Best Holiday Gifts For Dachshunds

Best Holiday Gifts For Dachshunds

Updated 01/11/2024 by Ava Jaine

Ho! Ho! Ho! Listen up Dachshund parents, your doxie works super hard all year long to make you feel loved, they deserve the best gifts this holiday season.

The Best Holiday Gifts For Dachshunds are all right here!

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IQ Toys For Dachshunds:

We all know that our doxies are already super smart, but if they don’t stay busy, they get bored…and then they can get destructive.

Interactive dog toys and IQ puzzles are a great way to help your Dachshund stay mentally stimulated.  Dachshunds were originally bred to hunt, so they love to use their brain to sniff out and search for hidden items.

#1 Choice: Bob-A-Lot

Best Holiday Gifts For Dachshunds

The Bob-A-Lot is my Dachshund’s absolute favorite boredom buster dog toy.  This toy makes it easy to keep my doxies happy, busy, and rewarded with yummy dog treats.

The Bob-A-Lot helps reduce anxiety and provides lots of mental stimulation for dogs that get bored easily (calling all Dachshunds).

My Dachshund, Eko, loves his Bob-A-Lot so much, I had to get a video of him playing with it.  Check out my cute puppy video above.


Dog Snuffle Mat

Best Holiday Gifts For Dachshunds

Little Eko and his Big Brother, Bastian, both LOVE this dog activity mat! They want all of their meals on this mat now. 

Note: My dog’s snuffle mat in the picture is an older model, the one on Amazon looks different, but just as fun.

This activity mat is a great way to keep my pups busy using their brains and having fun hunting for their dog food or treats hidden around the mat.

Check out the video above to see my doxies enjoying their snuffle mat.


Puzzle Box

Best Holiday Gifts For Dachshunds

The Dog Activity Poker Box is so much fun!  It is a level 2 dog puzzle.  My Dachshund, Eko, took a couple of days to learn how to get through all of the boxes. 

He gets so excited when I bring this puzzle toy out to play.  I use small pieces of chicken to hide in each box and his doxie snout does the rest.


Hide and Seek Dog Toy

Best Holiday Gifts For Dachshunds

Dachshunds love to dig and search for hidden toys.  This plush hide and seek dog toy will definitely lower your dog’s boredom level.  I find that this toy is a great one to play with your doxie instead of letting them play on their own.

Durable Dog Toys:

Dachshunds need lots of chew toys! 

My Dachshund, Eko, is a major chewer, so I make sure to provide lots of dog chews so he doesn’t chew my shoes or gnaw on my furniture.

Jolly Ball

Best Holiday Gifts For Dachshunds

Alright, so I originally found this awesome ball at Tractor Supply in the horse section! Both my Dachshunds absolutely love to play with this ball inside, outside, on land or creek (yep, it floats).

The Jolly Ball is made of tough rubber material that lasts and lasts and lasts! It doesn’t deflate despite the tons of sharp teeth chewing on it, it’s just awesome like that!

They have several sizes. For the mini Dachshunds, I would go with the 4.5 inch or the 8 inch ball on Amazon.

My Dachshund, Reno, even enjoyed the 10 inch Jolly Ball. He and my German Shepherd, Ardi, used to fight over the larger version of the Jolly Ball, so we have many sizes available for all dogs at my home.


Dogness Monster

Best Holiday Gifts For Dachshunds

The Dogness Monster chew toy is doxie favorite from the famous Barkbox toy collection. This cute sea monster is hefty and durable – perfect for a Dachshund that loves to chew. It has a mixture of different textures to please your pup’s teefers.


Benebone Chews

Best Holiday Gifts For Dachshunds

When I brought my new Dachshund puppy, Gretta, home, I bought a ton of puppy chew bones – and these Benebones were her absolute favorite!

She wouldn’t touch any other bones. Then, Eko, her big brother (2 years old) decided he really liked them too! So, I go through a ton of these bones.

My dogs both chew these bones every night. They are bacon flavored, made in the USA, and their curvy shape is perfect for the doxie paws to hold while chewing.

Note: As with all chew bones, replace them if they have sharp or loose parts. I replace mine every couple of weeks for my two doxies.

Squeaky Toys:

Dachshunds LOVE squeaker toys! Seriously, how long does a squeaker toy last when you have a Dachshund around?  It is your Dachshund’s hunting instinct that attracts them to a toy that squeaks.

Consuela The Cactus

Best Holiday Gifts For Dachshunds

Consuela the Cactus is a fun squeaker toy with multiple layers of fun for your doxie – and it will last more than 5 minutes!
You can’t beat the Barkbox quality for dog toys, they last a lot longer than the other plush toys.


Skinny Plush Dog Toys

Best Holiday Gifts For Dachshunds

I was super excited to find these flat squeaky toys for my pups because there isn’t a stuffing mess to clean up after they have had their way with the toy.  They get a toy they love and I don’t have a huge mess to clean up afterwards. Win-Win!

Ultrasonic Squeaker Dog Toy

Best Holiday Gifts For Dachshunds

Ok, this dog toy has the best of both worlds.  It is flat, with no messy stuffing to clean up and no-sound squeaker (to the human ear).  You heard me right, it only makes an ultrasonic sound so the dogs can enjoy it and you won’t hear it.

Dachshunds don’t like being bored.  Having a variety of dog toys will help them stay occupied and happy.


Interactive Toys:

Interactive dog toys will keep your doxie busy and mentally stimulated so you don’t have to worry about them getting super bored when you aren’t able to play.

Wicked Ball

Best Holiday Gifts For Dachshunds

This light up, crazy rolling Wicked Ball will keep your wiener dog playing happily all day long.  The ball cover is made of strong, bite-resistant plastic. 

It automatically shuts off with no interaction and turns on when touched.  The wicked ball has a USB charger, so you can save your money on batteries. It is hilarious to watch your dog play with this interactive ball.

Floppy Fish

Best Holiday Gifts For Dachshunds

Floppy Fish!  This one went over really well with my dogs. When your pup touches or picks up the floppy fish, it flops it’s tail all around.

My Dachshund puppy, Gretta, was a little nervous at first and I knew she would be – she is a little timid at times.  But, when she saw her brother, Eko, just diving in, she found her bravery and gave that fish a pummeling.

Charging these fishy friends took about 1 hour with the included USB cord. It doesn’t use batteries, which is a plus.

Note: If you have a destroyer dog – like my Eko, always supervise your pup’s fishy playtime to avoid crunching on the charger pack.

Pet Fitness Robot

Best Holiday Gifts For Dachshunds

If you have a dachshund dog that suffers from separation anxiety, this toy may be the answer for you.

It has sounds, rolls around, and gives your dog little treats! This will keep your dog busy and active all day. It is like a little doggie rumba that goes over carpet, down the stairs, and over hard floor.

It also has an iPhone app so you can manually control the dog toy remotely. Here is a YouTube video for the VARRAM Pet Robot.


Best Dachshund Bed:

Snoozer Cozy Cave

Best Holiday Gifts For Dachshunds

How long has it been since you upgraded your Dachshund’s dog bed?  Do a good deed this year and drop off your old dog bed to your local dog shelter.  It can still be used and loved by a dog or cat.

The Snoozer Cozy Cave was made especially for Dachshunds who love to burrow

This special dog bed is known as a “Nesting Dog Bed.”  It is the perfect combo of a cushy warm bed and an attached blanket so your precious long-dog can stay covered all night long.


Bonus Gift Idea:

The DachRamp

Best Holiday Gifts For Dachshunds

Dachshund parents, if you haven’t already purchased your doxie a nice, high quality dog ramp, now is the time!

To protect my Dachshund’s back, I purchased the DachRamp From Alpha Paw. It is lightweight, packs up flat, and nice rubber grips to help my doxies into my bed.

Use code DACHSTATION20 for 20% off on Alpha Paw!

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