Best Time to Spay Your Dachshund

Here’s the Best Time to Spay Your Dachshund

Updated 03/25/2024 by Ava Jaine

If you plan to have your female Dachshund spayed, it is recommended to wait until they reach a certain growth stage to prevent future health risks and developmental issues.

Here’s the Best Time to Spay Your Dachshund and why you should wait to spay your Dachshund.

Best Time to Spay Your Dachshund

When Should a Dachshund Be Spayed?

The best age to spay a Dachshund is actually going to depend on when she has her first heat. It is recommended to get your female Dachshund spayed a couple of weeks after her first heat is done and before the second heat occurs.

A female Dachshund can have their first heat anytime between 6-14 months old.

My mini Dachshund, Gretta, experienced her first heat cycle at 9 months old.  We had her spayed when she was 12 months old.


Fact: “Dogs that were neutered — castrated or spayed under a year of age — developed joint disorders that were four times more prevalent than dogs that weren’t neutered under a year of age.” –Dr. Mike Hutchinson, of Animal General Hospital

Why You Should Wait to Spay Your Dachshund

The following issues have been associated with spaying a Dachshund too early: Developmental Issues, Higher Risk of IVDD, Hip Dysplasia, Prone to Disease, and Separation Anxiety Issues.

Developmental Issues

Bone growth abnormalities have been found in doxies that were spayed at an early age.  Experts have noticed that Dachshunds have much taller legs if they are fixed before going through their first heat.

Removing a Dachshund puppy’s hormones before they are fully developed keeps their bone growth plates open longer than usual.  This causes the leg bones to grow longer than they should.

This extra bone growth not only causes a Dachshund to be taller but can also lead to ligament tears and joint disease.

Higher Risk Of IVDD

25% of all Dachshunds are unfortunately cursed with the spinal disease called IVDD. 

Bone growth abnormalities, like extra long legs, were found in Dachshunds who were desexed before their first heat, putting them at a much higher risk for IVDD.

Best Time to Spay Your Dachshund

Hip Dysplasia

Dachshunds that were spayed too early are more likely to develop hip dysplasia.  This is due to the removal of a puppy’s hormone-producing organs, which leads to underdeveloped hip joints.

When a Dachshund’s hip joint isn’t properly developed, their hips are more likely to dislocate, causing a limp or a wobble when they walk. 

Over time, this can develop into painful arthritis and lameness in your doxie.

Prone To Disease

Dachshunds who are spayed too soon have a higher rate of infection, disease, and are prone to certain types of cancers.

Many dog shelters and rescues have even noticed the increase of the deadly parvovirus with shelter puppies who were fixed at an early age.


Hypothyroidism: The Dachshund dog breed is already extra prone to hypothyroidism, but their chances are even higher if they are fixed too early.

Hypothyroidism is known to cause obesity, hair loss, itchy/dry skin, and high cholesterol.

Heart Tumors:  Tumors on the heart were found more often in female dogs who were fixed too early versus dogs that were intact.  This is known as Hemangiosarcoma (HAS).

Cancer Risks: Many dogs that are spayed too early were diagnosed with cancer at a much younger age than dogs who weren’t.


Separation Anxiety

Dachshunds who were desexed too early as pups have an increased chance of severe Separation Anxiety Issues.

Best Time to Spay Your Dachshund

Waiting to get your Dachshund spayed after their first heat will reduce the risk of development issues and health risks. 

Disclaimer: The information above is from my own experience with my Dachshund’s vet.  I understand that other veterinarians will have other opinions and methods.  Please consult your own vet for more information.  Please understand that getting your Dachshund spayed at the correct age/time does not mean it will make them Disease Free or IVDD Free.

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