Top Tips for Socializing your Dachshund [2019]

Socializing your Dachshund Puppy During the first couple of weeks, keep doggie social events at a minimum. It is important to keep in mind that some dogs don’t have the proper vaccinations and can expose your new pup to deadly viruses or parasites. Wait to do your socialization training when your new pup is a couple [...]

Puppy Proofing your home for a Dachshund [Best Tips]

Puppy Proofing your Home Dachshund Puppies Ok, I'm just gonna say it... Dachshund Puppies are Adorable!  Of course adopting one feels like an awesome idea.  As long as you do your research first and begin to prepare for the new puppy, you will be all set for their arrival. Bringing home a new dachshund puppy is [...]

Preparing your home for a new dachshund [puppy dog adoption]

Preparing your home for a Dachshund Shelter or Breeder? Will you adopt or purchase your new dog from a breeder?  If you can, it is recommended to try to adopt a Dachshund from a shelter or rescue. You can find one at a much lower cost than buying one from a breeder. Purchasing a dachshund from [...]

Origin of the Dachshund [History Temperament weight color]

Origin of the Dachshund The dachshund breed originated in Germany in the 1500s. The breed obtained the name “Dachshund” in the early 1600s. The dachshund breed's main purpose was to hunt down badgers by chasing them into their underground burrows. The badger was considered a major pest for eating the crops people grew.  Hunting badgers was [...]

Top Unique Dachshund Names [2019]

Unique Dachshund Names 2019 Looking for a cool or unique name for your dachshund?  We have compiled a list of the Top Unique Dachshund Names into categories of popularity and some special types to help you with your search for the right doxie name. Dachshunds have a unique disposition and a bold temperment, so, a unique [...]

What is a good name for a Dachshund? [2019 Best Names]

Best Dachshund Names 2019 Time to choose the perfect name for your dachshund.  This is the fun part!  The name can be popular, unique, or even German (authentic to the Dachshund origin). What is a good name for a Dachshund? Dachshunds have a unique disposition, a bold attitude, and a colorful personality.  A good dachshund [...]

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