Keep A Dachshund Happy In A Small Apartment

Ways To Keep A Dachshund Happy In A Small Apartment

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Many people that live in apartments or smaller living spaces enjoy having a furry companion to keep them company.  Owning a dog is great for your health!  They lower stress, improve mental health, prevent loneliness, and help keep you active.

Raising a dachshund in an apartment may have its challenges, but it is possible.  Here are some Ways To Keep A Dachshund Happy In A Small Apartment.

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Keep A Dachshund Happy In A Small Apartment

Are Dachshunds Good Apartment Dogs?

It Depends…Standard and Miniature Dachshunds are a good size for an apartment, but, size isn’t always the ultimate factor.  Noise and the amount of activity your doxie needs matters the most.

Various dog breeds have different temperaments and needs.  Doxies were bred to hunt.  They love to run, play, chew, and bark.  So, they will need to have plenty of exercise and walks to keep them busy, healthy, and happy.


Exercise Often:

The Dachshund Dog Breed isn’t considered a ‘hyper dog’ per say… But, Behavior Problems can develop from an energetic dachshund who doesn’t get enough exercise.  Try to take your dog for a 20 minute walk at least 2 times per day.  Create a daily routine or regular exercise so your dog has something to look forward to.

If you work full time outside your apartment, then walk your pup before and after work.  It is great exercise for you and your dog.  If it is cold and rainy outside, play and exercise with your dog inside.

Living in an apartment may make your dachshund feel cooped up.  This can be frustrating for your dog because he loves to play and run.  Making time for regular exercise daily will help your dog stay mentally and physically healthy.  Find a park or hiking trail to make your walk extra special.

Keep A Dachshund Happy In A Small Apartment

If you believe your dachshund needs some more exercise and potty breaks during the day, consider hiring a dog walker or take your pup to doggy daycare.  Having someone take him for a walk and allow extra potty time will give you peace of mind and help your dog stay more relaxed during the day.  Taking your doxie to a doggie day care will help him not only get tons of exercise but lots of socialization time with other dogs too.



Designate an area for your dachshund that is away from walls, cords, or any wooden corners to prevent destructive chewing.

Playpen: When I leave for the day, my dachshunds stay in a puppy playpen on top of an easy to clean floor.  They enjoy their special space to relax, play, or take a nap.  You can add a couple of chew toys and a blanket to help them feel comfortable and stay entertained.

Using a designated doggie area helps keep them from jumping up and down from high places (to protect their backs from IVDD) and protect my furniture and carpets.  I use this puppy playpen (from Amazon) and I picked up a scrap piece of vinyl flooring from the hardware store for underneath.

Kennels:  If you don’t have enough room for a playpen, you can use a dog kennel. Keep in mind, some doxies will try to escape. Cheaper metal kennels are bendable, so the dachshund’s strong teeth can bend the bars quite easily.

I prefer the “gorilla tough” locking mechanism on the main kennel door…yep, even for a small dachshund.  Depending on the attempted escapes, I also add extra clipping locks or carabiners when my dog would unlock his door.  Keep your expectations high enough to stay one step ahead of your clever dachshund.

Learn more about How to Puppy Proof For A New Dachshund Puppy.

Keep A Dachshund Happy In A Small Apartment

Potty Training:

Potty Training a Dachshund in an upstairs apartment will be very difficult compared to training in a home with a yard.  It will take more work if you have to run outside every hour during their puppy potty training.

This will also be extra difficult on those nasty ‘bad weather’ days.  Dachshunds don’t like getting their feet and bellies wet or cold outside, so they often refuse to go potty outside.  This will cause frequent indoor accidents.  Indoor accidents can be related to undesirable weather outside, lack of training, Illness, or extra excitement.

Whether you have a dachshund puppy, adult dog, or senior-aged dog, they will need to go potty frequently.

Balcony Dog Potty:

Your doxie will need to make many trips outside for a potty break, so consider getting an apartment on the first floor.  If you can’t get an apartment on the first floor, look for an apartment with a balcony.  Some dog owners potty train their pups to use a balcony dog potty with grass instead of running outside constantly.

I’m just ‘ok’ with this idea.  I know that dachshunds are short little dogs… but they can jump, climb, and squeeze their way out of things.  If you try the balcony potty training idea, please keep safety in mind.  If your dog sees a bird or something to make them want to chase, your balcony needs to be locked down to prevent a deadly fall.  You can use Balcony Guards to keep your pup safe.  Here are some cool Dog Balcony ideas you can try, from Spruce Pets.


Indoor Dog Potty:

Having a doxie in an upper floor apartment changes the common puppy potty training routine all together.  I honestly don’t see myself running outside and down the stairs or elevator with a dachshund every time he has to go potty.  It sets them up for failure and me up for major frustration.  In comes the Indoor dog potty!  Here are some of my favorites that I found online.

Keep A Dachshund Happy In A Small Apartment

Indoor Dog Potty Options

#1 Choice: If you have an upper floor apartment, this is the number one choice for you!  The Doggy Bathroom is like a litter box for dogs!  It has tall borders, which are perfect for any male dog who lifts their leg to relieve themselves. The tall borders are removable if you have a female dog who prefers squatting.  It comes with attached vertical pee pads, which makes it easy to clean.  It is perfectly sized for apartments, condos, hotels, or offices.  Cats have litter boxes, why can’t dogs have one too?

Keep A Dachshund Happy In A Small Apartment

#2 Choice: Fresh Patch Disposable Dog Potty with Real Grass.  You can also try a grass potty patch for indoors or on the balcony of your apartment.  It is odor-free, Eco-friendly, and disposable.

Keep A Dachshund Happy In A Small Apartment

Check out some more cool ideas on our Indoor Dog Potty Pinterest Board.


Dachshunds love to Bark!  This particular issue may be harder to deal with for those in an apartment with close neighbors and thin walls.  Remember, some of your neighbors who stay at home will be able to hear your dog barking all day long, which can be very unpleasant.

Some dachshunds are territorial and they bark to protect their family members and their home.  Excessive Barking can occur when your dog is bored or when he just wants some extra attention.

The barking noise is loud, it can affect you and your neighbors, so you need to learn how to control it.  Luckily, there are some things you can do to stop the barking.


Tips to Stop Excessive Barking:

Attention: When your dachshund insists on barking at you, avoid responding verbally or physically to the dog. If you give them attention, they will continue barking, creating a bad habit.  Give your dog positive attention when they are showing good behavior.

Exercise: Dogs that constantly bark in the evening may be doing so out of boredom. They need to have some playtime and more walks during the day to tire them out.

Distractions:  Dachshunds have “super senses” and are easily distracted by any movement or sounds.  Close the blinds or curtains to block their view and keep them calm during the day.  Play calming music or white noise to help drown out the surrounding noises that you can’t block out.

Socialize: It’s important to help your dachshund get used to his new apartment life by allowing him to interact and socialize with your neighbors. Give your pup some time to get used to all the new noises surrounding him.

Here is a helpful YouTube Video to Help Stop Excessive Barking.  Check out some tips for controlling that excessive bark from

Need Extra Help With The Barking?   You should ask your veterinarian about behavioral training if your dog is a barker.  Another option would be to sign up for some local obedience classes.  Once your dachshund learns to obey his essential training commands, you will both be much happier.


Dachshunds who are Bored or Anxious when they are home alone tend to become destructive.  Destroying your furniture or barking all day long are clear signs that they are bored and need more physical exercise and mental stimulation.

Most dogs should be ok being left alone for a couple of hours, but after that they need some help staying entertained.

Keep A Dachshund Happy In A Small Apartment

Boredom Busters:

Interactive dog toys and puzzles can help your dog stay mentally stimulated while you are gone.

Dog IQ Puzzles: There are some great IQ Puzzles, Dog Activity Mats, and Interactive Dog Toys worth checking out.  You can find them All on our Dog Gift Post.  They will help keep your pup occupied for a while.

Treat Toys: Consider giving your dog some food or a frozen peanut butter filled Kong Toy before you leave.  This is one of our favorite ways to keep our dachshunds occupied for hours while we are away.

Dog Cameras:  You can keep an eye on your dachshund while you are gone through doggie cameras and iphone apps.  The Furbo Dog Camera (From Amazon) even has a ‘give a treat’ option.  How cool!

If you believe your dog is suffering from separation anxiety, consult your vet for some extra help.  They may recommend some medications that can help keep your dog calm.


Apartment dwellers can be dog people too!  Sharing a home with a dachshund, no matter the size, is a cherished experience.  You can make this work out for you and your little doxie. Following our tips will make living in an apartment a breeze with your dog.

Many believe that an apartment dog doesn’t have to be ‘small in size’ to be happy.  Check out the list of large dog breeds that can be content in an apartment.

Do you live in an apartment with a Dachshund?  Share your experience with us below.


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