Safest Seat Belts For Your Dog

Safest Seat Belts For Your Dog

Updated 05/10/2024 by Ava Jaine

A car accident or even a quick stop could put your dog at risk of serious neck or back injury. Selecting a safe dog seat belt that is crash-tested and approved is important to your pup’s safety.

After some serious dog seat belt research, I decided to purchase the Sleepypod ClickIt Terrain for my dogs.  Sleepypods are the safest seat belts for your dog and they are crash test approved!

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Why Use a Seat Belt For Your Dog?

A car’s safety features are designed for humans only, not dogs. Dogs who aren’t restrained in the car properly can pose a great risk to the driver and other passengers in the vehicle.

A 10lb dog (unrestrained) can generate 500 pounds of projectile force. 1

Finding a high quality dog seat belt for traveling in the car will keep you and your dog safe.


Do Dog Seat Belts Really Work?

Yes, using a quality dog car seat belt while driving will not only keep your dog safer, but the driver and the passengers will be a lot safer too. 

Dog seat belts help prevent driver distractions.

Note: American Automobile Association says “One in five dog owners surveyed has admitted to taking their hands off the steering wheel in order to prevent their dog from climbing in the front seat.” 2


Dog seat belts consist of a full body dog harness that attaches to the car seat buckle or headrest of the vehicle.

If an accident occurs, the seat belt harness will spread out the pulling force of a leash along your dog’s chest and back, minimizing the force along the neck. The safest place for your dog is to be buckled in the backseat of your vehicle.

Safest Seat Belts For Your Dog

Can Seat Belts Reduce Motion Sickness in Dogs?

Yes, using a dog seat belt not only keeps your dog safe and secure but will also keep them facing forward and sitting still. 

This helps to reduce your dog’s chance of getting motion sickness while traveling.

Fact: “Only 16 percent of dog owners who have driven with their pet use some form of restraint while their dog is in the vehicle.” 6

Choosing The Best Seat Belt Options

When choosing your dog’s seat belt, be sure to look for seat belts that are adjustable and comfortable for your dog’s size. 

Most importantly, choose a seat belt that has passed crash testing and is CPS certified.


Size and Comfort

Accurately measure your dog before purchasing any car restraint.  Check out Sleepypod’s Instructional Demo Video for help with measurements. Dog seat belts are specifically made for dogs of different sizes.

In order to measure correctly:

  • Measure your dog’s chest (the girth right behind the armpits).
  • Then, measure the lower neck.

A high quality dog car seat belt should maintain your dog’s stability in the car and restrain their movements under a lot of force.


Photo Credit: Sleepypod, dog seat belts

Crash Test Certified:

What are the Dog Seat Belt performance requirements for CPS Certification?

  • Center for Pet Safety Accessory
  • Canine Excursion
  • Hardware/Webbing Migration
  • Hardware and Stitching Integrity

 Note: “A National Highway Safety Traffic Administration study concluded that people who drive with pets in their cars are much more likely to get into car accidents than those who drive without them.” 3


Best Dog Seat Belts:

1.  Sleepypod Clickit Terrain

Safest Seat Belts For Your Dog

The Sleepypod Clickit Terrain passed CPS crash testing. This harness has a three-point design for use in the rear passenger seat and secures your dog’s entire torso.  The Sleepypod company truly strives for excellence with quality materials and complete crash testing.

Here are the Crash Test Videos for the Sleepypod Clickit Terrain Seat Belt.

Here is a Sleepypod Terrain Instructional Demo Video on YouTube.

Sleepypod Clickit Terrain Features

  • Strength tested for use as a walking harness

  • Quick connection and release when used as a car seat belt

  • Rear reflective patches for night visibility can be interchanged for service patches

  • Loops for quick connection and release of optional Terrain Pack


2. Sleepypod ClickIt Sport

The Sleepypod ClickIt Sport Car Harness is a wide supportive vest that distributes damaging forces.  It is certified up to 90lbs by the Center for Pet Safety.

Photo Credit: Sleepypod, dog seat belts

Five-Star Safety / Infinity Loop Technology

Sleepypod tested Clickit Sport to include the same dynamic Crash Tests used to test child safety restraints. Clickit Sport earned safety certification and a five star rating from the Center for Pet Safety (CPS).

The Infinity Loop design, in combination with an energy absorbing padded vest, is engineered to work together to distribute and reduce damaging forces in an accident. 

Here is a Sleepypod Sport Instructional Demo Video on YouTube.

Sleepypod ClickIt Sport Features

  • Three-point design for use in rear passenger seat secures a dog’s entire torso

  • Broad, cushioned, energy absorbing vest

  • Quick connection and release


Sizes are determined by chest measurement around a dog’s rib cage, just behind the front legs.

  •  Small (16.5-22 inches).
  • Medium (22.5-28 inches).
  • Large (28.5-34 inches).
  • Extra Large (34.5-40 inches).
Photo Credit: Sleepypod, dog seat belts

3. Sleepypod Air Carrier

Photo Credit: Sleepypod, dog seat belts

I know, I know… this is a dog travel carrier, not a dog seatbelt.  Well, after all of my research, there are only 2 dog seatbelts that have Passed Crash Testing, and they are the sleepy pod sport and sleepy pod terrain, listed above.

The Sleepypod Air is a travel pet carrier that passed the CPS crash test for dogs up to 15 lbs and is rated with 4 stars.

Here are the Air’s Crash Test Videos.

Sleepypod Air Features

  • Meets all Airline & TSA Requirements

  • Straps on both sides allow you to secure in your car

  • Folds flat for easy storage

  • Machine washable pad

Size:  The Sleepypod Air is 22-inch long, 10-1/2-inch wide, and 10-1/2-inch high.

Safest Seat Belts For Your Dog

Getting Your Dog Used To A Seat Belt Or Carrier

Some dogs may find car seat belts uncomfortable at first, so it’s best to introduce the harness or travel carrier gradually before taking it for a test drive.

Keep the experience positive.  When the dog wears the harness, give them verbal praise or a small treat to help them enjoy it even more.

Do you have a crash tested dog seatbelt that you love?  Let us know below in the comments.

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