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7 Risks of Adopting Two Dachshund Puppies at the Same Time

Updated 03/04/2024 by Ava Jaine

Imagine seeing a whole bunch of adorable dachshund puppies – it’s hard not to feel that rush of utter joy at the thought of having double the cuteness at home.  But wait! Having multiple Dachshund puppies is feasible, but it comes with serious risks that you might not even know about.  I certainly didn’t!

Read on to Discover 7 Risks of Adopting Two Dachshund Puppies at the Same Time.


I Was Ready for a New Puppy or Two

About a year had passed since my sweet mini Dachshund, Reno crossed the rainbow bridge, and I felt ready to welcome a new dachshund puppy into my life.  Scrolling through the Dachshund rescue websites, surrounded by countless adorable doxies, I thought…why not adopt two?  I have experience with multiple dogs, I could handle it.

Ever since my husband and I got married, we’ve always had a small pack 2-3 dogs around our home. They were our family, and when they were gone, the house felt painfully empty.

I applied to a Dachshund rescue hoping to bring home a pair of doxie twins only to discover that they didn’t allow double adoptions due to something called ‘littermate syndrome.’

This was a totally new concept to me, and diving into it revealed the real challenges of raising two Dachshund puppies, close in age, at the same time.

Two mini dachshunds looking out a window together

What is Littermate Syndrome?

Littermate syndrome is when two dogs, of the same age, develop behavioral issues when raised together as puppies. The puppies can be from the same litter or around the same age from a different litter.

Here’s what happens: the puppies get super attached and form a close bond with each other instead of their owner, You!  That makes training them way tougher than it needs to be.

It literally becomes a competition for their attention. And let’s talk puppy potty training! Dachshunds can be a bit more challenging in that department. Imagine doubling that fun with two doxie pups with no listening skills.

Quote from a fellow Dachshund Mom: “Raising two puppies is more than twice the work of raising one puppy.”

Same Gender? Watch out! If the Dachshund puppies are both the same gender, that could set them up for some serious rivalry and vicious fights once those hormones kick in down the road. Read more on same gender aggression in dogs.

Two cute dachshund puppies.

7 Risks of Adopting Two Dachshund Puppies at the Same Time

Dachshund lovers, the idea of raising more than one Dachshund puppy may feel natural, yet to hear from so many other Dachshund parents that have attempted it, truly regret it.

Let me tell you, I’m all about having a house full of Dachshunds.  They thrive in a pack, just like I do. 

But each little long dog needs their own time and individual training, especially during their first full year, without a sibling of the same age present.

Raising two Dachshund puppies is a ton of hard work, even for the most patient Dachshund lovers out there. Here’s why:

Woman holding two red dachshund puppies in her arms
  • 1. Wild Behavior: Taking care of one pup already feels like a fulltime job. Handling two can seem next to impossible, especially for Dachshund moms and dads who struggle with extra time and patience.

    People often find that having two puppies together amps up the chaos – Big Time! They’re all over the place and don’t listen to any commands.

    Puppy energy is expected, but wrangling the wildness of two Dachshund puppies is a whole different ball game.

  • 2. Broken Bond: Puppies tend to stick together like glue, making it really tough to build a solid bond with their humans.

    Dogs, with their pack mentality, have an intense drive we cannot fully understand. When they buddy up with a sibling, all the attention and respect that should come your way as the owner is lost.

    They won’t seek your guidance, which makes bonding a real challenge.

  • 3. Training Hurdles: When your puppy is inseparable from their sibling, getting them potty-trained and teaching commands feels like an uphill battle.

    Dachshunds are naturally a bit stubborn, but add in a twin doxie pup, and it’s like their ears are on silent mode.

    It usually takes 6-9 months to get one Dachshund fully potty trained with your undivided attention.

    Their built-in super senses make focusing on potty time outside a real obstacle. They easily become fixated on every sight, sound, and scent around them.

    Adding in a fun little furry friend to distract them may make training near impossible.

multiple Dachshund puppies
  • 4. Aggressive Competition: The presence of multiple little long dogs can trigger a strong ‘pack drive,’ stirring up power struggles not just among the dogs but also human family members.

    It’s like a little hierarchy drama among our doxie friends. Sibling rivalry can escalate into vicious dog fights, especially for pups raised together under the same roof.

    Keep this in mind, Dachshunds are deeply connected to their natural hunting instincts, so they have the urge to throw down over protecting themselves, a beloved toy, food, or fighting to claim the top alpha spot within the family den.

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  • 5. Separation Anxiety: Dachshund puppies tend to lean hard on each other for emotional support, which makes them super clingy and insecure when apart.

    This can trigger anxious habits like non-stop whimpering, pacing, or getting into trouble with destructive behaviors.

  • 6. Double the Expenses: Oh my goodness, the vet bills! My doxie’s yearly checkup – bloodwork, one vaccine, and a stool check – was a whopping $350 this year… and that’s for a healthy Dachshund.

    Vet bills are through the roof for every little thing. And that’s just the start! High quality dog food, bedding, and plenty of puppy toys – it all adds up fast, especially when doubling the pups.

  • 7. Socializing Difficulties: When two Dachshund puppies are glued to each other, branching out to mingle with other furry friends or humans becomes very difficult. That tight sibling bond can sometimes put a lid on their puppy social skills outside their little duo.

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But Wait!

Now, if you already have two pups or are planning on getting two Dachshund puppies, don’t panic, we have some expert advice on How to Avoid Dachshund Puppy Littermate Syndrome in your home before it becomes too much to handle.

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