fall festival for dachshunds

Fall Festival for Dachshunds

Updated 11/04/2021 by Ava Jaine

Eko and I attend our very first Dactoberfest in Maryland this fall.  It was an absolute blast!  So many dachshunds and their owners attended and participated in the fun-filled activities held at the festival.  Activities included dachshund races, costume contest and parade, and Selfies with Santa.

So many Dachshund Fans all gathered together celebrating the greatness (and cuteness) of the dachshund dog breed.  Some brought their dachshunds in dog strollers, dog backpacks, or just leashed their pups to walk around the event.

All dog breeds are welcome to this family-oriented fall festival.  They have races for dachshunds, corgis, and basset hounds!  There were plenty of fun dog-loving food trucks and vendors to explore around the fairground buildings.

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fall festival for dachshunds

I brought along my handy Small Dog Carrier Backpack for Eko to ride or snooze in just in case he needed a lift.  Here is my detail Dog Backpack Review.  I received many compliments on the bag and of course Eko, my dachshund puppy.

fall festival for dachshunds

Socializing My Dachshund Puppy:

Attending this Dog Festival made it a great opportunity to Socialize Eko while he is still young.  He is almost 4 months old, so we are right in the sweet spot of Socialization Training time for Eko, the doxie puppy.  He met some beautiful colored doxies at the event.  Most meet and greets went well with the other dachshunds, some didn’t.  We kept visits short and friendly and then moved on.  We didn’t get far before more people flocked to Eko’s cuteness.

fall festival for dachshunds
fall festival for dachshunds

Dachshund Race Winner:

This was a very special meeting between my Eko and the Winner of the Morning Dachshund Races!  She was very fast and focused.  She and her owner were very friendly.

fall festival for dachshunds

What Events Are At the DachtoberFest?

DachtoberFest Events include Blessings of the Animals, Fashion show, Dachshund Races, Ask the Expert Forums, Woofminster Dog Show, Costume Contest and Parade, Vendor Sales, and Selfies with Santa.

fall festival for dachshunds

DachtoberFest Vendors List:

  • Dachshund Delights
  • Zilis
  • WMDF Apparel
  • Lucy’s Dog Dudds
  • Doxie Treasures & More
  • Rob Gutro: Pets in the Afterlife
  • B&S Photography
  • VetUrgency
  • Downtown Dog
  • Doxie Fanciers of Central Virginia
  • Pawdygraphs by Stuie
  • Pet-O-Bed
  • K Kids Dachshund Rescue
  • Just for Dogs
  • Greenbriar Vet Hospital & Luxury Resort
  • Sweet Paws Bakery
  • Two Corgi Studios
  • Clever Clover Designs
  • Selfies with Santa
  • Lu La Roe
  • Happy Hounds Lounge
  • Winny Wear
  • Jefferson Vet Hospital
  • Bark Busters Dog Training
  • Pet Valu
  • Adorning Accents by Tee
  • Little Paws Dachshund Rescue
  • Doodlebug Quilts
  • Animal Health Clinic of Funkstown
  • Trinnyella
  • Net Vetica
  • Upright Canine Brigade
  • Scentsy
  • Frederick County Environmental Resources
  • Puppy Mill Meetup – Green Earth Travel
fall festival for dachshunds

Woof Bowl Food Truck:

Special Shout Out to the Woof Bowl Food Truck for Dogs!  They make nutritious dog treats and serve from their own food truck dedicated to dogs.  They were my favorite food truck, and they were super Nice, Kudos Woof Bowl!  Check them out.

K Kids Dachshund Rescue:

K Kids Dachshund Rescue saves dachshund lives by pairing adopters up with doxies from dog shelters.  They educate owners to prevent their dachshunds from entering a shelter.
K Kids is located in Virginia. If you know someone who needs to re-home their dachshund for any reason, please contact them. They provide supportive help and can help find the perfect home for the dachshund.  K Kids Dachshund Rescue Inc website.
Here are some more Dachshund Rescue Options.

Free Loot From DachtoberFest:

I was amazed by how much free stuff Eko and I obtained at the DachtoberFest.  When we arrived we were given a dachshund tote bag full of dachshund stamped goodies.  Some of the vendors also gave out some fun trinkets (including a pink dachshund eraser) to take home.

fall festival for dachshunds
fall festival for dachshunds

Dog Picture With Santa:

The Selfie with Santa Station was so cute!  They had a very nice Christmas Background and adorable Dachshund Christmas props to enjoy.  Santa was very gentle with Eko.   100% of the donations for Santa and doxie photos went directly to the Washington Metro DachtoberFest Foundation.  Here is their Facebook Page for more info: Frederick Santa Claus

fall festival for dachshunds

Little Eko didn’t quite make it to the Doggie Costume Contest and Parade in the afternoon.  He was just too Sleepy.  It was understandable considering the big crowd and lots of loving attention from the morning events.  We hope to have Eko participate in more of the Festival events next year.  Yep, he is going to race and he is going to dress up in a costume.

fall festival for dachshunds

Where is the DachtoberFest Located?

The DachtoberFest is held at the Frederick County Fair Grounds in Frederick, Maryland.

When is the DachtoberFest?

The DachtoberFest occurs on the first Saturday in October every year at the Frederick County Fair Grounds in Frederick, Maryland.

Where can I get Tickets for the DachtoberFest?

Tickets for the DachtoberFest can be purchased online through the DachtoberFest Website.

After you purchase your tickets online, you can choose to sign your dog up for a race, parade, and costume contest.

The DachtoberFest attracts people and their dogs from the state of Maine all the way down to Florida.

If the Dachshund Festival in Maryland is a bit too far for you, no problem!  I have compiled a large list of Dachshund Races and Festivals located all over the USA.

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