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Cute Dachshund Halloween Costumes

Dachshund Halloween Costumes It's almost Halloween and your Dachshund needs a new costume.  A unique Halloween costume that is easy to walk in [...]

Cute Dachshund Halloween Costumes2021-12-03T12:45:08-05:00

Best Harnesses For Dachshunds

Best Dog Harnesses For Dachshunds The Dachshund dog breed is well known for it's extra long back, short legs, and big chest.  It [...]

Best Harnesses For Dachshunds2022-03-17T10:34:02-04:00

Top 8 Dachshund Coats | A Perfect Fit!

Top Dachshund Coats Finding your Dachshund a warm coat that actually fits can be like looking for a needle in a haystack.  Doxies [...]

Top 8 Dachshund Coats | A Perfect Fit!2022-01-11T10:24:05-05:00
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