Questions About Dachshunds

10 Most Googled Questions About Dachshunds, Answered

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Whether you are an experienced or first-time Dachshund parent, it’s important to understand that all Dachshunds are famous for certain doxie-specific quirks.

Here are The Most Googled Questions About Dachshunds, Answered!

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Why Do Dachshunds Bark So Much?

Dachshunds are high alert little dogs who love to bark loudly.  Your Dachshund may bark because they are excited, territorial, nervous, or even bored.

Dachshunds were bred to hunt, so they tend to bark a bit more than other dog breeds. In the past, Dachshunds were used to hunt the pesky badger and other small game, like rabbits and squirrels.

Dachshunds use their “super senses” to track down their prey.  Hunting Dachshunds would chase the animal into their burrow, and Bark Very Loudly to let the hunter know their location. Barking is a dachshund’s natural instinct.

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Questions About Dachshunds

Territorial Barking

Dachshunds are very protective of their home, family, food, and toys.  When someone approaches them,  they are considered a threat and the doxie ‘guard dog’ mode kicks in.  Unfortunately, this particular barking trigger is more aggressive.

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Why Do Dachshunds like to Burrow?

It’s a Dachshund’s natural instinct to burrow way down deep in the covers. Doxies are known for making comfy doggie nests for sleepy time. Burrowing into a warm and cozy bed is the perfect place to feel safe.

Why Do Dachshunds Have Bad Breath?

Dachshunds are more prone to dental hygiene problems than other dog breeds.  It is important to keep your doxie’s teeth cleaned daily and maintain regular checkups with your vet to prevent dental diseases in your dog.

When my miniature dachshund, Reno, ate his meals, he would have globs of chewed up food stored next to his back teeth afterwards.  I tried to massage his cheeks after his meals to help loosen it up.

Questions About Dachshunds

Dog Dental Diseases, like gingivitis, are caused by having leftover food sit around the gums.  Bad breath in dogs is commonly caused by plaque and tartar build up on your dog’s teeth and gums.

To avoid bad breath or any dental issues, routinely inspect your dachshund’s mouth after they have eat.  You may find that they have some dog food deposits tucked in the back of their cheeks, right up against their teeth.

Why Do Dachshunds Sleep So Much?

Some of the main reasons why Dachshunds sleep a bit more than other dog breeds is because of their age, lack of daily activity, diet and health.  Some owners may be concerned that their doxie is sleeping a little too much throughout the day.

Questions About Dachshunds

Dachshund’s Age:

The amount of sleep your Dachshund needs can depend on their age.  Sleep needs change throughout your Dachshund’s life.  Just like people, young Dachshund puppies and older seniors require more sleep than adult dachshunds.  It is normal for your dachshund puppy to sleep up to 20 hours a day!

Daily Activity:

Take daily walks with your dachshund for at least 20 minutes.  Walking your dog before you leave for the day and when you return home is a great way to keep your doxie happy and healthy.  It is important for you to help your dachshund maintain a healthy weight through exercise and diet to avoid back issues, like IVDD.


Your dog’s diet can also dictate how often they want to sleep.  Make sure you are giving your dachshund the recommended daily amount of ‘high quality’ dog food.

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If you notice a big change in your Dachshund’s sleeping habits, there may be a cause for concern. A Dachshund that doesn’t feel well will sleep a lot more. 

If your dog seems slower than usual, excessively sleepy, acting lethargic, grumpy, disoriented, or not eating like usual, it may be time to visit the vet for a check-up.

Diseases, like Diabetes and Hyperthyroidism can change sleeping habits.  The Dachshund dog breed is prone to both diseases, so it doesn’t hurt to have your vet check them out.

Why Do Dachshunds Lick So Much?

Dachshund kisses are the best, aren’t they?  Did you know it isn’t just a doggie kiss you are receiving, your doxie could be trying to tell you something.

Your dog could be licking you to show affection, submission, or they could be asking for attention.  Did you know that licking makes your dog feel better?  It releases endorphins that can help calm anxiety and relieve stress.

My Dachshund, Eko (pictured below), is an expert face licker!

Questions About Dachshunds

Why Does My Dachshund Chew Everything?


As young puppies, Dachshunds use their mouths to explore their surroundings.  It is important to have MANY toys and chew treats available for your pup to chew on.  This will help deter your pup from chewing on your shoes and furniture.

Questions About Dachshunds


You may be experiencing some Destructive Chewing from your Adult Dachshund if they suffer from Separation Anxiety. Keep your dachshund in a designated area, like a puppy playpen, to help keep them out of trouble.

Always have a dog chew toy or treat available…for every age.  Even though Adult Dachshunds have lost their baby teeth, they still need to chew.


Why Do Dachshunds Dig?


The Dachshund is a hunting dog.  They were bred to run, dig, and bark in order to hunt the mighty badger.  During the hunt, they had a lot of digging to do in order to flush out their prey.


Your doxie might be too hot on a summer day and wants to dig and lay in the cool dirt.  Be careful though, if that cool dirt is moist, it may contain parasites or worms that can burrow into your dog’s skin!  Help your doxie find some cool shade or air conditioning so they are more comfortable.



Your dog may be bored and need something more constructive to do.   Keep up their daily exercise, walking, or play routine to tire them out.

Why Do Dachshunds Eat Grass?

Eating grass generally indicates a digestive problem.  If your dog is eating clumps of grass and dirt, they may have diarrhea or a GI issue.  Some types of soil can help calm your dog’s upset stomach by quickly moving the “issue” through their digestive tract to detox their GI system.

Questions About Dachshunds

Unfortunately, if your dachshund eats too much grass, it can make them sick.  If your dog is just eating grass to eat grass, he could be consuming harmful bacteria, parasites, bugs, chemical pesticides, and animal feces.

Here are the common parasites dogs can get from eating dirt.

Why Does My Dachshund’s Ears Stink?

If your doxie’s ears stink, it usually means there is an infection.  Dachshunds with ear issues will have the following symptoms: Ear Scratching, Head Shaking, Stinky Ear Odor, Ear Discharge, Head Tilting, and Pain.

A Dachshund’s low hanging, floppy ears are more likely to have ear infections than other dog ear types. 

Air flow to the inner ear is very poor, which makes them more prone to holding warm moisture, causing an infection. They also make a cozy home for fleas, mites, and ticks who will breed and defecate inside the dog’s ear, causing more problems.

Questions About Dachshunds

If your dog is prone to stinky ears, you can prevent future infections by cleaning your dog’s ears out every week.

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Why Does My Dachshund Fart So Much?

Has your dachshund been clearing a room with their nuclear smelling toots?  Nasty farts are caused by something your doxie is eating.  Take a look at the ingredients of your dog’s food.  There may be certain ingredients causing your dachshund’s tummy distress.

Human food and table scraps are a big no no for doxies. The fat and sugar content of our human food can not be processed properly by our dachshund’s GI system. It can cause painful stomach distress, bloating, and stinky farts.

When my mini dachshund, Reno, was experiencing bad breath and tarter on his back teeth, I tried a liquid dog teeth cleaner to add to his water.  It was supposed to help clean his teeth and freshen his breath, but it only caused horrendous gas.  Yuck!  When I stopped the teeth cleaner liquid, the farts stopped too.

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Why Do Dachshund’s Feet Smell like Popcorn?

This smell is due to yeast or bacteria on your doxie’s feet. No real reason to be alarmed, unless the smell is over powering.

Even if you are a super experienced dachshund owner, every dachshund comes with their own set of ‘unique behaviors’. Searching for a quick answer on the web has been such a helpful resource to all of us.

Do you have any Questions About Dachshunds? Let us know below.

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