Ways To Protect Your Dachshund in Cold Weather

5 Simple Ways to Protect Your Dachshund in Cold Weather

Updated 04/25/2024 by Ava Jaine
Dachshunds don’t like to be cold or wet! This can make it quite challenging for you and your doxie during the winter season.
It is important to learn some ways to protect your Dachshund in cold weather and help them stay comfortable this season.

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Winter Hazards for your Dachshund

Hypothermia: Occurs when your dog’s body loses heat faster than it can produce.  This can cause a severely low body temperature, due to cold exposure.

Symptoms include strong shivering, sleepiness, acting weak, cold fur, decreased heart rate, dilated pupils, pale or blue-colored gums, and breathing issues.

Person holding a Dachshund on a snowy day

Frostbite: Your Dachshund’s paws, legs, and ears are the most vulnerable body parts for frostbite. Frostbite occurs when the tissue below the skin freezes.

Ice Melt Chemicals: Beware of rock salt and ice melt on the sidewalks and driveways when you take your Dachshund for a walk.  These chemicals can cause nasty cracking, dryness, and chemical burn on your pup’s paws if not cleaned off or protected properly.

If your Dachshund licks the rock salt or ice melt on the bottom of their feet, it could cause mouth sores and GI issues.  If your dog consumes any rock salt or ice melt, take them to the vet ASAP, this is toxic to dogs.

Is It Safe To Walk Dogs In the Snow?

It is OK to play outside and walk your Dachshund dog in the ‘shallow snow’, as long as they are wrapped up in a warm, water-proof dog coat and aren’t standing in the snow for too long.

Don’t let your doxie hang out in the snow for more than 15 minutes at a time to prevent painful splitting paw pads and frostbite.

cute dachshund wearing a winter sweater playing in the snow

Ways To Protect Your Dachshund in Cold Weather

Dachshunds have less body insulation than other dog breeds, so they need some extra protection to stay warm.

Dachshund Coats

Whether your Dachshund is a short-hair, long-hair, or wire-hair, their fur is pretty thin, so they do get cold easily.

As your doxie gets older, it becomes even harder to regulate their body temperature.

To help keep your Dachshund warm this winter, I recommend getting a couple of coats or sweaters to keep them warm and dry when going outside for walks and potty time.

Best Winter Coat For Dachshunds:

The DJANGO Puffer Coat is my #1 choice for my own Dachshunds, Gretta and Eko (pictured below).

This puffer coat covers the full length of your Dachshund’s extra-long back and is weather-resistant. It also has extra large arm holes for your doxie’s maximum flexibility.

All Dachshunds enjoy being warm and cozy.  This coat will help them tolerate the winter snow much easier.

dachshund wearing a puffer coat on a cold day

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Wipe Off

After your chilly walks outside, gently wipe off your dog’s paws, belly, and legs with a damp cloth or dog grooming wipes. This helps to to prevent irritation from any salt or ice melt chemicals on the sidewalks.

Also remove any ice balls stuck between their toes or fur.

Dog Booties

If you don’t have the time to wash and wipe off your doxie’s feet every time they go outside, consider some dog booties.

Winter Dog Boots help protect your pup’s paws from ice melt, salt, and snow.  They even keep your dog’s paws nice and toasty while outside.

Paw Protection

If your Dachshund can’t tolerate a dog paw bootie, try some paw balm instead.  I use PawTection Dog Paw Balm on both of my Dachshunds.  They don’t mind it when I apply the balm to their paw pads right before their daily walk.

Paw Wax protects your doxie’s paws from toxic salt and ice melt used on the sidewalks during the winter season.  It contains vitamin E to help keep your pup’s paws moisturized and even helps heal paw pad wounds.


Limit Outside Time

Dogs can get frostbite or hypothermia when cold weather temperatures go below 40°F.  When you take your doxie for their walk, make sure to always dress them in a warm winter coat, protect their paws, and keep your walks brief, 10-15 minutes max. 

If it is just too cold outside, stay home.

Here are some fun indoor games that you can play with your dog when you are stuck inside.

Bonus Tips

  • Keep your home humidified.  Dry heat can cause dry, itchy skin on your doxie.
  • Avoid giving your pup a bath in winter. Bathing too often can strip away your Dachshund’s natural oils, causing itchy, dry skin and paws.
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