Cool Garden Ideas For Dachshund Lovers

Cool Garden Ideas For Dachshund Lovers

Updated 04/12/2021 by Ava Jaine

Yay!  It’s finally Springtime.  Time to plan out your dream garden to enjoy all summer long.  What if this year you tried creating a place that you and your dachshund could enjoy together?

Although dachshunds are thought of as ‘indoor dogs’, they love to play and explore outside!  They love to go on hikes, swim, romp, and play.  They also enjoy sniff walks, barking, and of course digging.

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Let’s find out how we can create a place that brightens up our yard, is non-toxic, and suitable for your dachshund.  We found some adorable Dachshund Themed Garden ideas that can help you design a garden you both will love.

Cool Garden Ideas For Dachshund Lovers

Dog-Friendly Garden Tips

  • Non-Toxic Plants

  • Gentle Landscapes

  • Digging Place

  • Garden Dog Paths

  • Shade

  • Keeping Cool

  • Marking Spot

  • Sturdy Borders

  • Raised Beds

  • Dachshund Garden Decorations

Non-Toxic Plants:

Adding non-toxic plants and flowers to your garden will keep your dachshund safe.  As you know, doxies can be very curious pups who want to sniff and chew everything.  Don’t worry, there are plenty of dog-friendly flowers that you can plant in your garden this year.

Keep in mind, the following dog-friendly flowers are safe to plant in your garden, but adding any pesticides or fertilizers will make them toxic to your dog.

Here are some of the Best Dog-Safe Annual Flowers: Roses, Zinnias, Snapdragons, African Violets, Orchids, and Sunflowers.

Cool Garden Ideas For Dachshund Lovers

We have a full detailed list of Dog-Safe Perennial Flowers and Shrubs on our Dog-Safe Plants for your Garden Post.  Check it out!

When you are ready to purchase your dog-friendly flowers for your garden, take along our Free List of Dog-Safe Flowers with you.  You can find the printable list on the bottom of our Colorful Flowers You CAN Plant in A DOG-SAFE Garden Post.

Gentle Landscapes:

When planning out your new gardenscape, try to think like a Dachshund.  These dogs are low to the ground, so, we need to keep our gardens comfortable for their little paws and low hanging belly.

Ground covers for your dog-safe garden need to be non-toxic, yet tough enough to withstand heavy doggie traffic.  Here are some excellent choices for Dog-Friendly Ground Covers: Silver Carpet, Irish moss, Elfin thyme, Miniature Stonecrop, and many gardener’s favorite: Fortune’s Spindle.

Dog-friendly landscaping doesn’t have to include grass. Cedar Mulch can be used to create a nice area for your dachshund and acts as a natural bug repellent to ward off fleas and ticks.  Smaller sized cedar chips are softer on your dog’s paws.

Avoid using Coconut Mulch or Cocoa Bean Shell Mulch, it is toxic to dogs.  Always check the ingredients before using any kind of mulch.

Digging Place:

Does your Dachshund love to dig?  Mine do too!  Unfortunately, digging can lead to destroyed flower beds.  Try adding a small sandpit to your new garden.  This will add a fun place for your doxie to dig to his heart’s content.  You can even hide some of his toys to play a treasure hunt game with him.  Also, when it gets hot outside, dogs will dig down to find a cool place to lay.  They can use the sand digging spot instead of ruining the garden.

Cool Garden Ideas For Dachshund Lovers

Garden Dog Paths:

Dachshunds are serious protectors of their territories. Providing a special doggie path for your pup will allow him to patrol the area with ease.

If you create your new pathway with loose gravel or small stones, this should stay cool on those hot summer days. Try to avoid using concrete, which can burn your dachshund’s paws.

I like the idea of some flat flagstones surrounded by smooth pebbles to make a comfortable walking path for you and your doxie.


My dachshunds, Bastian and Eko, literally melt like butter in their favorite sunny napping spot.  Doxies love sunbathing, but it is important that they have enough available shade to allow them some time out of the sun.  Some tall trees or non-toxic shrubs are a nice touch for your dog-safe garden that can provide cool shade and a nice border too.

Keeping Cool:

What about a water feature for your doggie garden?  Most dachshunds enjoy taking a cool dip in the water, as long as it isn’t too deep.  A decorative fountain, small in-ground dog pool, or an outdoor dog watering system will add a neat element to your dog friendly garden design and keep your doxie cool.  Adding your new water decoration in a shaded area would be even better.

Cool Garden Ideas For Dachshund Lovers

Marking Spot:

Designating a spot in the garden for your dachshund to relieve themselves will help deter him away from the plants you don’t want marked.  Dog urine kills plants and makes brown spots on your lawn.  Providing a special place for your doxie to do their business can help keep your garden clean and beautiful.

To build a dog-friendly potty place, surround the area with pea gravel and box it in with a border.  Some dog owners use a patch of astroturf as their dog’s pee area.

In the middle of the doggie potty area, place some sort of post for the dog to mark.  You can get creative and add a doggie fire hydrant or any vertical shaped statue or garden decoration.  Help your dog understand that it is OK to mark the post by giving him treats and verbal praise.

There are some neat dog marking spots for gardens featured on our Pinterest Board: Garden Designs for Dachshunds.

Sturdy Borders:

You can use cute picket fences, flowers, or non-toxic shrubs to create a borders around your garden.  When you would like to just sit and read, or try a relaxing meditation in your peaceful garden, it helps to have a border so your doxie stays near you and doesn’t wander off.

Cool Garden Ideas For Dachshund Lovers

Raised Beds:

Using raised beds or potted plants are a nice option for smaller spaces and helps avoid doggie digging and chewing.  By elevating your plants in a hanging basket, shelf, or flower pots, you and your dog can enjoy a peaceful place of any size.

Dachshund Garden Decorations:

Who can resist Dachshund-Themed Garden Decorations?  Amazon has tons of them!  Here are some of my favorite Dachshund Garden Flags, Dachshund Garden Stakes, and Dachshund Planters.

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