Keep A Dachshund Happy In An Apartment

5 Ways To Keep A Dachshund Happy In An Apartment

Updated 09/12/2023 by Ava Jaine

Many people living in an apartment enjoy having a furry companion to keep them company.  Owning a dog lowers stress, improves mental health, and helps to keep you more active.

Raising a Dachshund in an apartment does have its challenges, but it is possible.  Here are some ways to keep a Dachshund happy in an apartment.

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Keep A Dachshund Happy In An Apartment

Are Dachshunds Good Apartment Dogs?

Standard and miniature doxies are a good ‘size’ for an apartment.  But, size isn’t the main concern when it comes to the Dachshund dog.  

Noise and the amount of daily activity needed to keep your Dachshund content is something you need to consider before having a doxie live with you in an apartment.

Various dog breeds have different temperaments and needs.  Dachshunds are hunting hounds.  They love to run, play, chew, dig and bark.  So, they will need to have plenty of exercise and mental stimulation to keep them busy, healthy, and happy.


#1: Daily Exercise

The Dachshund dog breed isn’t considered a ‘hyper dog’ but, behavior problems do develop if they don’t receive enough exercise on a daily basis.

Dachshunds need a good 20 minute walk 1-2 times per day or they get bored and destructive.

The best thing you can do for your doxie is to develop a daily walking routine so they have something to look forward to.

If you work full time outside of your apartment, then walk your pup before and after work.  It is great exercise for you and your dog. 

If it is cold or rainy outside, take some time to play and exercise with your dog inside your home.

Being in an apartment all day can make your Dachshund feel cooped up and frustrated. Making time for regular daily exercise will help your dog stay mentally and physically healthy.

Keep A Dachshund Happy In An Apartment

Help During The Day

Dachshunds can’t be expected to ‘hold it’ for more than 4 hours at a time.  If you aren’t able to let your doxie out to potty in that time frame, hire a dog walker or take your pup to doggy daycare while you are at work – this is a must!

If your Dachshund is left alone, they will get bored, then they become destructive, which leads to separation anxiety issues.

Having someone take your pup for a walk and an extra potty break will give you peace of mind and help your doxie stay more relaxed during the day. 

Taking your Dachshund to a doggie day care will not only give them a lot more exercise, but lots of doggie socialization time too – which is really important.


2: Lots of Chew Toys

Dachshunds have a constant need to chew, even after the puppy teething phase is over. They chew to relieve stress and anxiety.

Always provide plenty of safe dog toys and chew bones for your doxie to gnaw on each day. This will prevent them from chewing the things that they shouldn’t.

Benebones are our absolute favorite! Keep in mind, when your pup’s chew toys start to lose pieces or feel sharp to the touch, replace them.

Note: When you are away for the day, keep your pup in a gated area (I use a puppy playpen) that is away from walls, cords, and any wooden corners to prevent destructive chewing.

Keep A Dachshund Happy In An Apartment

3: Special Potty Accommodations

Here’s the experienced truth – Dachshunds are harder to potty train compared to other dog breeds.  Running a Dachshund puppy outside every hour during the potty training phase from an upstairs apartment is going to set you and your puppy up for failure.

Throw in some bad weather days and the indoor potty accidents will start to add up.  Dachshunds hate getting wet and feeling cold, so they often refuse to go potty outside when it’s raining or snowing.

Your Dachshund, at any age, will need to make many trips outside for potty time. So, if you can’t get your doxie outside to potty quickly, consider an indoor dog potty system.

#1 Choice: Fresh Patch Disposable Dog Potty gives your dog the real grass experience.  This is an indoor disposable dog potty option that is dirt free, odor-free and eco-friendly. Fresh Patch recommends replacing every couple of weeks depending on the frequency of use.

Keep A Dachshund Happy In An Apartment

For The Boys: The Hompet Indoor Dog Potty option uses washable fake grass over a tray as an indoor dog potty option.  It even includes a back splash shield for pups who lift their legs.

Keep A Dachshund Happy In An Apartment

Basic Indoor Potty: This pee pad and hydrant target system is a very basic indoor potty setup.  It has some pretty great reviews from Dachshund parents who have tried it out.

Keep A Dachshund Happy In An Apartment

Balcony Potty: Some dog owners potty train their pups to use a balcony doggie potty instead of running them outside constantly. Know this, Dachshunds may have short little legs – but they can jump up high, climb, and squeeze their way into impossible places. 

If you try the balcony potty, please dog proof your railings really well with balcony guards to keep your doxie safe.

Check out some more Indoor Dog Potty Ideas on our Pinterest Board.

Keep A Dachshund Happy In An Apartment

4: Barking Time

Dachshunds love to bark!  This particular issue may be harder to deal with for those in an apartment with close neighbors and thin walls.

Take special time each day or at least a couple times per week to help your Dachshund let loose on that loud bark.  Take your pup to the park, have a special playtime with their favorite toy or enjoy a game of fetch. 

Not only is this great exercise, but it releases a lot of pent up energy along with some excited barking time.


Tips to Stop Excessive Barking

Attention: When your Dachshund insists on barking at you, avoid responding verbally or physically. If you give them attention, they will continue barking, creating a bad habit.  Give your dog positive attention when they are quiet and showing good behavior.

Exercise: Dogs that constantly bark in the evening may be doing so out of boredom. They need to have some playtime and more walks during the day to tire them out.

Distractions:  Dachshunds have “super senses” and are easily distracted by any movement or sounds.  Close the blinds or curtains to block their view and keep them calm during the day.  Play calming music or white noise to help drown out any surrounding noises.

Socialize: It’s important to help your Dachshund get used to their new apartment life by allowing them to interact and socialize with your neighbors.  If your Dachshund gets to know your neighbor, they are less likely to bark and carry on when they are nearby.

Training: Ask your veterinarian about canine behavioral training to calm that bark.


#5: Mental Stimulation

Dachshunds hate to be left alone and they get bored easily!  Not only does your Dachshund need daily physical exercise to feel content, they also need to exercise their minds regularly. 

Doxies who are bored or anxious tend to become destructive around the home and excessively bark throughout the day.

Keep A Dachshund Happy In An Apartment

Boredom Busters to the Rescue

Interactive dog toys and puzzles can help your Dachshund gain the mental stimulation that they truly need.

My Dachshund, Eko, is a sweetheart most of the time.  But, when he starts acting out to gain more attention or emphasize his boredom, I pull out his doggie IQ puzzles and interactive toys. 

It’s crazy to watch him work through these puzzles to get the treat – he’s so serious and focused on the job at hand.

Puzzles and Toys:  IQ Puzzles, treat dispensing toys, and dog activity mats help a ton with doxie boredom. 

Here is a list of our favorite Dachshund Toys – doxie tested and approved.

Treat Toys: Fill up a dog kong toy with peanut butter and freeze it overnight.  This special treat will keep your doxie occupied and working hard to get all of that yummy peanut butter.  This makes them work for the treat, and they love it.


Bonus Tip

Dachshunds need affection and attention every day.  Make time out of your busy schedule to just sit down and cuddle with your Dachshund.  Hold them, talk to them, and of course litter them with kisses.  They are only here on earth for a short time, make each moment count.

Dachshunds Can Be Apartment Dogs

Sharing any sized home with a Dachshund is a cherished experience.  You can make this work for you and your little doxie too.

Do you live in an apartment with a Dachshund?  Share your experience with us below.

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