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Dog Safe Flowers for Your Garden

Before gardening to your hearts content this year, take a look at some flowers that are non-toxic and safe around your dog.  Be wary of the flowers that are poisonous to your furry friend.

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Best Dachshund Names

Adopting a New Dachshund Puppy is so exciting!  Choosing the perfect name for your Dachshund can be fun, but also a challenge.  There are tons of names out there.  Which one fits your doxie the most?

Dachshund Skin Issues

Dachshunds are Prone to Skin issues and Allergies. Learning the underlying cause of the skin issue and the simple tricks to prevent and treat dachshund skin issues is Key to a Happy Doxie.

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Nasty Parasites YOU Can Get From Your Dog

Parasites YOU Can Get From Your Dog Can Dogs Make Humans Sick? The answer is: Yes! There are many Parasites, Worms, and Diseases you can catch from your Dog. What is a Parasite? A parasite is an organism that lives and feeds off of another organism [...]

5 Gross Diseases Humans Can Give Dogs

Gross Diseases Humans Can Give Dogs Around Cold and Flu Season, a common question that dog owners will ask is “Can Dogs get Sick From Humans?”  The answer is: Yes! There are 5 Gross Diseases Humans Can Give Dogs.  We have compiled a list of illnesses that Humans can [...]

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