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Ways To Celebrate Your Dachshund’s Birthday

Updated 10/22/2021 by Ava Jaine

Our Dachshunds give us so much love and joy, a fun birthday party is the least we can do to show our appreciation.

Some simple ways to Celebrate Your Dachshund’s Birthday include an adorable photo session, doggie birthday gifts, yummy pupcakes, and some fun dog games too.

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I am a busy mom of 2 wild boys and 2 male doxies. I needed some simple, yet memorable ways to celebrate my dog’s birthday each year.

Many dog mom’s have a huge celebration for their pups all in one day.  I like to split up the dog birthday fun into a couple of days instead. 

That way, I can fit in everything I want to do for my dog without any rushing.

Who’s Invited?

Do you have a social Dachshund dog who loves people and other dogs?  Great!  Make sure to invite your doxie’s favorite people and doggie friends to the party.

On the other hand, if you have a doxie is more fond of their pack at home, you may want to consider having a more private birthday party just with the family.

My Dachshund puppy, Eko, is more of a family-pack doxie, so we kept it simple and sweet in the comfort of our own home.

Dachshund's Birthday

Birthday Photo Shoot


First, decide on your dog birthday props.  I bought a cute dog birthday hat and bow set off of Amazon for the photo shoot. 

I used a white backdrop and some of my son’s leftover birthday balloons for the background in some of the photos and a cute birthday banner against a wall in the others.

Don’t be afraid to get some fun inspiration online.  There are tons of simple or elaborate ways to create your own DIY Birthday backdrop right at home.


I set up the white backdrop and balloons outside to get some really good natural light for the photos.  I used a puppy gate and some poster boards to keep the area enclosed so Eko wouldn’t run off.

I used a Canon 70D DSLR camera for Eko’s puppy photo shoot and followed up with some detailed clean up in Photoshop for the white background photos.  

I used my iphone 12, with natural light turned on, for the birthday banner background pics.

dachshund's birthday


In my opinion, candid dog photos are best.  Eko’s little birthday hat only stayed on for a few seconds and that was because we provided lots of yummy dog treats to keep him happy.

Your pup’s photo session should only take a few minutes max.  Dogs don’t have the patience to sit still for very long.

It helps to have a few extra helping hands during the photo session to keep things running smoothly.

dachshund's birthday

Dog Birthday Poster

You know those adorable milestone birthday posters parents make for their kids? I created a dog birthday poster on Canva.com. You can personalize one of your own to share on Facebook or you can even order a print out to be delivered to your home.

dachshund's birthday

Dog Milestone Sign

Alternatively, you can pick up a really cute dog milestone birthday sign from Amazon.  You can fill this bone-shaped, chalkboard sign out every year for your Dachshund’s Birthday.  This is a perfect idea for some really cute photos.

dachshund's birthday

Dog Birthday Gifts

I ordered Eko’s birthday presents on Amazon. I found the cutest little Cactus dog toy from BarkBox. It has multiple layers for a dog to chew through – which is just perfect for a Dachshund who loves to destroy their toys.

Dachshund's Birthday

It took Eko most of the day to get through all of the layers of the cactus toy, which is a total winner in my book.  He enjoyed every second of it and he wasn’t willing to share (see photo below).

Dachshund's Birthday

For Eko’s 2nd birthday, we bought him Ollie the Octopus from Amazon.  This is adorable Barkbox toy has a head that squeaks and tentacles that make a crackle sound.

Dachshund's Birthday

We also picked up a Dog Suction Cup Toy.  It is a treat dispenser and a tug of war toy that will keep your dog entertained for you.  We love it!  Here is a cute video of a small pup enjoying a similar version of this toy on YouTube.

Dachshund's Birthday

Pick Their Own Present

Another option would be to let you pup pick out their own birthday present at the pet store.

When my older dog, Reno, had a birthday, I would take him to our local pet store to pick out his own birthday toys. I laid out a couple of nice looking ones (that were in my budget) and he would sniff each one until he found his favorite.

On the way out of the store, Reno would hold onto that special new toy in his mouth through check out and on the car ride home. He was so excited, which made me feel good.

Wrapping The Gifts

Some dogs love to shred open their presents and some dogs just don’t get it.  To keep it easy for your pup, cut a small hole in a shoebox or whatever box the gift is in and add thin wrapping paper over the whole box. 

That open space will allow your doxie to push their nose through and grab onto their new toy.

Growing up, my Dachshund Heidi would demolish a wrapped gift – she loved it!  She was a fierce doxie who loved to hunt moles and mice outside.  She had some pretty strong hunting instincts.

Birthday Party Decorations

For the party and the photo shoot background, I picked up a cute a Dog Birthday Party Set (from Amazon).  It was reasonably priced, and super adorable. Just right for Eko!

Birthday Pupcake Recipe

Instead of a large doggie birthday cake, I made some pupcakes instead.  These perfect little doggie cakes were super easy to make and my dogs couldn’t get enough of them.  Eko and his older brother, Bastian, gobbled them up.

Pupcake Recipe:

(credit to Earth Rated)
Recipe Yields 6 Pupcakes

  • Preheat Oven to 350 degrees
  • Coconut oil
  • 1/2 Cup of Flour
  • 1 tsp Baking Soda
  • 1 Large Egg
  • 1/4 cup Apple Sauce
  • 1/4 cup Peanut Butter (no xylitol)

Preheat your oven and grease a cupcake pan with coconut oil.  Mix the ingredients together in large bowl and add the batter to your cupcake pan.

Bake for 10 minutes.

dachshund's birthday

Pupcake Icing Recipe:

Block of Cream Cheese
2 TBSP Honey

Mix together in large bowl. Add Icing to the top of your pupcakes and viola! A birthday treat that is delicious and safe for dogs.

Post You May Like: Gluten free birthday cake recipe from spoonful of sugar free.

dachshund's birthday

Custom Cake Order:

If you don’t have enough time on your hands to whip up a pup cake, you can order a dog friendly cake online from Okra and Molly.

Dog Party Activities

Enjoy Nature

Taking your pup for a nice walk, hike, or a swim would be a fun thing to do with your dog on their special day.

Eko loves to go on nature hikes. That fresh air, lots of places to sniff and mark along the way, it’s a Dachshund’s paradise.  For an extra special treat, we took Eko on a new hiking trail for his birthday.


Dogs love that one-on-one time with you. Get your dog’s favorite ball or frisbee out and spend some quality time playing with your pup.

Hide and Seek

Dachshunds love playing hide and seek.  If the weather outside isn’t favorable, it is the perfect game to play inside to get your doxie running around and having fun.  Check out some more Doggie Birthday Party Game Ideas from The Dog Bakery.

dachshund's birthday

Birthday Party Locations

I chose to have Eko’s puppy birthday party at home to keep it simple and celebrate with our family, but you can certainly take your pup to another location if you want to have a bigger birthday bash.

Fun places to have a dog birthday party:

  • Dog Park
  • Nature Park
  • Dog Beach
  • Doggy Daycare

How Do You Celebrate Your Dachshund’s Birthday?  Let us know below.

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