Dachshund Halloween Costumes

Dachshund Halloween Costumes

Last Updated on August 31, 2020 by Ava Jaine

Yay, It’s Fall!  I love this time of year, don’t you?  Apple Festivals, Pumpkin Farms, and Halloween, oh my! But, the most fun thing of all is picking out a cute dog costume for your Dachshund.  It helps to pick out a costume that is adorable, but also easy for your dog to walk in.  We will be looking at Dachshund Halloween Costumes, All Under $25!  Pretty Reasonable, Right?

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We also have a Fun Dog Halloween Game and some important Halloween Safety Tips for your Dog towards the bottom of the post.

Here is Eko’s Halloween Costume.  We Found his dog costume at Target.  Here is a similar one on Amazon: Rainbow Small Dog CostumeHe is our little Rainbow Puppy.

Dachshund Halloween Costumes

Top 10 Favorite Halloween Costumes For Dachshunds:

  • 1. Witch Dog Costume

Reno, my miniature dachshund, in a witch’s hat and jester collar.  This costume was pretty easy to put on my dog.  He didn’t mind sitting for a cute picture either.  Your doxie will love this witch outfit while enjoying the halloween party.  I found a similar costume on Amazon for you to check out.

Dachshund Halloween Costumes
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  • 2. King’s Crown and Robe Dog Costume

Reno sat on his “Throne” for this King’s Dog Costume.  Amazon has a crown and royal shirt available, very similar design.  Bastian is wearing his Jester Dog Costume which is made with stretchy elastic to fit around the dog’s collar.

Dachshund Halloween Costumes
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  • 3. Shark Dog Costume

As you can tell from the picture, Reno was Not thrilled about this Dog Shark Costume.  I thought it was simply adorable.  He actually refused to move while wearing it.  I found a more comfortable looking shark costume for dogs on Amazon.

Dachshund Halloween Costumes
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There are plenty of Dog Fall Festivals and Activities for you and your dog to enjoy together this year. Look up your local Oktoberfest.  These fun events usually have dog costume contests and doggie parades which gives you a fun opportunity to show off your cute dachshund all dressed up for the occasion.

  • 4. Spider Dog Costume

The spider dog costume is made up of a fur head piece with googly eyes and a body piece with attached legs and fuzzy abdomen.

Dachshund Halloween Costumes spider
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  • 5. Salt and Pepper Dog Costume

These Salt and Pepper dog costumes are so Cute for multiple doxies!

Dachshund Halloween Costumes salt and pepper
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  • 6. Prisoner Dog Costume

Orange prisoner dog costume for Halloween.

Dachshund Halloween Costumes prisoner
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  • 7. Skunk Dog Costume

This skunk dog costume is perfect for your little stinker.

Dachshund Halloween Costumes skunk
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  • 8. Dachshund Hot Dog Costume

Of course, there is the traditional hot dog costume for your dachshund.

dachshund hot dog costume
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  • 9.  Giraffe Dog Costume


Look at this adorable Giraffe Dog Costume.  Hand knit Zoo Snoods are cute and help protect your dog’s head and ears from the cold.

Dachshund Halloween Costumes Giraffe
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  • 10.  Maid Dog Costume


Doxies love to make messes, don’t they?  Dress them up in this little maid dog costume.  They may help clean up…

Dachshund Halloween Costumes Maid
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What Is Your Dog’s Halloween Name Game:

Fall Festival for Dachshund

Put Your Dog’s Halloween Name Answer in the Comments Below!

Halloween Safety Tips for Your Dog

  • ID Your Dog:

    Whether your dog is dressed up in a Halloween costume or not, make sure your dog has his ID tag on his collar or has a microchip. If your dog gets spooked by kids in their costumes, he may run away.  At least he can be easily identified.

    Keep your dog secured or away from the door when you are giving out candy to little trick or treaters.

    Don’t leave your dog outside in the yard on Halloween.  Some trick or treaters could tease or injure your dog on Halloween night.

  • Toxic Halloween Candy and Food:


    Dogs will easily sniff out pieces of candy if they are within reach.  They will eat it wrapper and all!  Halloween candy is toxic for your dog.  If your dog gets a hold of any Halloween candy, here are some Symptoms of chocolate poisoning: vomiting, diarrhea, rapid breathing, increased heart rate, and seizures.  Take your pup to the vet immediately if they consume any Halloween treats.

    Raw Pumpkins and Corn:

    If your dog eats uncooked or moldy Halloween pumpkins or corn, they can get very sick.  Small amounts of pumpkin puree is safe for dogs, but stay away from the raw pumpkins.

    Purchase or make some special Halloween Dog Treats so your dog can enjoy some goodies of their own.

  • Halloween Decorations:

    Halloween decorations can be hazardous to your dog.  Keep electrical cords, cobwebs, and hanging décor up high enough and secured so your dog can’t reach them.  Your dog could chew on those “fun looking” cords and get electrocuted.

    Glow Sticks:

    Keep glow sticks away from dogs.  Luckily, most glow stick liquid is non-toxic, but can still make your dog very sick.

  • Unfamiliar Faces in Costume:

    Halloween costumes make familiar people look very different to your dog.  Be aware that your new spooky look may frighten them!

    When we had a Halloween party, my dog, Bastian, didn’t recognize us and went right into a seizure.  I felt horrible!  We now keep him in a secure and quiet area during Halloween events.

Small Orange Pumpkins in a wooden crate

There are plenty of fun Festivals, Activities, and Treats to share with your dog in the Fall.

What costume will your dachshund be wearing for Halloween this year?  Please share in the comments below.