Avoid Dog Paw Burn This Summer: Protect Your Dachshund's Feet

Avoid Dog Paw Burn This Summer:
Protect Your Dachshund’s Feet

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Hot Pavement Burns!  Stop and Think before stepping outside for a summer time stroll with your Dachshund.  The sidewalk could be too hot for those precious paws!

Hot surfaces can severely burn your Dachshund’s paws.  As Dachshund parents, we understand that our doxie’s need plenty of exercise every day, every season.  Learning how to protect our Dachshund’s feet when it’s hot outside is crucial.  Avoid Dog Paw Burn This Summer: Protect Your Dachshund’s Feet!

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Avoid Dog Paw Burn This Summer: Protect Your Dachshund's Feet

What Causes Dog Paw Burn?

Dog Paw Burns can be caused by stepping on hot surfaces, bitter cold surfaces, or harsh chemicals (ice melt).

Hot Surfaces to Avoid: pavement, concrete, tar-coated asphalt, paving stones, sand, street grates, and metal manhole covers.

Your dog enjoys walking and playing outside with you, often times a burn happens so quickly, you may not know your pup’s pads are burned until it is too late.  Hot black asphalt can burn your dog’s paw pads instantly!

Avoid Dog Paw Burn This Summer: Protect Your Dachshund's Feet

How To Avoid Dog Paw Burn

Your dog’s paws may feel rough and tough, but they are not protective shoes.  They feel the heat just like we do in bare feet.  Luckily, dog paw burn can be easily avoided with some easy prevention tips.

  • Time of Day

Take your Dachshund for their morning walk before the sun gets too hot and their evening walk after the sun goes down.  If your dog enjoys swimming, a game of fetch outside, or going for hikes, avoid peak time so your pup doesn’t get too hot or sunburn.

Avoid the sun during peak time: between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m.

  • Hot Pavement Test

So, how do you know if the pavement outside is TOO HOT for your dog’s paws?  Hold your hand, palm down, on the pavement for 10 seconds.  Then, test it again with the back of your hand.  Then, walk around on the pavement in your bare feet.

Can your skin tolerate the temperature?  If it’s too hot for your hand or feet, it’s too hot for your dog’s paws.  Make sure to test the sidewalk and the road, wherever your Dachshund will be walking.

Even if the pavement doesn’t seem that hot, occasionally have your dog step on the cool grass during your walk.

The pavement can be 40-60 degrees hotter than the air temperature.

So, if it is 80 degrees outside… the pavement could be up to 140 degrees and will fry your dog’s paws.

  • Dog Boots

Dog Boots work really well to prevent dog paw burn and have the added protection against sharp, rough terrain while hiking.  If your Dachshund is willing to wear a dog boot, here are the highest recommended dog boots out there.

#1 Choice:  Xanday Dog Boots: This is a more rugged Dog Boot for hikes or walks.  They are waterproof, washable and are made for rain, snow, or hot pavement.

Note:  Dog’s have sweat glands in their paws, so take off those dog boots for an air-break every couple of hours during long hikes. Also, check the boots for small rocks before putting them on your dog’s feet. Take the boots off if your dog is limping.

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  • Dog Paw Balm

Since my Dachshunds won’t wear dog boots, I apply dog paw balm before going on a walk.  I recommend Musher’s Secret Pet Paw Protection Wax to protect dog paws when it’s hot or cold outside.

Musher’s Paw Wax protects from hot sand, pavement, ice, and salt.

This balm has a soft wax feel, it’s non-toxic, and is hypoallergenic.  It contains vitamin E to keep your dog’s paws moisturized.  Similar to the chap stick we use on our lips, dog paw balm acts as a barrier to protect your dog’s paw pads from drying out and cracking.

Dog paw balm won’t protect them from feeling the extreme heat.

If it is too hot for your hands or feet, it is still too hot for your dog’s paws.

Bonus: Dog Paw Balm’s protective layer will also block seasonal allergy pollen.

Note: If your doggie gets a little too slippery inside the house after applying the product, he probably has too much on!   It is better to start small and work the wax into the pad, between the toes, and wipe off excess wax with a paper towel.

  • Paw Inspection

After your walk, inspect your Dachshund’s paws.  If your doxie has trailed through the mud or through the forest, they may need to have their paws washed off to remove any chemicals or debris stuck between their toes.

  • Cool Off

After the walk or hike, help your dog find some shade or a cool floor in the house to rest.  Also provide plenty of clean water to re-hydrate.

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How to Care For Your Dog’s Paws

It is important to learn how to properly care for your Dachshunds feet to avoid infection.  Dachshunds can suffer from painful blisters and burnt or torn paw pads if they walk on pavement that is too hot.  If their paws or paw pads are injured, it can make walking super painful and can lead to infection.

A Dachshund’s paw pads provide traction, help with balance, and shock absorption. If your dog loves to go on walks or hikes over various terrain, their paws may feel more rough.  Younger Dachshund puppy paws will often feel more smooth because they haven’t built up their tough callouses yet.

Dog Paw Care:

Nail Trimming: Trim Your Dog’s Nails a couple times per month.  If you are not able to trim them, your vet or a groomer can help you out with this task.  I know that Dachshund’s aren’t fond of nail trimmings. I always have my husband and son help with this task…yep, it is a three person job for us!  I have had a few nips from doxies over the years, it can be a challenge.

In Between the Toes: Take time to inspect between your dog’s toes for small pebbles, glass, or thorns.  Lots of debris can get stuck in between those little toes.

Wipe Off Dog Paws: When your pup is playing at a park, going for a walk, or visiting a pet store, make sure to wipe your dog’s paws off when returning home.  Washing off your dog’s paws will stop the spread of germs and parasites.

I really like the ease of using a dog paw washer.  My pups don’t like having their paws washed with a cloth.  They always wiggle and squirm, and sometimes bite!  This dog paw washer (from Amazon) is really easy to use.  It gets the job done a lot quicker!

Moisturize: Using the Protective Dog Paw Balm mentioned above will not only protect your dog’s paws from drying out and cracking, it will help keep those paws soft.  Applying the balm to your dog’s feet adds a bit of moisture to the paw pads and in between the toes.  Avoid using hand lotion that is formulated for human skin, it is not safe for dogs.

I sometimes need an extra hand to hold my Dachshund while cleaning or moisturizing their paws.  Most Dachshunds really don’t like it when you touch their feet.

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Dog Paw Burn Symptoms

Dog’s do their best to communicate to you…If it is too hot, they may lift their paws or jump off the sidewalk onto the cool grass.  Your dog may also stop walking and pull back on the leash.  Dog paw burn is very painful and requires proper treatment and care to heal.

If you notice any of the following symptoms, contact your vet and stay off of hot surfaces until your dog’s paws heal.

  • Excessively Licking Paws
  • Chewing Paws
  • Limping
  • Peeling Paw Pads
  • Blisters
  • Redness
  • Refusing to Walk (pulling back on the leash)
  • Discolored or Darkened Paw Pads
  • Paw Pad wounds or cuts
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How To Treat Paw Pad Burn

Minor Burns:  If you notice that your Dachshund has a minor dog paw burn, rinse or submerge their feet under cool water for about 10 minutes.  Gently clean the paws with puppy soap and water to prevent any infection.

Carefully pat dry, don’t rub your dog’s feet to avoid a painful touch.  You can apply a paw balm or soother to help moisturize the burnt paw pad.  PawGold Balm (from Amazon) can also help ease the pain of paw burn, while speeding up healing in the process.  If your dog tries to lick his paws, you can pull a large sock over his feet to avoid consuming the paw balm.

Severe Burns:  If your pup has a more severe burn, blister, or open wound, consult your vet ASAP.  If your vet office is closed, take them to the pet emergency room, don’t wait.  Seriously, you don’t want your doxie to be in pain or get an infection. Depending on the severity of the burn, your dog may need an antibiotic or pain medication.

How I Prevent Dog Paw Burn

We need to keep our “hotdogs” cool and safe when it’s hot outside.  Dachshunds are low to the ground, its not only their paws we need to protect… their nose, face, chest, and bellies are at risk of Sunburn too!  I don’t want to ever see my doxies in pain.  I know when I get a sunburn, it really hurts.

I keep my dachshund safe from the extreme heat by:

  • Taking a walk before 10 am (peak sunshine time)
  • Check the temperature on my phone
  • Then check the pavement temperature with my hand and feet.

If things feel comfortable, I apply my dog’s paw balm, dog sunscreen where it’s needed, and put on his sun shirt.  Then, we are ready for our summertime walk.

Read more about the many Dog Sunscreen Options we found and learn How to Protect Your Dachshund From The Sun.

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