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Welcome to Dachshund Station, where we are all about Dachshunds. Hi, I'm Ava and I Love Dachshunds! Dachshunds are a popular and fascinating breed. I love to share lots of care tips and recommendations to all dachshund fans. Explore my Dachshund Blog and find lots of helpful resources to help you through your journey of owning a dachshund. Explore the site for Dachshund articles, photos, historical information, gifts, clothing, puppy tips, training, and more.

Top Unique Dachshund Names [2019]

2019-03-20T13:55:26-04:00By |

Unique Dachshund Names 2019 This article contains Affiliate Links.  Please review our Disclaimer for details. Looking for a cool or unique name for your dachshund?  We have compiled a list of the Top Unique Dachshund Names into categories of popularity and some special types to help you with your search for [...]

What is a good name for a Dachshund? [2019 Best Names]

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Best Dachshund Names 2019 This post contains affiliate links, See our disclaimer for more details. Time to choose the perfect name for your dachshund. This is the fun part! The name can be Popular, Unique, or even German (authentic to the Dachshund origin). What [...]

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