Cool Your Dachshund Down in Summer

Cool Your Dachshund Down This Summer

Updated 05/22/2023 by Ava Jaine

Summer has arrived!  We humans can stay nice and cool swimming in a pool, drinking some lemonade, or just…sweating.  Unfortunately, dogs don’t sweat like us. When the temperatures rise, it can really be dangerous for our “hot dogs.”  It is so important for us to take certain precautions to keep them cool and safe in the summer heat.

We have some really fun ways to cool your Dachshund down this summer including water activities, frozen treat recipes, and cooling dog gear that your doxie shouldn’t be without.

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Why Do Dogs Pant?

One reason a dog pants is to cool off.  When your dog inhales air through his nose, it picks up moisture (from his wet nose).  That moisture traps the heat produced from his body and then is exhaled out through his mouth.

This helps your pup release extra heat from his body, maintaining a comfortable temperature.  Your pup will pant a lot faster if he is super hot and needs to release excess heat from his body. Your dog will pant to help regulate their body temperature.

 Cool Your Dachshund Down in Summer

Do Dogs Sweat?

Dogs don’t sweat like humans do.  Their skin doesn’t perspire because of their insulated fur coat. Their coats keep them warm in the winter and cool in the summer.  Dogs only have sweat glands in their paw pads and ear canals.


How to Keep Your Dachshund Cool This Summer

Summer time should be fun time!  Here are some fun activities to help you and your dog Beat the Heat.

  • Water Games:

 Cool Your Dachshund Down in Summer

Your dachshund can stay cool and have fun with a “step on” drinking fountain.  It is hilarious to watch you pup pouncing and biting at the cool splashes.  You can set up the Trio Gato Dog Drinking Water Fountain (from Amazon) in a shaded area and hook it up to your back yard hose.  It’s super easy to setup and tons of fun.  Your dog can step or jump on this fountain and it squirts water out.

I also liked the idea of a mini splash pad set up for my kids and dogs, but the dogs nails always end up popping it.. so this step on drinking fountain works much better for the pups.

  • Swimming and Boating:

 Cool Your Dachshund Down in Summer

Swimming: If your doxie enjoys the water, take them for a swim.  Don’t take them swimming in moving or rushing water and never force your dog in the water.  They will go in if they feel comfortable.  Always swim along side them and make sure they have their life jacket on.  Dogs can get tired while swimming, so make sure they take breaks from the water often.  It is a lot of work for those little paws to constantly paddle around.

Pool: If you don’t have a lake or pond nearby, you can fill up a small plastic baby pool and let your dachshund splash around.  Fill it a couple of inches at first so they don’t feel overwhelmed or shocked by the super cold water.  They may just enjoy getting their paws cooled off.

Canoeing:  Canoeing can be a fun outdoor activity for you and your dog.  Stick with calm lakes or ponds so your dog feels safe in the boat.  Bring along plenty of drinking water, yummy treats, and a comforting toy to help them stay calm during the ride.

 Cool Your Dachshund Down in Summer

Pictured above is my Dachshund, Reno, in his life jacket.  As you can see, he wasn’t thrilled, per the doxie white eyes.  Safety First Reno!

Note: Even if your dog can swim, always have them wear a dog life jacket.

  • Frozen Treats:

Keeping your Dachshund hydrated during the hot summer months is a must.  Getting your doxie to drink isn’t always an easy task.  Frozen doggie treats or DIY Doggie Ice cream goes over really well with my pups!  It is a special treat that we only give during the summer, so they get super excited for their chilled treats.

These adorable dachshund-shaped Ice Cube Trays are BPA Free, durable, and dishwasher safe…so you can make tons of frozen treats for your dogs all summer long.

 Cool Your Dachshund Down in Summer

Simple Recipes:

Frozen Dog Treat Recipes really don’t contain that many ingredients, and are really fun to make at home…Easiest DIY Ever!   I promise, your pup is going to love these frozen treats.

  • Combine 2 cups of plain yogurt and 1 cup of dog-friendly fruit like blueberries, strawberries, or bananas in a blender.
  • Add a teaspoon of honey for a sweeter taste if you want, it’s optional.
  • Then pour this smooth mixture into your favorite dog-themed ice cube tray.
  • Let them set in the freezer for about 5 hours, Enjoy!
 Cool Your Dachshund Down in Summer

If you like to follow you tube videos for recipes, here is a DIY Watermelon Dog Treat from Gone to the Snow Dogs you will love.

We have a lot of fun recipes on our Frozen Dog Treats Pinterest Board as well.  Check them out, there are so many yummy combinations to try.

  • Cooling Vest:

 Cool Your Dachshund Down in Summer

Since dogs don’t sweat to stay cool, they need some extra help on those hot summer walks and hikes.  A cooling vest for dogs provides protection from the Sun’s UV Rays and cooling through evaporation.

The Ruffwear Swamp Cooling Vest (from Amazon) allows dogs of all sizes to stay cool and active in hot climates. These vests are so cool, they have a water-activated system.  You simply have to soak the cooling vest in water, wring out, and put it on your dog.

The evaporative cooling system pulls heat from your dog’s body.  It is perfect for hiking and everyday use in the summertime.

Note: Even with a cooling vest, still remain cautious about excessive exercise when it is hot outside. Avoid going out in the midday heat with your dog.  Cooling vests are less effective on humid days because there is already a lot of moisture in the air = less evaporation.

In the USA, avoid the sun during peak time: 10 am to 4 pm daylight saving time.

  • Cooling Mat:

 Cool Your Dachshund Down in Summer

The Dog Self-Cooling Mat is an awesome mat that can go outside, lay on the sofa, in the dog kennel, and even on the car seat. It folds up and stores easy for traveling, it can go everywhere your doxie goes.

This cooling mat is self cooling, so there is no need to keep it in your refrigerator. The mat is cool to the touch. It absorbs your dog’s body heat and keeps them cool when they get too hot.

This cooling mat will be your dachshund’s favorite place to lay this summer, so it will need a wash now and then, good thing it is machine washable and durable.

  • Shaded Dog Bed:

 Cool Your Dachshund Down in Summer

If you spend a lot of time out in the garden, back yard, or at family picnics, you need to help your dachshund find some shade.  Giving your dog a shady spot to lay down will help keep him cool and comfortable.

Dog houses just aren’t safe in the summertime, they keep the heat in…so it is like an oven inside.  A Portable, Shaded, and Elevated Dog Bed can come in really handy when there isn’t a lot of shade to go around.

It is easy to transport and assemble on the go.  The breathable mesh allows air flow to keep your dog cool and comfy.  You can even add the cooling pad (listed above) on top of the dog bed to add extra cooling.

Symptoms of Heatstroke

Heatstroke is serious and can be fatal for your dog if they are exposed to the heat for too long.  If your dog’s temperature is too high and he is not able to release the excess heat from his body, he is at risk for heatstroke.

 Here are some early warning signs that your dog is overheating:

  • Heavy Panting
  • Fast Breathing
  • Excess Drooling
  • Bright Red Tongue and Gums
  • Wide Eyes
  • Weakness and Loss of Balance
  • Rapid Heart Beat

Cool your dog down immediately and take your dog to the vet ASAP if your dog has overheated and needs help before they go into shock.


Dehydration Symptoms:

Always provide plenty of cool water for your dog indoors and outdoors.  They lose a good amount of fluid through panting and they need to stay hydrated to stay cool.

Watch out for the following Dehydration Symptoms:

  • Panting
  • Dry nose
  • Dry gums
  • Sunken Eyes
  • Acting Lethargic
  • Drooling Thick Saliva
 Cool Your Dachshund Down in Summer

How to Prevent Heatstroke & Dehydration

You can prevent Heatstroke and Dehydration before it happens.

  • Take walks during the cooler parts of the day (avoid peak sunshine time 10 am – 4 pm)
  • Limit playtime and exercise in the heat
  • Take breaks in the cool shade
  • NEVER leave your dog in a hot car!
  • Drink plenty of water

Did you discover some really fun ways to cool your Dachshund down this summer?  Get creative, keep your wiener dogs active with water games, cooling dog gear, and occasionally enjoy a frozen doggie treat this summer to stay safe and comfortable.

How do you keep your dog cool in the summer time?  We would love to hear from you.

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