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The Seat Belt Your Dog Needs

Dog Seat Belts: Crash Tested & Approved This Post contains affiliate links.  See our disclaimer for details.  Selecting a safe, crash tested seat belt is important for your dog’s safety.  A car accident or even a quick stop could put your dog at risk of [...]

The Seat Belt Your Dog Needs2019-06-04T13:20:30-04:00

Dachshund Coats That Fit

Dog Clothing for Dachshunds This article contains Affiliate Links. Please review our Disclaimer for details. Finding dachshund coats that actually fit can be like a needle in a haystack… hard to find!  Dachshunds are extra long in length and extra short in height.  So, it [...]

Dachshund Coats That Fit2019-05-14T13:06:20-04:00

Does Your Dog Eat Too Fast? Slow Feeder Dog Bowls

Dog Food Bowl Buyer’s Guide This post contains affiliate links. See our disclaimer for more details. How do you select a good dog bowl? There are many important factors to consider when choosing the right dog food bowl for your dog. Is the bowl dishwasher [...]

Does Your Dog Eat Too Fast? Slow Feeder Dog Bowls2019-05-14T13:06:04-04:00
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