 2 years, yikes!

Did you know that there are actually 5 stages to Puppy Teething, according to Particularpaws.com.

Should I Soften My Puppy’s Food?

If your puppy is having a hard time crunching through their dry puppy food, you can moisten your dog’s food with a little water for 5-10 minutes to see if that helps.

Another option would be to mix his regular dry puppy food with some moist canned food.  But, make sure to start this dog food change gradually to avoid an upset tummy.

dachshund puppy teething

Helpful Tips for Easing Puppy Teething Pain:

What Helps a Teething Puppy? Here are a few tips to help make the puppy teething phase a little easier for you and your dachshund puppy.

  1. Keep LOTS of Chew toys around.
  2. Frozen Snacks.
  3. Use a House Lead for Unwanted Chewing.

Cold Snacks:

Cold carrots for your Puppy

Try giving your puppy a large chilled carrot (not baby carrots) to chew on.  Carrots are full of vitamins and can also soothe your sore puppy’s mouth during the teething phase.  Always supervise your puppy while he is chewing on the carrot and don’t give him too much, this may give your pup a tummy issue.

Frozen Treats to Relieve Teething Pain

Try making some DIY Frozen puppy treats (from rover.com).

Freezing chicken broth in this adorable frozen dog treat trays on Amazon is so much fun!  My mini dachshund puppy, Eko Loves these treats the best!

Frozen Washcloth:

My puppy’s vet recommends tying an old washcloth into a couple of knots, wetting it, and putting it in the freezer overnight.  This creates an easy to chew cool treat for your pup. Always supervise your pup while he chews on it, don’t let him eat it.

dachshund puppy teething

Use a House Lead for Unwanted Chewing:

During the later stages of Potty Training, it is often recommended to have your puppy on a “House Lead” when roaming around your home.  You can have your pup use just a regular leash and it can be attached to your pants belt loop or free to drag behind them.  The house lead is a great idea because your puppy can get into some real trouble, real fast.

You can use the house lead technique during puppy teething as well.  When your puppy starts to chew the furniture or any personal household belongings, it helps to have that leash to redirect them to a toy that they are allowed to chew.

Eko tended to continue to chew my couch corners and sliding glass door, so I ended up getting some bitter no chew spray (on Amazon), and that worked!  No more chewing my stuff little log dog!

Don’t worry, Dachsund Puppy Teething won’t last forever.  It can be a difficult stage to go through, especially when potty training your puppy at the same time. Try to remain patient and know that these little pin teeth will eventually be replaced by some big dog teeth and the excessive chewing will reduce to a more reasonable pace.

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